How Much Money Do Stars Make if they Win a Grammy?

How much money do stars make if they win a Grammy? $0. The “Grammy Bounce” may add to future music sales, but the data doesn’t prove it. Grammys sold at auction have fetched $30,000 to $187,000 in the past.

Overall, a Grammy award doesn’t seem to mean a whole lot financially. The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) doesn’t pay even a single dollar for a Grammy win. Grammy win money is limited to auctioning off the Grammy, auctioning memorabilia like a dress worn to the Grammys and future earnings. There is speculation that stars may earn more in terms of music sales and concert ticket sales. They may see a boost to YouTube views, endorsement deal money and merchandise sales. A check on the actual numbers however shows no such bounce. In fact the “extra money” from a Grammy win may be no more than a chicken/egg dilemma. Did the star make more money from the Grammy win or did the Grammy win come because the music was already popular and selling well?

Money Win Grammy

How Much Money Stars Make if they Win a Grammy

How Much Money Stars Make if they Win a Grammy
Grammy Win Money (for the actual award)$0The Grammy Foundation does not give money for the actual Grammy Award win.
Grammy Win Money (from the Grammy "bounce")$0 to $100,000,000It's possible stars see a boost to album sales after a Grammy win. Other possible money boosts from a Grammy win include singles sales, concert ticket sales, endorsement deals and sales of merchandise. It's not clear from the data that this "Grammy bounce" actually exists.
Money to Sell Grammy after Win$30,000 to $100,000The Grammy Foundation aggresively fights stars who try to sell their Grammy Awards after a win. They bring legal action 100% of the time, even if the star has fallen on hard times.
Grammy: Chicken or Egg Dilemma?$0There may be no extra money for winning a Grammy. Stars that win Grammys do tend to make more money, but their albums and songs are often hugely popular before the win. It's entirely possible a Grammy is worth no money at all, or the $11 it costs to make the award.
Intrinsic Value of a Grammy Win$13.50The Grammy Award itself costs an estimated $13.50 to manufacture.

How much money win grammy Kendrick LamarThe table above shows the top line info on Grammy win money. Musicians, singers and songwriters don’t make a single dollar for winning a Grammy. The Grammy gramophone trophy itself costs an estimated $13.50 to manufacture.

Stars can’t even sell a Grammy to make money off it. Some musicians have sold Grammys for money in the past, but the Academy fights these sales aggressively in court.

Even the often touted “Grammy Bounce” from increased sales money after a Grammy win may be largely hot air. Not all singers, songwriters and other musicians see an earnings boost after winning a Grammy. Some do, but it’s unclear whether the Grammy contributed in any way to the song’s popularity, or whether the song’s popularity caused the Grammy win. All in all, a Grammy may be worth exactly $13.50 to a star like Taylor Swift, Beyonce or Kendrick Lamar.

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The Grammy Bounce: Do Stars that Win a Grammy Make More Money After?

The Grammy Bounce: Does a Grammy Win Mean More Money?
Past Grammy WinnersNumber of Grammys WonFirst Grammy WonExtra Money After Grammy Win?
Kendrick Lamar7First nominated in 2014, first Grammy won in 2015No boost to album sales, singles sales or concert tickets after Grammy win.
Rihanna8First nominated in 2008, first Grammy won in 2009.Rihanna's album sales actually dropped from 5 million albums in 2007 to 2.2 million in 2009 after a Grammy win. However, her concert revenue went from $29 million in 2007 to $40 million in 2010.
Eminem15First Grammy won in 2000Eminem got a huge sales boost after his first Grammy win. His albums sold 18 million copies in 1999 and 32 million in 2000.
Beyonce20First nominated in 2000, first Grammy won in 2001.Beyonce won her first Grammy very early in her career, before she had amassed significant sales figures.
Sam Smith4First nominated in 2014, first Grammy won in 2015Sam Smith saw a huge money boost after his first Grammy win. He sold 50,000 copies of his albums in 2013 and 8,500,000 in 2014.

The table above shows some top line data on the “Grammy Bounce.” That’s the idea that music sales and concert sales go up after a Grammy win. Supposedly a Grammy win does translate to more money from those sales. But does it really work out that way?

We analyzed the pre and post sales figures for five different Grammy winners from 2000 through 2015. Kendrick Lamar was first nominated for a Grammy in 2014 and won in 2015. After his Grammy win, Lamar saw no money boost in terms of album sales, singles sales or concert ticket sales.

How much money win Grammy RihannaRihanna’s album sales actually dropped after her first Grammy win. The singer won her first Grammy in 2009. Pre-Grammy win, Rihanna sold 5 million albums in one year. Her album sales went down to 2.2 million in the year after her first Grammy win. Her concert ticket sales did boost from 29 million for a pre-Grammy win tour to 40 million tickets sold post Grammy win. However, Rihanna’s concert ticket sales have grown by 40% to 60% with each successive tour. It’s not clear at all that her Grammy win had anything to do with the extra money she made from concerts. Nor is it clear that winning a Grammy caused her to make less money from album sales.

The other three artists in our survey were Eminem, Beyonce and Sam Smith. All three musicians did see a huge bump in album sale money post Grammy win. However, it’s not clear whether the extra sales had anything to do with the Grammy win. It may be a simple case of excellent albums winning Grammys and racking up huge sales money at the same time.

So does a Grammy win mean more money? The answer is probably no. Correlation does not equal causation. More people drown after eating ice cream than any other food. That doesn’t mean ice cream causes drowning. It means swimming and cool refreshment both happen on hot days.

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The Auction Problem: Stars that Win a Grammy, then Need Money

Sometimes a singer falls on hard times, needs money and sells a Grammy. Or sometimes a musician simply doesn’t want the trophy cluttering up their home. Grammys from Pearl Jam, Stevie Wonder, Johnny Cash and others have all been traded for money.

The table below shows a cross section of Grammys that were sold for money. Johnny Cash’s Grammy was sold after his death for $187,000. Stevie Wonder’s Grammy for his mega hit song Superstition only fetched a meager $12,000. One of the five trophies given to Pearl Jam for their single Grammy win sold for $52,226. A Grammy wound up on the show Pawn Stars.

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Auctioning a Grammy: When Stars Need Money
Stars Who've Sold a Grammy After a WinGrammy Sale PriceNotes
Pearl Jam$52,226The only Grammy Pearl Jam ever won. The band didn't really care about the award. (See the video below.)
Stevie Wonder$12,000The Grammy in question was a win for Wonder's hit song "Superstition." The Academy fought the sale.
Johnny Cash$187,000The sale happened after Cash's death.
Ronald Dunbar$10,000The 1960's era Grammy wound up on an episode of "Pawn Stars."
Dave Burgess$30,000Burgess' Grammy win was for the famous "Tequila" song, well known from the Pee Wee's Big Adventure soundtrack.

The Academy frowns on the exchange of a Grammy win for money. Every time, NARAS will sue to stop the sale of a Grammy. Even when Dave Burgess needed money to pay family medical bills, NARAS still fought the sale of his Grammy in court.

Sometimes stars don’t need money, but they just don’t want the Grammy. That seems to be the case with the Pearl Jam Grammy that went up for sale. The $52,226 is a fair amount of money for a trophy. That said, Pearl Jam didn’t seem to want the award in the first place, as the video below shows.

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The Official Grammy Auction: Turn a Grammy Win to Money the Non-Lawsuit Way

Ed Sheeran how much money win GrammyAs if to show it isn’t a total scrooge, the Academy holds its own auction for stars who want to sell Grammy memorabilia for charity. The official auction happens every year.

Pharrell Williams’ great big Grammy hat from 2015 had a starting price of $6,000. Paul McCartney auctioned off a meet and greet for $15,000. The prize was an invite to a sound check at a Paul McCartney concert. The lucky winner would get to rub elbows with the fab one.

Miley Cyrus decided to color outside the lines for her Grammy auction. She pulled in $7,000 in Haiti relief money by auctioning the dress she wore for her 2010 Grammy win on eBay.

Grammy Memorabilia Turned into Money
Grammy Item AuctionedSale PriceNotes
Pharrell Williams' Grammy hat$6,000 to $8,000The hat worn by the singer in his famous Grammy performance. Sold in the official Grammy auction.
Miley Cyrus' Grammy dress$7,000Cyrus auctioned the dress on eBay in 2010 and donated the proceed to Haiti relief.
Paul McCartney meet and greet$15,000The winner attended a sound check with Paul McCartney before a live show.

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How Much Money Do the 2016 Grammy Winners Make?

So how much money do Grammy winners make in 2016? The winners’ salaries are anywhere from $100,000 to $60 million a year. Their net worths have an even wider range. Below is a list of nominees and winners from the 2016 Grammy Awards show. Dr. Dre tops the net worth chart with $745 million. Other notables are Taylor Swift with a net worth of $251 million and Justin Bieber with $197 million.

Drake’s net worth of $88 million is nothing to sneeze at, and Nicki Minaj’s wealth pile of $77 million isn’t too bad either.

How Much Money do Grammy Winners Make?
Grammy WinnerNet Worth
Taylor Swift"Album of the Year" Grammy win$251,000,000
J. Cole"Best Rap Album" (nomination but no Grammy win)$15,000,000
Dr. Dre"Best Rap Album" (nomination but no Grammy win)$745,000,000
Drake"Best Rap Album" (nomination but no Grammy win)$88,000,000
Kendrick Lamar"Best Rap Album" Grammy win$33,000,000
Nicki Minaj"Best Rap Album" (nomination but no Grammy win)$77,000,000
Sam Hunt"Best Country Album" (nomination but no Grammy win)$2,000,000
Chris Staplelton"Best Country Album" Grammy win$1,000,000
Little Big Town"Best Country Album" (nomination but no Grammy win)$3,000,000
Ashley Monroe"Best Country Album" (nomination but no Grammy win)$1,000,000
Kacey Musgraves"Best Country Album" (nomination but no Grammy win)$1,000,000
The Weeknd"Album of the Year" (nomination but no Grammy win)$5,000,000
Bruno Mars"Record of the Year" Grammy win, Bruno Mars featured artist$70,000,000
Ed Sheeran"Song of the Year" Grammy win$84,000,000
Justin Bieber"Best Dance Recording" Grammy win, Justin Bieber featured artist$197,000,000
Alabama Shakes"Best Alternative Music Album" Grammy win$4,000,000
Foo Fighters"Best Rock Performance" (nomination but no Grammy win)Dave Grohl $260,000,000

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On the bottom of the Grammy win money pile are country singers Sam Hunt, Chris Stapleton, Ashley Monroe and Kacey Musgrave with $1 million to $2 million each.



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