Brooke Henderson Net Worth: An 18 Year Old Millionaire?

The Brooke Henderson net worth total of $876,000 comes from $1,991,009 in golf winnings and sponsor dollars minus taxes and expenses of $1,118,151. Brooke Henderson is currently third on the 2016 LPGA tour by money rank, behind teen phenom Lydia Ko and Ariya Jutanugarn. When it comes to fame, Henderson shines despite being #3, possibly for being the youngest player ever to win an LPGA Major. Rankings aside, Henderson deserves her adulation, at least for taking first place in the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship on 6/9/16 with a $525,000 payday from that event. The 18 year old Canadian is also due some props for earning $1.09 million so far in 2016 LPGA winnings, as of 6/30/16.

Brooke Henderson Net Worth Facts

Brooke Henderson Net Worth Facts
Brooke Henderson net worth$876,401
Brooke Henderson net worth vs Lydia Ko net worth1/10th as big
Brooke Henderson net worth vs Rory McIlroy net worth1/91st as big
Brooke Henderson net worth vs Jordan Spieth net worth1/88th as big
Brooke Henderson net worth vs Tiger Woods net worth1/941st as big
Brooke Henderson net worth vs Cristiano Ronaldo net worth1/190th as big
Brooke Henderson net worth vs Ronda Rousey net worth1/4th as big
Brooke Henderson net worth vs LeBron James net worth1/254th as big
Brooke Henderson net worth vs Hillary Clinton net worth1/37th as big
Brooke Henderson net worth vs typical American family net worth13 times bigger

Did Henderson get lucky? The Brooke Henderson net worth total of $876,401 owes over $525,000 to a single golf event, the KPMG Women’s Championship. Henderson’s net worth is 1/10th as big as Lydia Ko’s net worth. Rory McIlroy’s net worth is 91 times bigger, Jordan Spieth’s is 88 times bigger and Tiger Woods is 941 times bigger. Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has 190 times more money than the Brooke Henderson net worth fortune, while NBA star LeBron James’s net worth is 254 times bigger. The one thing Henderson has on her side is time. At only 18 years of age, she still has 13 times more net worth than the typical American family with $68,000. She also has lots of time to refine her game and win more tournaments. Most 18 year olds haven’t come close to Henderson’s level of financial success.

Brooke Henderson Net Worth Timeline

Brooke Henderson Net Worth Timeline

Brooke Henderson Net Worth by Year
Brooke Henderson net worth 2014$0
Brooke Henderson net worth 2015$219,329
Brooke Henderson net worth 2016$876,401

At just 18 years of old and on the LPGA Tour, the Brooke Henderson net worth story has just teed off. The young golf master’s rookie year was 2015. Many online publications place her net worth a lot higher, in the $2 million to $4 million range. Those publications often cite her exceptional performance in events when she was still an amateur. Though those performances are impressive, they don’t figure into the star’s net worth. It’s true that Henderson was the #1 ranked amateur woman golfer before she went pro. In 2015, she earned $100,294 in official golf winnings, taking in another $400,000 in sponsorship deals. Her net worth really took off in 2016. So far this season she has won $1,090,715 on the LPGA Tour, with nearly half of that coming from her first place performance in the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship.

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Brooke Henderson Net Worth Sources: Golf and Sponsors

Brooke Henderson Net WorthThe table below shows how the Brooke Henderson net worth pie slices up between golf and sponsor dollars. Several online reports claim Henderson went pro in December of 2014, but that doesn’t seem to be the case based on her earnings. It’s true that Henderson applied to go pro in late 2014, but her bid seems to have been rejected. She placed in nine different LPGA Tour events in the first half of 2016 but earned $0 in prize money in that time. In four of those events Henderson placed quite high, coming in first once, fifth twice and eighth another time. Most of those events were indeed monied events. Henderson only competed in four events after her bid to turn pro was apparently approved in August of 2015. She earned a total of $100,294 in prize money from those four events. Had she been allowed to go pro sooner, the Brooke Henderson net worth total would be much higher.

Brooke Henderson Net Worth Sources
Golf Winnings$1,191,009
Total Brooke Henderson Earnings$1,991,009
Brooke Henderson Salary (average)$663,670
Brooke Henderson Salary 2016$1,490,715
Brooke Henderson Net Worth$876,401

Brooke Henderson Net Worth from Playing Golf

The biggest part of the Brooke Henderson net worth total comes from playing golf. Henderson earned money as a professional golfer from late August 2015 through late November. That’s a total of three months as a pro in that year. Playing in four tournaments during that time, she earned $100,294. Her first full year as a pro is 2016. She’s already the #3 money maker on the tour, behind only Lydia Ko and Ariya Jutanugarn. She has earned $1,090,715 so far this season, becoming the youngest female golfer ever to win a Major on 6/9/16 at the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship and making $525,000 for that win. She’s been golfing as an amateur since 2012, playing in 19 tournaments as an amateur. In 2015 she took 3rd place in the Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic and 5th place in the U.S. Women’s Open that same year.

Brooke Henderson Net Worth from Golf Winnings
YearEstimated Earnings
Total Brooke Henderson Net Worth from Golf Winnings$1,191,009

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Brooke Henderson Net Worth from Sponsors

Brooke Henderson net worth from sponsorsThe portion of the Brooke Henderson net worth sum from sponsor money rivals her golf winnings with $800,000. The golfer doesn’t publish her exact dollar figures for endorsement deals. That said, it’s fairly simple to estimate the figures behind those deals based on analyses of other professional golfers and sports figures in the world at large. Henderson hasn’t yet begun to do major sportswear, clothing, equipment or other brand endorsements. That is, unlike Jordan Spieth or Tiger Woods, she doesn’t yet have a deal with EA Games to appear in commercials or in their games. She doesn’t have her own shoe deal. She hasn’t been signed to do a string of major soft drink ads. Those aren’t the kinds of deals Henderson is pulling down – yet. Her deals are slightly more pedestrian, but still impressive. She has corporate sponsor deals with the Royal Bank of Canada, Titleist and Ping Golf. She also has a deal with Sunice Golf apparel. These sponsors give Henderson free clothing and equipment with their logos visible. The golfer then uses these items in the limelight. Even though the deals are small in nature, we estimate the value of each one at about $100,000. That gives Henderson $800,000 in total lifetime sponsor money so far.

Brooke Henderson Net Worth from Sponsorships
Product / ServiceBusinessEstimated Brooke Henderson Earnings
Royal Bank of CanadaBanking and financial services$100,000
Sunice GolfGolf apparel and outerwear$100,000
Ping GolfGolf clubs and other products$100,000
TitleistGolf balls$100,000
Total Brooke Henderson Net Worth from Sponsorships$800,000

Brooke Henderson Net Worth Calculations

Taxes and expenses play an important part in the Brooke Henderson net worth story. Jordan Spieth lives in Texas and Tiger Woods lives in Florida. Why does that matter in an article about Brooke Henderson? Because Texas and Florida don’t have state income taxes. Woods and Spieth are very rich and both of them pay the highest U.S. tax rate of 39.6% on earnings, but that’s all they pay. Henderson is Canadian. She pays the top Canadian rate of 33%. That’s a lot lower than the top U.S. rate, but she pays another 13.16% in Ontario-specific taxes, giving her a total rate of 46.16%. She also shells out an estimated 10% in expenses for cost of living, agent fees and other costs. Investments are conservatively estimated at about 3% of the Brooke Henderson net worth sum per year. The table below shows total earnings by year, adjustments and net worth.

Brooke Henderson Net Worth Calculations
YearBrooke Henderson Total Earnings from Golf, SponsorsAdjustments for Tax, Expense, InvestmentBrooke Henderson Net Worth
Brooke Henderson Net Worth Totals$1,991,009-$1,114,608$876,401

Brooke Henderson Net Worth in the Future

How high will the Brooke Henderson net worth star rise? At this point it’s difficult to say whether Henderson’s performance at the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship is a one-off. Certainly she played very well as an amateur in several events, and she’s shown she’s capable of greatness as an adult. She may more may not become a consistent high performer like Lydia Ko, Jordan Spieth or Tiger Woods. Even if she does prove to be more than a flash in the pan, Henderson still has golf’s persistent glass ceiling to contend with. Without pointing any fingers, women golfers just earn less than men. That may be because it draws in less viewers, which means less sponsor dollars and less potential winnings. Wherever the blame lies, unless that situation changes, the Spieths and Woods’ of the world will continue to outdo Brooke Henderson in terms of money.

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