Calvin Harris Net Worth

The Calvin Harris net worth figure of $54.7 million comes from concerts, album sales, YouTube and endorsements. Harris has earned about $137 million in his lifetime, though $68 million in taxes and $20 million in expenses take the blame for chopping that down to less than $54 million. Calvin Harris’s earnings come from $100 million in concerts, $27 million in YouTube ad revenue, $6 million in endorsements and $7 million in sales of albums and singles. Harris has released four studio albums and 24 singles. He has four billion YouTube views and six major endorsement deals.

Calvin Harris Net Worth Timeline

The Calvin Harris net worth story started back in 2007 with the release of his first studio album I Created Disco. Since that time, Harris has released four other studio albums and nearly two dozen singles, with many going double or triple platinum. His 2014 hit Summer went 3x platinum, selling an estimated 3.3 million units. Harris wrote, appeared in and produced the Rihanna song We Found Love, going on to produce several other songs for other artists. He began to sign endorsement deals with companies like Coca Cola and Kia as early as 2008 and saw healthy YouTube and concert earnings from then through the present, guaranteeing him a steady net worth growth.

Calvin Harris Net Worth Timeline

Calvin Harris Net Worth Sources: Concerts, YouTube, Music, Endorsements

How does Calvin Harris make all that money? The star has earned $100 million from concert tours, $27 million from YouTube and $6 million from endorsement deals. A relatively small amount of his money comes from sales of albums and singles with $4 million from singles sales and $2.7 million from album sales.

It’s normal for a music star to earn more from concerts these days than from music. That said, it’s unusual for them to earn so much more. The reason may be that Harris’ notoriety as a DJ gets him a lot more fans wanting to come see him in person than wanting to buy his albums. Another item of note is that Harris’ singles have made him more money than his albums. That’s upside down with respect to most musicians. It may be that fans love certain hit songs that the musician has released but don’t love him enough to go in for a whole album. Not one of Harris’ five studio albums have gone RIAA platinum, which would mean over a million copies sold. By contrast, his RIAA platinum singles include Feel So Close, Sweet Nothing, I Need Your Love, Summer, Blame, Outside and How Deep is Your Love.

Calvin Harris Net Worth from Albums and Singles

Albums and singles are the smallest contributors to the Calvin Harris net worth figures. Taken together they do beat out endorsement deal money by about $1 million, but taken singly they take a back seat. (Harris has signed sponsorship deals with Coca Cola, Kia, Apple, Pepsi Max and a few other companies, pulling in an estimated $6 million total.) None of the albums went platinum, with the best seller of the bunch being 2012’s 18 months. Harris’ singles add a higher $4 million to his earnings.


Calvin Harris has released four studio albums since his debut with 2007’s I Created Disco. That record sold an estimated 114,000 units. At $10.99 each that’s just over $1.2 million in total revenue. Assuming Harris kept about 15% of that money gives him just $187,929. The star’s hottest selling album is 2012’s 18 Months. The record was certified RIAA Gold, meaning it sold over 500,000 copies in the U.S. That album earned Harris an estimated $1.1 million.

Calvin Harris Net Worth from Concerts

We don’t have solid data on how concerts contribute to the Calvin Harris net worth numbers. Normally there are some gate estimates to go by but in this case we had to rely on other online estimates, which in most cases seemed entirely too high.

A mix of estimates from around the web for receipts for all of Harris’ eight concert tours gave him a total concert earnings estimate of $143 million. This may be a good estimate of his total revenue from all concerts but it probably doesn’t take into account production and staffing costs, promotion and other expenses. Comparing the figure to concert earnings by stars like Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber calls it into even deeper question since Harris has sold so many less singles and albums than those stars. In the end we settled on about 60% of that number or $100 million. That includes estimates for all the tours listed below.

Calvin Harris Net Worth from YouTube

It’s never surprising these days when a musician makes a big portion of their earnings from YouTube ad revenue. As of 7/26/16, Harris has over four billion YouTube views. Industry analysts estimate that top YouTubers can make roughly $7.60 per 1,000 views. Harris has 4,052,117,552 views on his Vevo channel and 97,793,547 views on his own channel. Doing the math adds $26.92 million to the Calvin Harris net worth amount.

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Calvin Harris Net Worth from Singles

24 singles chip in an additional $4.1 million to the Calvin Harris net worth figures. Harris’ debut single was the cleverly named Acceptable in the 80’s in 2007. That single sold an estimated 200,000 units. At $1.99 each that’s total revenue of $398,000, of which Harris kept $59,700. His best selling single to date is Summer, released in 2014. That song went double Platinum and sold an estimated 3.3 million copies worldwide, earning nearly $1 million for Harris himself.

Calvin Harris Net Worth Calculations

To arrive at a meaningful figure for Calvin Harris’ net worth, it’s necessary to do calculations on taxes, expenses and investment income. Expenses and investments tend to cancel each other out while taxes overpower both. Harris’ Los Angeles residence beefs up his taxes quite a bit because California has the country’s highest state income tax.

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