How to Find and Buy Cheap Christmas Trees

Planning for the holidays? A major centerpiece of the winter holiday season, your signature Christmas tree can come in a variety of styles, materials, sizes, and prices! Even with so many options, it’s possible to buy cheap Christmas trees for as little as $15.

Fake Cheap Christmas Trees

For many people who are especially frugal and don’t want to buy a new tree year after year, a fake tree may be the way to go. Also called “artificial trees,” these come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. While there is an option to buy your fake trees pre-lit, they can cost $10-20 more than the same tree without lights. It’s much more affordable to buy a regular artificial tree and string it with a couple strands of $3 lights. Lights typically don’t last more than a few years, anyway, so this ensure you can easily replace the lights when they burn out.

Buying cheap Christmas trees

Other trees come with a “real tree smell.” Some people do not like this scent in their home after some time, however, so consider skipping this expensive add-on and buy a scented icicle or pinecone that you can take off when you tire of the smell. The cost savings is significant.

If you are willing to take a little time to “fluff” up your tree, arranging the branches just right, you can get a beautiful result with an artificial tree. Prices usually range from $39 for trees at Walmart to around $45 for a similar product on Amazon.

Real Christmas Trees

For those who just can’t go a holiday season without the smell of real tree (and hundreds of needles on the floor), a genuine, live tree can’t be beat! Most big-box stores, grocers, and home improvement stores will sell trees for around $25 – 90 in the weeks leading up to the holidays. They are usually more affordable that tree farms, but the shelf-life of these trees are generally not as long.

If you are the type to leave your tree up for weeks past Christmas and into the New Year, a tree farm may be the answer for you. These trees are cut the same day as your purchase, ensuring they look good for longer. You’ll pay more, however. Look for bundle deals that allow you to purchase one for you and a friend. You can also visit a tree farm that includes promotions on holiday events so that you can save on the cost of a day out with the family and your tree!

Finally, real trees usually don’t sell out at most locations. That means that pre-cut trees need to go before Santa comes down the chimney. A quick drive around the lots of stores on Christmas Eve will usually find trees marked down to 80% off or more. If you’re patient, it’s easy to bring home a fresh-cut tree for under $15!Live cheap Christmas trees

Real Tree Add-Ons

Real Christmas trees also come with a few added expenses that you should factor into your holiday budget. In addition to a tree stand (which can cost $15-20), you may need to add a tree skirt to your look. Don’t spend on Christmas tree “additives,” however. These concoctions that are designed to be put into the tree water usually do nothing to extend tree life and are a waste of money.

Mini Trees

If you don’t have a lot of room in your home, or need a small table-top tree to adorn a dining room table or entry way, mini trees are the way to go! These adorable trees are usually no more than a foot or two tall, and they can come with a smaller price tag. You can get both artificial and real versions of these trees. Plant the real trees in your yard when the holiday is over; this is an option for many households, depending on climate.

Retailers sell mini trees as novelty items. This may means higher price than their full-sized counterparts. Some designer companies actually mark their mini trees up 2-3x the price of a regular tree! If you are smart, however, you can purchase an artificial mini tree for under $15 dollars from Amazon. Be aware that it may be hard to find just a plain mini tree without included decorations, flocking or lights. If manage to get a no-frills tabletop tree, it may cost you no more than $9!

Buying cheap Christmas trees

Shopping for Cheap Christmas Trees Online

You can usually find a good price online for any type of tree. For real trees from local retailers, it’s wise to sign up for their sales flyer or email newsletters. This will give you access to coupons and offers they will be having for trees. Cheap Christmas trees ordered online are possible for most major retailers. It’s encouraged, however, that you shop early for the best prices. By the end of October, many of the very cheap Christmas trees are sold out, especially those with high ratings from customers year after year.

When opening your tree ordered online, look for any damage, missing pieces, or an inconsistency in the design from what is shown on the box. Packaging and shipping errors happen. Order early to ensure time for a proper return or exchange before the holiday season!