How to Buy the Best Pet Halloween Costumes

The spookiest season of the year is almost upon us, and it’s becoming more and more popular to look for cheap Halloween costumes. But what about your furry friend? Many people are dressing up their cats, dogs, and even birds this year. See what we recommend for finding the cutest pet Halloween costumes!

Shopping Pet Supply Stores

Your big chain pet products stores are a great choice for finding a variety of outfits for Fido or Fifi. With dozens of options to choose from, it’s a popular destination for pet owners. Costumes are easily under $20 for almost all looks, with single accessories going for a lot less. If your pet isn’t one to wear a full wardrobe of vest, hat, and booties, consider a simple wig or a bow-tie that will stay on easier.

pet Halloween costumes

When dealing with a limited budget (or a very fussy feline), the best option may be to just buy a collar. There are many designs and styles to choose from, and collars can be worn even after the Halloween season is over. Pick one with a reflective coating and you’ll also provide extra safety for your pet!

One other option is non-toxic nail paint or “nail caps.” Both allow you to give your pet some holiday flair without forcing them to wear anything that might cause them to be uncomfortable. Hot pink or orange nails are the simplest pet Halloween costumes. They are very affordable, too!

Buying from Amazon

As a one-stop-shop for hundreds of retailers, Amazon offers a wide selection of pet costumes year after year, including those from the Star Wars, Marvel, Disney franchises. You will definitely want to order in plenty of time to have your costume shipped and be able to try it on before the season. Sometimes, sizing can be an issue, so understand how big your pet is before buying. Several of the small dog outfits made for pups weighing 10 pounds or less can also be used for cats (and vice versa), so don’t hesitate to shop both dog and cat sections for small animals.

Amazon is also a good destination for safety accessories that you might want to buy for Halloween evening. In addition to reflective collars, you can find small LED lights and glow-in-the-dark details to help your pet show up better at night. Halloween-themed harnesses and leashes are also available. Both are designed to give you better control over your animal without sacrificing the look of your just-purchased pet Halloween costumes!

Shopping Halloween Costume Shops

For the best variety of costumes for your pet, you might want to shop an online or brick and mortar Halloween supply store. Outlets like Spirit Halloween have pages of adorable and spooky looks to choose from. Popular culture costumes include Minions, R2D2, and Superman! Some costumes are very elaborate and cover your entire pet. Other items, such as the Princess Leia buns headband, can be easily removed if your pet isn’t liking it. Prices range from a few dollars to almost $50! Halloween costume shops have some very professional-looking options.

Preparing your Pet Halloween Costumes

Whatever outfit you choose, there are some simple rules to ensure a stress-free experience for your cat or dog. First, always make sure your outfit has been hand washed to rid it of any irritants in the materials that the manufacturing and packaging process may have left behind. (It’s not necessary to do this for hats, collars, or wigs.)

Get your pet used to wearing the costumes a little at a time. Start by having your dog or cat smell the costume. If you have washed it, it should smell a bit like home, anyway, so this helps. Put it on and have them wear it for a few minutes every day, working up to the full amount of time they would wear it out or to a Halloween party. If your pet resists too much, shakes, or seems stressed out by the costume, it may be smart to go lose the full outfit and go with just an accessory. You know your pet. Use your best judgement on what they can handle.

choosing pet Halloween costumes for cats

A Word about Pet Halloween Treats

Halloween can be a very fun time for your pet, especially since they will be meeting so many people! If your animals has any dietary restrictions be extra aware of treats that may be given. If you’re very concerned, bring your own “doggie bag” of Halloween treats. Natural dog treats made with yummy ingredients (such as peanut butter) will give them the experience without the tummy ache. You can buy Halloween treats specially-made for pets, but you may find more value in every day treats. They are made from the same ingredients and cost less.

Pet Halloween Safety

Finally, a safe holiday is a fun holiday. In addition to making sure your pet is comfy and visible in their costume, you’ll want to ensure their security. Halloween can be full of unfamiliar sights and sounds. If your pet spooks easily, offer them added security by keeping them close to you or on a shorter leash. Be aware that some will hate the loud noises of kids and other pets. If your animals acts threatened or seems uneasy by seeing people in costume, consider cutting the evening short.

Halloween can be a splendid time for both people and pets. With the variety of pet Halloween costumes on the market today, there is no reason you can’t get very creative and pick the exact look you want for your dog or cat. Whether you go with a tiny hat or a full, expensive costume is up to you. Just be sure you have your animal friend’s well-being in mind and look for clues that they are having just as much fun as you are.