Carly Fiorina Net Worth

Carly Fiorina’s net worth is $59 million. Our Carly Fiorina net worth figure comes straight from her public disclosure in June of 2015.

Presidential candidates are required to report net worth within a range. However, federal reporting for presidential candidates is so loose it gave Carly Fiorina net worth figures between $30 million and $120 million. That’s a $90 million dollar range for Carly Fiorina net worth.

However, in June, Fiorina’s campaign manager disclosed in a press release that Carly Fiorina net worth was set at $59 million. Though this figure definitely falls within the government’s reported Carly Fiorina net worth range, it pinpoints the candidate’s net worth much more accurately.

The $59 million dollar Carly Fiorina net worth figure includes all property, financial assets and bank accounts. The exact figure released by fiorina is $58,954,494.88. This figure is a joint Frank and Carly Fiorina net worth total with her husband’s net worth added in.

Carly Fiorina Net Worth Facts

Carly Fiorina net worth:$59 million
Carly Fiorina net worth per previous federal disclosure forms:$81 million
Carly Fiorina net worth vs Bernie Sanders net worth:112 times larger
Carly Fiorina net worth vs Hillary Clinton net worth:1.9 times larger
Carly Fiorina net worth vs Barack Obama net worth:18 times larger
Carly Fiorina net worth vs Donald Trump net worth:97 times smaller
Carly Fiorina net worth vs Jeb Bush net worth:2.8 times larger
Carly Fiorina net worth vs Bill and Hillary Clinton net worth combined:1.9 times smaller
Carly Fiorina net worth vs typical American household net worth:868 times larger
Carly Fiorina net worth vs LeBron James net worth:3.6 times smaller
Carly Fiorina net worth vs Bill Gates net worth:1,356 times smaller

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Carly Fiorina Net Worth Comparisons

carly fiorina net worth dataCarly Fiorina’s net worth is $59 million. That’s 1.4 times less than estimates based on her federal net worth reports of $81 million. Carly Fiorina’s net worth is 112 times larger than Bernie Sanders’ net worth of $528,014. Compared to Hillary Clinton’s net worth of $31.2 million, Carly Fiorina’s net worth is 1.9 times larger. Compared to Barack Obama’s net worth of $3.2 million, Carly Fiorina’s net worth is 18 times larger. Compared to Donald Trump’s net worth of $5.7 billion, Carly Fiorina’s net worth is 97 times smaller. Jeb Bush’s net worth of $21 million is 2.8 times smaller than Carly Fiorina’s net worth, while the typical American household has 868 times less wealth than Carly Fiorina’s net worth. Finally, Carly Fiorina’s net worth is 1,356 times smaller than Bill Gates’ $80 billion dollar net worth.

Carly Fiorina Net Worth: The Federal Estimate

carly fiorina net worth factsBefore Fiorina released her exact net worth to the public in June, the best way to figure her total wealth was to analyze her federal disclosure document. From that document, we estimated Carly Fiorina’s net worth at $81 million. That’s a full $22 million above the actual figure.

Based on federal reports, the Carly Fiorina net worth average is $81 million.

All presidential candidates have to declare their net worth by listing each asset and debt in a range of values. Before Fiorina released detailed net worth figures, the only way to determine Carly Fiorina’s net worth was to add up the max and min values for all debts and assets listed and then average them.

In June of 2015, Fiorina’s federal forms reported net worth assets at a minimum of $36 million and a max of $126 million. That gave average Carly Fiorina net worth assets of $81 million. She also reported debts of at least $3 million and at most $10 million. That gave average net worth debt of $6.6 million.

Subtracting debts from assets gave an average Carly Fiorina net worth figure of $75 million. However, presidential candidates don’t have to list their private homes. Fiorina owns a house valued at $6.1 million. Adding this home into our calculations gave a final Carly Fiorina net worth value of $81 million.

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Carly Fiorina Net Worth: A Study in Diversification

carly fiorina net worth estimateWhatever anyone says about Carly Fiorina’s net worth, they can’t say it isn’t diversified. If putting all your eggs in one basket is a bad idea financially speaking, then Fiorina has separated all her eggs into whites and yolks and shell bits and sorted them all into a thousand Tupperware containers. In her federal personal financial disclosure documents, Fiorina lists 891 active assets and about 1,000 assets total. That’s more assets than Donald Trump, though Carly Fiorina’s net worth is only about 1/97th of Donald Trump’s net worth.

Because of her list of 1,000 assets, adding up Carly Fiorina’s net worth from her disclosure documents is a tedious chore at best. Releasing her exact net worth to the public probably saved a lot of bloggers a lot of time and effort figuring out Fiorina’s net worth from scratch.

Carly Fiorina Net Worth Assets

Fiorina lists 891 assets contributing to her net worth. This includes 75 assets worth $0 to $1,000, 467 assets worth $1,001 to $15,000, and 215 assets worth $15,001 to $50,000. Fiorina also lists 51 assets in the $50,001 to $100,000 range, 32 assets in the $100,001 to $250,000 range, and 23 assets worth $250,001 to $500,000. Finally, Carly Fiorina’s net worth contains 14 assets worth $500,001 to $1 million and 14 assets worth $1 million to $5 million. Here’s that same Carly Fiorina net worth asset info in a table:

Asset Range # of Carly Fiorina Assets
$0 to $1,000 75
$1,001 to $15,000 467
$15,001 to $50,000 215
$50,001 to $100,000 51
$100,001 to $250,000 32
$250,001 to $500,000 23
$500,001 to $1,000,000 14
$1,000,001 to $5,000,000 14
Total # of Assets Contributing to Carly Fiorina Net Worth 891

Fiorina also owns at least one house valued at $6.1 million. While that home isn’t listed on Fiorina’s Personal Financial Disclosure forms, it does figure into her announced $59 million dollar Frank and Carly Fiorina net worth amount.

Carly Fiorina Net Worth Debts

carly fiorina net worth assetsFor debts subtracting from Carly Fiorina net worth figures, the candidate lists only potential “capital calls” or other payments on certain of her investments. Fiorina lists eight of these possible debts in her net worth data. Some are valued at less than $1,001 and one at up to $5,000,000. Fiorina’s total net worth debts from these sources are at a minimum of $3.4 million and a max of $9.8 million.

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Carly Fiorina Net Worth: Where Does it Come From?

Career and Carly Fiorina Net Worth
1980 AT&T Management Trainee
1990 Head of AT&T North American Operations
1995 Lucent Technologies, Head of Corporate Operations
1996 Lucent Technologies, President of Consumer Products
1999 Hewlett-Packard CEO
2005 Forced Resignation, Hewlett-Packard
2006 Fiorina Writes Autobiography
2007 Business Commentator, Fox Business Network
2010 Unsuccessful Senate Race

Carly Fiorina’s net worth started building at the young age of 25, when the UCLA law school dropout took a job at AT&T as a management trainee. Ten years later, she became the first female officer at the company when she was made senior vice president in charge of hardware and systems. By the time she was 40 years old, Fiorina was in charge of AT&T’s North American operations. While we couldn’t find her exact salary at that time, the position likely added millions per year to Carly Fiorina’s net worth.

Lucent Technologies and Carly Fiorina’s Net Worth

carly fiorina net worth salaryFrom 1995 through 1999, Carly Fiorina’s net worth grew still more through top positions at AT&T spinoff Lucent Technologies. During that time, Fiorina started out as head of corporate operations and eventually became president of consumer products. The company’s revenue grew from $19 billion to $38 billion under Fiorina’s leadership. Lucent’s stock price grew by an order of ten.

Hewlett-Packard and Carly Fiorina’s Net Worth

In 1999, Fiorina left Lucent Technologies to become CEO of Hewlett-Packard. In that position, she became the first female head of any Fortune 20 company. The move added a $3 million dollar signing bonus to Carly Fiorina’s net worth. It also gave her $65 million in restricted stock, a $1.25 million to $3.75 million dollar annual bonus and a $1 million dollar salary. Fiorina led HP through a mostly successful merger with Compaq. She helmed the tech firm through allegations of selling products to Iran in violation of sanctions. She also presided over the layoffs of 30,000 employees. When she was forced to resign in 2005 in the face of falling stock price and stagnant revenues, a $21 million dollar golden parachute added to Carly Fiorina’s net worth.

Carly Fiorina’s Net Worth After the Corporate Years

carly fiorina net worth candidateIn 2006, Fiorina published her Autobiography, Tough Choices. In 2007 she became a business commentator for the Fox Business Network. She served on the boards of directors of several companies and became chair of charity Good360, an organization that helps companies donate extra inventory to charity. In 2010 she unsuccessfully ran for U.S. Senator in California against Barbara Boxer. She donated over $6 million of her own net worth to her campaign.

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Carly Fiorina Net Worth: What Does it Mean Politically?

carly fiorina net worth factCarly Fiorina’s net worth likely means different things politically depending on what side of the political aisle it’s viewed from. Those on the left will find plenty of fodder for citing the candidate’s net worth as a negative factor. Forced from her position as CEO by the board of directors for stagnant revenue and a plummeting stock price, she left the company with a $21 million dollar golden parachute. This isn’t likely to be viewed as a plus in a political climate where corporate executive greed is disapproved of. This is especially true since Fiorina presided over 30,000 layoffs from the company.

Fiorina left the corporate world in 2005, instead taking up a position as a commentator for Fox News. This could be seen as an admission that she lacks the leadership skill to run a large company, let alone a government.

Those on the political right will find plenty to point to as proof that Fiorina would make a good president. Carly Fiorina’s net worth of $59 million was built largely through corporate successes. She helmed AT&T’s North American Operations and Lucent Technologies’ Consumer Products Division. During her tenure, Lucent’s revenue doubled and its stock price grew to ten times its former size. She was the first woman vice president at AT&T and the first woman to head a Fortune 20 company.


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