Aaron Rodgers Net Worth: Looking for the Zone

The Aaron Rodgers net worth total of $62.4 million comes from pre-tax earnings of $117.9 million in NFL salary. Since his rookie year in 2005, the star quarterback has also earned an estimated $28 million in endorsement deal income and $3 million in merchandise royalties. That’s a total of $148.9 million, but taxes call back $70.3 million of that money and expenses take another $22.3 million. Investments add back a likely $6.2 million.

Rodgers is a Super Bowl XLV champion and MVP. He’s a six-time Pro Bowl player and two time NFL MVP. He has the best ratio of touchdowns to interceptions in league history. He also has the lowest interception percentage in the NFL.

Aaron Rodgers Net Worth Facts

Aaron Rodgers net worth
Aaron Rodgers net worth vs Tom Brady net worth4 times smaller
Aaron Rodgers net worth vs Dak Prescott net worth99 times bigger
Aaron Rodgers net worth vs Taylor Swift net worth5 times smaller
Aaron Rodgers net worth vs Chris Brown net worth28% bigger
Aaron Rodgers net worth vs Lil Wayne net worthAbout the same
Aaron Rodgers net worth vs Tiger Woods net worth14 times smaller
Aaron Rodgers net worth vs Kylie Jenner net worth6 times bigger
Aaron Rodgers net worth vs Eminem net worth4 times smaller
Aaron Rodgers net worth vs typical net worth918 times smaller


The Aaron Rodgers net worth sum of $62.4 million is about average for a star quarterback with ten-plus years under his waistband. Tom Brady’s net worth of $209 million is four times bigger than Rodgers’. It’s even bigger than that if we include wife Gisele Bundchen’s net worth in the mix. Rodgers’ net worth is 99 times bigger than star rookie Dak Prescott with just $635,000.

Net Worth Comparisons

Rodgers does fairly well when compared to the field of celebrities at large. Diva Taylor Swift’s net worth of $310 million is five times bigger than Rodgers’, while musician Chris Brown’s net worth is 28% smaller. Rapper Lil Wayne has about the same amount of money as Rodgers. Thanks to a long career and extremely high endorsement pay, golf legend Tiger Woods eclipses Rodgers’ net worth by 14 orders of magnitude with $825 million. Rodgers has six times more money than pro socialite and model Kylie Jenner at $11.9 million. Rapper Eminem has four times more with a fortune of $243 million.

Aaron Rodgers net worth timeline

Aaron Rodgers Net Worth Timeline

Aaron Rodgers net worth 2005
Aaron Rodgers net worth 2007$1,596,197
Aaron Rodgers net worth 2008$6,913,785
Aaron Rodgers net worth 2009$11,060,305
Aaron Rodgers net worth 2011$17,794,788
Aaron Rodgers net worth 2012$22,887,993
Aaron Rodgers net worth 2013$30,086,523
Aaron Rodgers net worth 2014$39,740,137
Aaron Rodgers net worth 2015$50,718,537
Aaron Rodgers net worth 2016$62,421,904


The Aaron Rodgers net worth timeline got a relatively gradual start but has picked up steam in recent years. In 2005 the Packers QB started out with a calculated net worth of $434,125. That’s based on his salary at the time of $1.1 million, less taxes and agent fees. By 2007 he had broken a million in savings, and by 2008 a renegotiated contract saw him hit the who-cares-money with a net worth of $6.9 million. Things picked up speed steadily from there, with gradual increases to contracts. The addition of a few highly lucrative endorsement deals with companies like Nike, Ford and Pizza Hut add fuel to the earnings fire.

Aaron Rodgers Net Worth Sources: Salary, Endorsements, Merchandise

aaron-rodgers-net-worthWhat are the sources of the Aaron Rodgers net worth figure? Mostly salary. With $117.9 million in confirmed NFL salary payments since 2005, 79% of the player’s earnings come from salary. Another 19% comes from endorsement income of $28 million, while merchandise royalties kick in 2% or $3 million.

Subtracting from those numbers are $70 million in taxes, taking fully 47% of Rodgers’ earnings away. Expenses of $22 million account for another 15%.

Rodgers’ has made an average salary from all sources of about $12 million per year, though his 2016 earnings top $26.7 million. Investments add in $6 million, or about 10% of the QB’s total net worth.

As of 12/29/16, Rodgers and the Packers are in good shape heading into the end of the season. Rodgers holds the regular season passing record for most completions ever.

Sources of Aaron Rodgers Net Worth
NFL Salary
Total Aaron Rodgers Earnings$148,917,000
Aaron Rodgers Salary (average)$12,409,750
Aaron Rodgers Salary 2016$26,750,000
Aaron Rodgers Net Worth$62,421,904

Aaron Rodgers Net Worth from NFL Salary: $118 Million Pre-Tax

NFL salary kicks in $117.9 million to the Aaron Rodgers net worth numbers. The player’s rookie contract in 2005 was for five years and $7.7 million. That gave him an average base salary of less than $450,000 a year, though several bonuses drove that up over $1.5 million. In 2008 that contract was tossed out in favor of a fresh one for six years and $63.5 million. That move was likely in deference to Rodgers’ move from backup quarterback to Packers starter. For the duration of the deal, Rodgers enjoyed earnings of $8.5 million to $13.9 million a year. Another renegotiation in 2013 gave Rodgers a five year deal for $110 million. Under that contract, the player started out earning $11.6 million in 2013, but ramped up to $19.2 million by 2016.

Rodgers’ current contract ends in 2020 with a salary of $21.1 million in that year. He’ll be an unsigned free agent again in 2021.

NFL Salary and Aaron Rodgers Net Worth
Estimated Earnings

Aaron Rodgers Net Worth from Endorsements: $28 Million Pre-Tax

Endorsements add an ever-larger annual bump to the Aaron Rodgers net worth figures. Exact numbers for endorsement contracts aren’t traditionally shared with the public. That said, a few educated guesses make a solid ballpark estimate possible. As a backup player for the first two years of his career, it’s unlikely the QB earned much endorsement cash to speak of. Even in the few years that followed it’s hard to find much evidence of high dollar agreements with brands or companies. By 2011 however, Rodgers had signed his first big deal with State Farm insurance. That deal continues today.

2012 added a fat contract with Nike. Though that endorsement deal ended in 2014, Rodgers inked another shoe deal with Adidas the following year. Other agreements with Prevea and Pizza Hut round out the star’s known endorsement partnerships.


Aaron Rodgers Net Worth from Merchandise: $3 Million Pre-Tax

Merchandise sales form a relatively small but still impressive part of the Aaron Rodgers net worth total. The star player has earned an estimated $500,000 a year from royalties on jerseys, mugs and other paraphernalia since 2011. Added up over the years, the total figure comes to $3 million.

Aaron Rodgers Net Worth Calculations

The Aaron Rodgers net worth calculations aren’t complete without adjustments for taxes, expenses and investments. While we don’t have access to Rodgers’ tax forms, we do know his income puts him in the highest U.S. tax bracket of 39.6% and the highest Wisconsin bracket of 7.65%. That gives the player a combined tax rate of 47.25%, which saps $70.3 million from his total wealth since 2005. Expenses are likewise hidden, but a 15% rate is reasonable for combined agent fees, cost of living and other payouts. Investments can be estimated as adding 6% per year to Rodgers’ net worth.

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Aaron Rodgers net worth calculations

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