Save Money on the Road with These 5 iPhone Gas Apps

Gas isn’t getting any cheaper and the frustration of filling up at one station only to find a cheaper price around the corner after you’ve filled up is an added annoyance nobody needs. The iPhone, with a built-in GPS and data connection, can easily pinpoint where you are and, with the right app, where the nearest gas station is. All you need is the right app.

Most apps below can all help us compare the prices of gas at nearby gas stations as well as give directions to guide us straight to that cheap gas. One of them even warns about traffic jams and speed traps, saving even more money and time. One of them focuses on helping you track your mileage.

1. Gas Buddy

Download the Gas Buddy iPhone gas app and join a network of over 50 million drivers who report and view the cheapest gas prices daily at stations all over the U.S. and Canada. Just click the “Find Gas Near Me” button and you can view all the price-per-gallon rates at all the gas stations in your area, sorted with the lowest prices first. Drivers with this iPhone gas app can search for the cheapest nearby gas by city, state or ZIP code. Users can choose to see the cheapest gas displayed either in list form or on a map.

iphone gas apps gas buddy save money

You can also earn points and awards for reporting gas prices, then redeem them to enter a daily lottery to win $100 in free gas.

2. Gas Guru

The Gas Guru app is another well-reviewed iPhone gas app that lets you find the cheapest gas near you. With this app, users don’t have to report cheap gas prices. Gas prices are displayed either in list form or else on a map, with the driver’s location shown by a blue pin. The app shows the distance to each gas station from the driver’s location and can provide navigation too.

iphone gas apps gas guru save money

The Gas Guru iPhone gas app also has a “Best Nearby” feature that does that math for you to save you time hunting for prices. You can also filter your search depending on what fuel grade you want. The app also lets you know how long ago the gas price was updated at each station. There’s also a version of the app for the Apple Watch.

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3. Waze

The Waze iPhone app isn’t primarily an iPhone gas app, but it does have a gas price feature that helps its users save money on gas. The app is primarily a social traffic app. By leaving the app open while you drive, you contribute to a database of real time traffic info that other drivers can tap into. The app lets you see traffic jams along your route and automatically re-routes you around them. The app also lets you see traffic accidents and police speed traps, sends your ETA and position to other people you are meeting with and, of course, finds the cheapest gas station along your route.

iphone gas apps save money wazeIt not only saves people money on gas, but also saves them time stuck in traffic and even saves on speeding tickets, all of which translate directly to saving money. Some users in the app store reviews complain the app is glitchy on the iPhone 6 Plus, though.

4. Fuelzee

The Fuelzee iPhone gas app has been featured in USA Today, TechCrunch, the Chicago Tribune, on Fox News and on MSNBC. It not only finds the cheapest nearby gas station and provides driving directions, it also tracks your mileage and gas purchases to help you get a tax break, plus it helps you earn rewards and discounts at any gas station.

iphone gas apps fuelzee save money

Users of the Fuelzee iPhone gas app can earn free gas cards and other prizes, plus earn points for reporting gas prices at local gas stations. The app’s info depends on other users reporting prices at gas stations around the U.S. While the Gas Buddy app also relies on user reported gas prices, that app boasts over 50 million users. Fuelzee makes no such claim. That can make the app less useful for those who live outside heavily populated areas.

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5. Mileage Keeper

The Mileage Keeper iPhone gas app doesn’t work by finding you the cheapest gas station like the other apps above. Instead, this app lets you track and improve the performance you get once you’ve bought that cheap gas. The app keeps track of each fill up by date, as well as how many miles you drove on that fill up. It logs your price per gallon for each fill up too, plus how many gallons you bought, and it tracks your car’s efficiency on that fill up in terms of miles per gallon. Customers can track multiple vehicles with this iPhone gas app.

iphone gas apps mileage keeper save money