How Much Money Drake Makes in a Year

Drake makes $28 million a year on average. Since 2009, there have been years Drake made as little as $7 million and other years he made as much as $45 million.

Most of the money Drake makes in a year comes from concerts. The rest comes from endorsements, music sales, YouTube and music sales.

The tables below break down Drake’s salary by year, week, hour, minute and second. We also broke out how much Drake makes yearly from each source.

Here’s How Much Money Drake Makes in a Year

How much money Drake makes in a year
How much money Drake makes per week$543,101
How much money Drake makes per hour$13,578
How much money Drake makes per minute$226
How much money Drake makes per second$4
How much money Drake makes a year from album sales$1,300,000
How much money Drake makes a year from singles$1,000,000
How much money Drake makes a year from YouTube$1,100,000
How much money Drake makes a year from concerts$11,000,000
How much money Drake makes a year from endorsements$3,750,000

Drake makes more than $28 million a year. That works out to $543,000 a week or $13,500 per hour. That’s about 145 times what the average doctor makes. Looked at in smaller time chunks, Drake makes $226 a minute or $4 per second.

On average, Drake makes over a million a year from album sales. That changes depending on what’s currently hot and when it was released. Drake also makes about a million a year from singles and another million from YouTube ad revenue.

Concerts are the biggest chunk of Drake’s net worth. Drake makes an estimated $11 million a year from concert income. That’s enough money every year to buy a private jet, just for performing in live shows. Another $3.75 million a year comes from endorsement pay for brands like Sprite and Kodak.

How Much Money Drake Makes Per Year

Here’s How Much Money Drake Made Every Year So Far

Drake doesn’t make $28 million every year. In 2014 and 2014, Drake made $7 million to $9 million. Drake’s biggest money years so far were 2013, 2012 and 2010. Those were concert years. During those years, Drake earned an additional $15 million to $36 million for worldwide concert tours.

Rapper Future reportedly got kicked off Drake’s 2013 Would You Like A tour. The reason for the split was, Future apparently dissed Drake’s musical talent in an interview for Billboard. Future was supposed to earn $40,000 per show and was said to have sought $1.5 million in damages. Drake later announced that the split was all just rumors created by the media.


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How Much Money Drake Makes Per Year from Album Sales

How much money Drake per year from albumsDrake makes about $1.3 million a year from sales of albums. That’s an average. In real terms, Drake has made as much as $2.7 million in one year for the 2011 album Take Care. Drake has said the album was about feeling guilty that he wasn’t in love with a woman he broke up with. One reviewer called the album “unrepentant navel gazing.” The album does examine not only failed romantic relationships, but bonds with friends and family that grow artificial as Drake himself makes exponentially more money.

Reportedly, when Drake was making his 2013 album Nothing Was the Same, he used Marvin Gaye’s album Here My Dear as a guide. He also recorded the album at Gaye’s former studio.

How Much Money Drake Makes Per Year from Singles

Drake makes a million a year on average from singles sales. One of the singer’s hottest singles ever was 2009’s Best I Ever Had. That song went triple platinum, meaning it sold more than three million copies in the U.S. alone. Other platinum Drake hits are 2009’s I’m Goin’ In, 2010’s Over (triple platinum) and 2012’s Take Care (quadruple platinum).

Over is the lead long from Drake’s first album, Thank Me Later. Drake has said the song is about how fame could have changed him but he fought hard not to let it. In the chorus, he keeps reminding himself, “I’m ‘doing me.” The singer repeats that he’s going to keep things up that way until the ride is over, but it’s far from over. He appears to have been right. Since Over’s release, Drake has cut another 27 hit singles and is still going strong.

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How Much Money Drake Makes Per Year from Concerts

How much money Drake per year from concertsDrake makes about $11 million a year from concerts. That figure comes from averaging his yearly concert take since 2009. Drake has completed three concert tours: Away from Home in 2010, Club Paradise in 2012 and Would You Like A in 2013. Drake made $15 million of the first tour and $36 million each from the next two tours.

Reviewers gave the Would You Like A Tour high marks. The stage was backdropped by a huge projector screen displaying clips from Drake’s videos. A lighted halo ramp at center stage held a DJ pit that Drake used to great effect. Drake belted out more than 25 songs during the show. Drake often picked a woman from the audience to bring on stage with him. A big fan favorite was a ring stage that got lowered into the crowd during the show. Drake used the stage to get closer to the fans, reportedly driving the audience wild.

How Much Money Drake Makes Per Year from YouTube

On average, Drake makes $1.1 million a year from YouTube. Drake’s YouTube Vevo channel launched in 2009. The channel has five million subscribers and almost two billion views. Those views all come with ad revenue. Drake’s most successful YouTube hit so far is Hotline Bling. The video went live in 2015 and earned over 600 million views in just the first five months. Drake dances awkwardly in the video. His dancing generated several parodies and internet memes. Chief among these was a Saturday Night Live skit that showed Donald Trump dancing awkwardly like Drake.

Drake parodied his own song for a Super Bowl commercial for T-Mobile in 2016. In the ad, Drake tries to sing his song while smart phone carrier executives repeatedly interrupt him. The execs demand changes to Drake’s lyrics to include their legal ad copy.