30 Weird College Scholarships

The video below by Mental Floss lists 30 weird college scholarships. Scholarships for making the best peanut butter sandwich, coming up with the best zombie apocalypse plan and being a single girl without a car are among many standouts in this list of odd scholarships.

1. Scholarship for Being Left Handed. Juniata college in PA gives from $1,000 to $1,500 to left handed students with top grades. The college doesn’t do anything to confirm that the students are actually left handed.

2. Scholarship for Vacuum Coating Studies. The Society of Vacuum Coaters offers a scholarship for those participating in vacuum coating related studies. Vacuum coating is the process of coating objects in a low pressure vacuum.

3. Golf Caddy Scholarship. The Chick Evans Golf Caddy Scholarship is for those who’ve been caddies on a golf course for two years or more.

4. Gilbert Roller Fund. The Gilbert Roller Fund gives as much as $10,000 for students interested in parapsychology. Ghostbusters anyone?

5. National Potato Council Scholarship. This scholarship is for grad students only. The scholarship provides up to $10,000 a year for those doing research that will benefit the potato industry.

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6. ScholarshipExperts.com Scholarships. A variety of scholarships from this website includes the Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship, which gives $2,000 to the student that comes up with the best plan for surviving the zombie apocalypse. The $1,500 Fifth Month Scholarship goes to the person who writes the best essay around the number five.

weird scholarships bagpipes7. Carnegie Mellon’s Bagpipe Scholarship. This $7,000 scholarship subsidizes kilts.

8. Milk Mustache Scholarship. The SAMMY scholarship (Student Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year) is no longer available. The scholarship ended in 2012 and gave money to the student athlete with the best milk mustache.

9. National Marbles Tournament Scholarship. $500 to $2,000 scholarships are given each year to the winners of the National Marbles Tournament.

10. Michigan Llama Association Scholarship. This scholarship goes to a member of the association or a child of a member.

weird scholarships turkey11. Top Turkey Scholarship. This scholarship goes to the writer of the best Thanksgiving leftovers recipe.

12. Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Scholarship. Can you do a good duck call? If so then you can win this scholarship.

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13. Starfleet Academy Scholarship. So far this scholarship won’t get you on a starship. But it does give yearly money to students who want to study engineering, business, arts and medicine.

14. Alice McArver Ratchford Scholarship. This scholarship is only for single females who live on campus and don’t have a car at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

15. Asparagus Club Scholarship. This scholarship comes from the National Grocers’ Association. It’s for students studying food management or business who are bound for a career in the grocery industry.

weird scholarships zolp16. The Zolp Scholarship. Good luck getting this one. The criteria are that you must be Catholic, named “Zolp” and attending the University of Chicago.

17. American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship. This $20,000 scholarship requires successful completion of a multiple choice quiz about fire sprinklers.

18. Bob Gurnsey Scholarship. This one’s given to excellent paintball players.

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19. The Make it With Wool Scholarship. This scholarship gives three awards per year from $1,000 to $2,000 to those who make the best wool garments.

20. The Tall Club’s International Scholarship. This one seems a little sexist. Men must be over 6’2″ and women must be taller than 5’10”.

21. Zinch.com’s Weekly $1,000 Scholarship. This is a different prize each week for two to three sentences answering a weekly prompt.

22. National Gay Pilot’s Association Scholarship. This scholarship goes to aspiring pilots who’ve contributed in some way to the LGBT community.

weird scholarships duct tape prom dress23. Duct Tape Prom Dress Scholarship. This scholarship from Duck brand duct tape gives $10,000 for someone who makes the best prom dress out of duct tape.

24. Draw a Great Duck Scholarship. The person who draws the best 9″x12″ North American duck, goose or swan gets the $1,000 prize each year for this scholarship.

25. Wholesale Halloween Costumes Scholarship. This $500 yearly prize goes to the student who meets their annual challenge. One recent challenge was a pumpkin carving contest.

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26. Skateboard Scholarships. Several scholarships each year go to young skateboarders. One example is the Go Skateboard Foundation.

27. The National Christmas Tree Association Scholarship. This scholarship was given out only in 2004 and awarded $10,000 to the person who found the best Christmas tree in Greensboro, NC.

weird scholarships twins28. Twins Scholarship. This scholarship from Lake Erie College is a twofer, letting twins attend the school for the tuition price of a single student.

29. FBI Common Knowledge Scholarship. This $250 scholarship quizzes students on their FBI knowledge.

30. JIF’s Most Creative Sandwich Scholarship. The winner of JIF’s annual Most Creative Sandwich Contest gets a $25,000 college fund. The “Crunchy Creamy Dreamy Finger Sandwich” was the most recent winner. It included lady fingers, thin pretzels, heavy cream, marscapone cheese and JIF peanut butter.