How to Cancel CBS All Access Without Spending Money

It’s not hard to cancel a CBS All Access pass. Not hard to¬†do, but anyone trying to figure out how to cancel CBS All Access may become very frustrated very fast. CBS makes cancellation easy, but figuring out how to complete that easy task is hidden by several¬†layers of overt salesmanship. Finding the “cancel my subscription” button is a bit counterintuitive, but the good news is that once we know where to look, things get fast and easy.

CBS All Access is the popular network’s plan for streaming its shows online. The service costs $5.99 per month with commercials or $9.99 without. Interest in the plan spikes during football season when cable cutters look for ways to follow their favorite teams. Especially during playoff season, that means a one-and-done viewing of one game, followed by a need to cancel the one-week free trial before charges wind up on a credit card.

How to Cancel CBS All Access

There are a few steps to cancel CBS All Access. We won’t say CBS makes the cancellation process hard on purpose. In fact to those who know where to look, it’s actually quite easy. However, the “cancel my subscription” button is hidden in plain sight. Meanwhile the logical places to look for it all lead to a sales pitch to get viewers to upgrade to the more expensive commercial free plan.

The first step in the cancellation chain is to visit the CBS All Access website and log in to your account. Next, look for the account button in the top blue bar, just to the left of the big yellow “Upgrade to Commercial Free” button. Choose the option for “CBS All Access Account.”

Cancel CBS All Access step 1

Cancel CBS All Access Step 2

Things get a little trickier from here. One might think the cancellation button would be accessible from the “Your Subscription” link, the “Your Account Information” link or the “Your Payment Information” link. One would be wrong. Those helpful buttons all lead to pages with plenty of info but no option to cancel the account. They also each contain a prominent sales pitch to upgrade to the $9.99/month commercial free version of CBS All Access. This is where the wasted time and frustration come in, so ignore them all and instead scroll to the bottom of the page.

Cancel CBS All Access Step 2

Cancel CBS All Access Step 3

At the bottom of the account page is the cancel CBS All Access button. Just click the button to cancel. That may seem like a no-brainer but anyone who’s gone through the process and clicked through all the normal options looking for the cancellation method in vain knows it’s anything but.

Cancel CBS All Access Step 3

The final step in the process is to check the box stating that the user understands the cancellation terms, then click the “Yes, cancel my subscription” button. CBS will then offer 20% off the streaming service, which is a nice way to get a discount to begin with. For those not interested in CBS All Access discounts, the site will then cancel the subscription.

Cancel CBS All Access step 4

Cancel CBS All Access by Phone

Users can cancel CBS All Access by phone at 888-274-5343. It’s quite a bit easier to cancel online using the steps above. That said, for anyone who doesn’t have internet access while the one-week deadline looms, the phone method is a good option.

Cancellation Details for CBS All Access

The CBS All Access terms of cancellation basically state that customers owe money for any unpaid service at the time of the cancellation. There’s a one-week deadline on the free trial. As long as the cancellation process is complete within seven days of signing up, no fees will be charged.

Terms of cancellation CBS all access

Proof the CBS All Access Cancellation Process is Hard

Anyone who’s run into trouble and frustration trying to cancel CBS All Access shouldn’t feel bad. It’s true that once the cancellation method is revealed, the ease of it can make the user feel a bit silly. That said, if it was really easy to do, people would just go straight to the CBS website, log into the account and click “cancel.”

The proof that it’s not as easy as all that is the number of people who are searching for the term. Below is a screenshot of a Google Trends graph that shows interest in the cancellation method is spiking, most probably in response to CBS’s somewhat muddy presentation.

CBS All Access Cancel Search

Having trouble cancelling? Let us know your experience in the comments section below. Also, check out our analysis of Tom Brady’s net worth, or this article on Aaron Rodgers’ net worth.