Ed Sheeran Net Worth

Ed Sheeran’s net worth is $84 million. Sheeran is a powerhouse of musical talent and work ethic. At just 24, he earns money from albums, concerts, acting, songwriting, merchandise, YouTube and several other sources.

Sheeran has earned $168 million so far. Taxes and expenses took away more than half of that. Sheeran has made $20 million from music sales, $101 million from concerts and $19 million from YouTube ad sales.

The young singer has had songs featured on over 47 film and TV soundtracks, including 2013’s The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

Ed Sheeran Net Worth Facts

Ed Sheeran Net Worth$83,705,901
Ed Sheeran net worth vs One Direction net worth5 times smaller
Ed Sheeran net worth vs Selena Gomez net worthTwice as big
Ed Sheeran net worth vs Justin Bieber net worthHalf as big
Ed Sheeran net worth vs Taylor Swift net worth3 times smaller
Ed Sheeran net worth vs Drake net worth5% smaller
Ed Sheeran net worth vs Jay Z net worth6 times smaller
Ed Sheeran net worth vs Miley Cyrus net worth40% smaller
Ed Sheeran net worth vs median American family net worth1,231 times bigger

Ed Sheeran Net Worth FactsCompared to the Ed Sheeran net worth sum of $84 million, One Direction’s net worth is 5 times larger. Selena Gomez’s net worth of $45 million is about half as big as the Ed Sheeran net worth fortune. Justin Bieber has a net worth of $167 million. That’s about twice the size of Ed Sheeran’s net worth.

Drake’s net worth of $88 million is about 5% bigger than Ed Sheeran’s net worth. Jay Z’s $514 million beats Ed Sheeran by a factor of six. Finally, the Ed Sheeran net worth pile is 1,231 times bigger than the typical American family’s net worth of just $68,000.

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Ed Sheeran Net Worth Through Time

Ed Sheeran has been a professional musician since he was a kid. His net worth didn’t really kick in until he released his first major album, “+” in 2011. The album sold 4 million copies and kicked off his first world concert tour.

Sheeran’s net worth grew steadily until his next big concert tour in 2014, the “x” tour. Today, Sheeran has a net worth of $84 million.

Ed Sheeran net worth 2016$83,705,901
Ed Sheeran net worth 2011$25,891,456
Ed Sheeran net worth 2012$31,440,586
Ed Sheeran net worth 2013$37,157,927
Ed Sheeran net worth 2014$73,827,099
Ed Sheeran net worth 2015$81,031,850

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Ed Sheeran Net Worth: Albums, Concerts, Acting, YouTube

Ed Sheeran Net Worth Album SalesEd Sheeran is very probably one of the hardest working performers on the planet. How else would the Ed Sheeran net worth story already have an $84 million dollar chapter?

The performer takes his talent out a staggering variety of doorways. He sells albums, singles and merchandise like other music stars. He also goes on concert tours and has his own lucrative YouTube Channel. But the singer also writes songs for others, acts on TV and in movies and has 47 film and television soundtrack credits to his name.

The table below shows the sources of Ed Sheeran’s net worth. The details for each category are broken out below the table.

Ed Sheeran Net Worth Sources 
Ed Sheehan Salary$16,741,180
Ed Sheeran Albums$15,126,636
Ed Sheeran YouTube Channel$19,239,562
Ed Sheeran Merchandise$15,172,500
Investment income (Estimated at 6%)$8,228,514
Total Ed Sheeran Lifetime Earnings$175,956,040
Taxes (45% UK tax bracket)$75,477,387
Expenses (10% of income)$16,772,753
Ed Sheehan Net Worth$83,705,901

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Music Sales and Ed Sheeran Net Worth

Ed Sheeran Net Worth Singles SalesA surprisingly small amount of Sheeran’s net worth comes from sales of actual music. The star has sold 13 million copies of albums and 21 million singles. He’s earned a total of $20 million from sales of music. While that’s impressive, it’s just 12% of his total earnings.

Sheeran’s first big album, 2011’s “+” sold 4 million copies and brought in $44 million in revenue. Stars keep an estimated 11.1% of sales dollars when they write their own songs. That means $4.9 million from sales of “+” went straight into the Ed Sheeran net worth coffers.

Music Sales and Ed Sheehan Net Worth       
Total Ed Sheeran Net Worth from Music Sales (Albums + Singles)$20,296,668
AlbumsYearAlbum TypeUnit SalesUnit CostTotal RevenueEd Sheeran %Ed Sheeran Earnings
+2011Ed Sheeran studio album4,000,000$10.99$43,960,00011.10%$4,879,560
x2014Ed Sheeran studio album6,000,000$10.99$65,940,00011.10%$7,319,340
Ed Sheeran live albums and EPs (15 total)2005-2015Various3,000,000$10.99$32,970,00011.10%$3,659,670
Total Ed Sheeran Album Sales13,000,000$142,870,000$15,858,570
Ed Sheeran SinglesTotal Singles SalesUnit CostRevenueEd Sheeran %Ed Sheeran Singles Earnings
Ed Sheeran singles as lead artist (12 as lead artist, 11 as featured)21,400,000$1.99$42,586,00011.10%$4,438,098

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Concerts and Ed Sheeran Net Worth

Concerts and Ed Sheeran Net WorthSheeran has been very successful in the world wide concert tour game. The star has only had two concert tours, but they’ve brought in a combined $101 million.

2011’s “+” matched Sheeran’s album of the same name. The tour brought in an estimated $49 million at the worldwide box office. His second tour, “x” in 2014, had 179 shows in 5 continents and  brought in $70 million. Big stars keep an estimated 85% of concert box office money. That adds $42 million and $60 million to Ed Sheeran’s net worth respectively.

Concert Tours and Ed Sheeran Net Worth    
Total Ed Sheeran Net Worth from Concerts$101,150,000
Tour NameYearBox OfficeEd Sheeran %Ed Sheeran Earnings
+ tour2011$49,000,00085%$41,650,000
x tour2014$70,000,00085%$59,500,000

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Endorsements and Ed Sheeran Net Worth

Endorsements and Ed Sheeran Net WorthSheeran isn’t exactly a product endorsement powerhouse. The star does have endorsement deals with Beats headphones and a few other companies. However, he doesn’t rake in the endorsement money on the level of One Direction or Taylor Swift.

Sheeran pulls an estimated $1 million a year from product endorsements. Whether his low earnings are from a nod to his sense of integrity or from a lack of ability isn’t known. Either way, endorsement deals have pumped another $5 million total into the Ed Sheeran net worth tank.

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YouTube and Ed Sheeran Net Worth

Ed Sheeran Net worth YouTubeSheeran’s YouTube channel has an impressive $2.5 billion views. Industry experts claim 1,000 views translates to about $7.60 in YouTube ad revenue. That gives Sheeran $19 million in earnings from his YouTube Channel.

The video below for Sing has 145 million views. The most viewed video on Sheeran’s YouTube channel is Thinking Out Loud. That video has been viewed more than 900 million times.

YouTube and Ed Sheeran Net WorthViewsPay Per 1,000 ViewsEd Sheeran YouTube Earnings
Ed Sheeran YouTube Channel2,531,521,296$7.60$19,239,562

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Other Ed Sheeran Net Worth Sources

Albums, singles, concerts, YouTube and endorsements are only a few slices of the Ed Sheeran net worth pie. Others are acting, merchandise, soundtracks and songwriting.


Sheeran has five acting credits to his name. While some of those are musical in nature, the others aren’t. Most notable are five episodes of the TV series The Bastard Executioner and a role in the upcoming movie Bridget Jones’ Baby. Altogether, Sheeran has earned $1 million for acting work.

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Ed Sheeran Net Worth MerchandiseT-shirts, hats, cell phone covers and other merchandise also add to Ed Sheeran’s net worth. At a conservative estimate of 15% of concert earnings, Sheeran has earned $15 million from merchandise through his entire career.


Sheeran has 47 soundtrack credits. The young musician is credited on films like The Fault in Our Stars and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. His work has also been featured on X-Factor, The Voice, The Vampire Diaries and Glee. Approximately $5 million in soundtrack money adds to the Ed Sheeran net worth picture.

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Sheeran writes his own songs, but he’s got talent left over to share with others. The star has penned hits for One Direction, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. He has also written for The Weekend and several other top musicians. Sheeran’s songwriting work has netted him a tidy $1.6 million through the years.

Ed Sheeran Net Worth Calculations

Ed Sheeran Net Worth DataNet worth is more than just how much somebody earns. Ed Sheeran almost certainly has to pay for taxes and expenses. It’s just as likely that he invests his net worth and earns investment income from it.

Sheeran is in the UK’s top tax bracket of 45%. He also likely shells out about 10% of what he earns for various expenses. These include staff, agent fees, concert prep and cost of living. Finally, Sheeran earns an estimated 6% per year from investing what he’s earned.

Ed Sheeran Net Worth CalculationsTotal Ed Sheeran EarningsTaxes (45% UK tax bracket)Expenses (Estimated at 10% of earnings)Investment Income (6% of net worth minus taxes)Ed Sheeran Net Worth
Ed Sheeran Net Worth Totals$167,727,526$75,477,387$16,772,753$8,228,514

In the tweet below from 1/19/16, the tweeter calls out Ed Sheeran for “going to Hogwarts.” Of course Sheeran is British and went to school in the UK. Beyond the ties and cardigans though, the others in the photo with the soon-to-be star do look a little bit familiar…