Demi Lovato Net Worth: Why it Can’t Be Stopped

Demi Lovato’s net worth is $88 million. The Demi Lovato net worth total comes from albums, concerts, modeling and acting. Unlike many other stars, Lovato has a steady appeal that keeps her making money when others flash and bust.

Lovato is best known for her hit single Let it Go from the soundtrack to the Disney movie Frozen. The song has over 450 million YouTube views. Lovato’s biggest income source is concerts with $113 million in total earnings. She has also earned about $64 million from endorsements, merchandise and modeling.

Demi Lovato is an incredibly hard working and talented star. From acting to music to business, her success is unstoppable.

Demi Lovato Net Worth Facts

Demi Lovato Net Worth Facts
Demi Lovato net worth$89,468,737
Demi Lovato net worth vs Nicki Minaj net worth16% bigger
Demi Lovato net worth vs Adele net worthTwice as big
Demi Lovato net worth vs Taylor Swift net worth1/3 as big
Demi Lovato net worth vs Rihanna net worth1/3 as big
Demi Lovato net worth vs Beyonce net worth1/4 as big
Demi Lovato net worth vs Avril Lavigne net worthTwice as big
Demi Lovato net worth vs Selena Gomez net worthTwice as big
Demi Lovato net worth vs Hillary Clinton net worth3 times bigger
Demi Lovato net worth vs typical American family net worth1,311 times bigger

The Demi Lovato net worth total is $88 million. That’s 16% bigger than Nicki Minaj’s net worth of $77 million. It’s twice as big as Adele’s net worth of $43 million. When it comes to money, the biggest difference between Adele and Lovato is endorsements, modeling and merchandise. While Adele refuses to push products, Lovato dives in headfirst, making a total of $64 million from brand exposure.

Taylor Swift’s net worth is three times bigger than the Demi Lovato net worth sum. Rihanna has three times more money than Lovato too, while Beyonce has four times more. Demi Lovato is twice as rich as Avril Lavigne and Selena Gomez. She’s three times richer than Hillary Clinton. Finally, the typical American family has 1,311 times less money than Demi Lovato.

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Demi Lovato Net Worth Over Time

The Demi Lovato net worth story started back in 2008. Lovato released her first studio album in that year and had her first hit single. The album was Don’t Forget and it sold an estimated one million copies worldwide. It gave Lovato a bump of $973,000, after paying for production, agent fees and other costs. The single was This is Me, followed closely by Get Back. Together, the singles put another $175,000 in Lovato’s pocket, pushing Lovato’s net worth over a million for the year.

Lovato also starred in the movie Camp Rock in that year. Many multi-talented stars seem to pick one career or the other. Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez both focused more on their higher paying music careers, giving acting a rest. Lovato has pursued several avenues simultaneously. That’s why the Demi Lovato net worth growth rate averages around 68% per year.

Demi Lovato net worth timeline

The big spikes in the Demi Lovato net worth timeline happen in 2009 and 2011. In those years, concert tours doubled or quadrupled the star’s net worth. 2009’s Demi Lovato: Live in Concert pumped an estimated $8.7 million into the star’s net worth. That took her wealth from $3 million to $12 million in a single year. The 2011 tour A Special Night with Demi Lovato earned the singer $40 million. That more than doubled the star’s net worth, taking it from $17 million to $38 million.

Demi Lovato Net Worth Timeline
Demi Lovato net worth 2008$3,026,118
Demi Lovato net worth 2009$11,987,111
Demi Lovato net worth 2010$17,648,452
Demi Lovato net worth 2011$38,603,643
Demi Lovato net worth 2012$45,262,653
Demi Lovato net worth 2013$52,673,432
Demi Lovato net worth 2014$66,476,267
Demi Lovato net worth 2015$81,839,436
Demi Lovato net worth 2016$89,468,737

Demi Lovato Net Worth Sources: Concerts, Endorsements and Modeling

Where does Demi Lovato’s net worth come from? The biggest source is concert tours. Lovato has earned almost $114 million from touring since 2008. The second biggest source is merchandise sales and product endorsements. Pushing products and selling her own makeup and hair extensions has earned the singer $63 million.

Other Demi Lovato net worth sources are YouTube ad revenue with $16 million and music sales with $10 million. Acting and modeling also kick in a few million.

Income Sources Adding to Demi Lovato Net Worth
Income Source:
Demi Lovato Studio Albums$3,715,389
Other Albums$2,917,845
Singles (Demi Lovato as lead artist)$3,363,797
Singles (Demi Lovato as featured artist)$229,845
Demi Lovato concert tour earnings$113,738,500
Demi Lovato YouTube Earnings$19,171,759
Demi Lovato Total Earnings$217,720,660
Average Demi Lovato Salary$24,191,184
Taxes (Demi Lovato is in a 52.92% tax bracket)-$105,420,344
Expenses (15% of income)-$32,658,099
Investment income (6% of Demi Lovato net worth/yr)$9,826,520
Total Demi Lovato Net Worth$89,468,737

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How Music Sales Add to Demi Lovato’s Net Worth

Music sales aren’t the biggest slice of the Demi Lovato net worth pie. That’s pretty common with top music stars these days. Piracy has reduced each star’s take from sales of albums and singles drastically. That said, Lovato still takes in $12 million from sales of her music. That’s $5 million from studio albums, $3 million from EPs, live albums and other albums and $4.5 million from sales of singles.

Demi Lovato Net Worth from Music Sales
Music Sale TypeUnits SoldAddition to Demi Lovato Net Worth
Demi Lovato Studio Albums3,820,000$3,715,389
Other Albums3,000,000$2,917,845
Singles (Demi Lovato as lead artist)19,100,000$3,363,797
Singles (Demi Lovato featured)3,500,000$229,845
Total Music Sales and Demi Lovato Net Worth$10,226,876

Album Sales and Demi Lovato Net Worth

Demi Lovato net worth from album salesAlbum sales account for about $4 million of Demi Lovato’s net worth. After taxes and expenses it’s right around $2 million.

Lovato’s first studio album was 2008’s Don’t Forget. Lovato started work on the album while she was filming the Disney TV movie Camp Rock. The Disney Channel actually discovered Lovato during an open casting call in Dallas, Texas. She later scored her role in Camp Rock after Disney Channel executives heard her sing.

Sales of Lovato’s studio albums have remained remarkably consistent. Many artists start out with a big sale and then sink, or experience spikes and valleys. Lovato’s albums have topped out at right around a million in sales each.

Demi Lovato Net Worth from Studio Albums
Studio AlbumsYearUnit SalesCost Per AlbumDemi Lovato Approx. ShareDemi Lovato Earnings
Don't Forget2008800,000$10.998.85%$778,092
Here We Go Again2009850,000$10.998.85%$826,723

Not listed in the table above are EPs, live albums and soundtrack albums. Together, those have sold about three million copies and added about $3 million to the Demi Lovato net worth figures. Movie soundtracks add another $8 million to the pot.

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Demi Lovato Singles Sales

Singles sales add $3.4 million to Demi Lovato’s net worth. Lovato has released 17 singles as featured artist. She’s been featured in five singles from other bands. She’s sold 19 million copies of her singles since 2008.

Her biggest selling single so far is 2013’s Heart Attack. The song sold more than 200,000 copies in its first week. Reportedly, the single’s cover photo shoot happened right after Lovato broke her leg. The injury happened because her roommate was cleaning and spilled furniture polish on the floor.

Singles Adding to Demi Lovato Net Worth (Lead Artist)
Single TitleYearUnit SalesUnit CostDemi Lovato ShareDemi Lovato Earnings
This is Me (Demi Lovato debut single)2008300,000$1.998.85%$52,835
Give Your Heart a Break20123,300,000$1.998.85%$581,180
Heart Attack (Top selling Demi Lovato single)20133,700,000$1.998.85%$651,626
Let It Go (Demi Lovato's Frozen hit)20131,400,000$1.998.85%$246,561
Other Demi Lovato Singles as Lead2008-20169,000,000$1.998.85%$1,585,035
Total Demi Lovato Net Worth from Singles$3,363,797

Absent from the table above are five singles that include Lovato as a featured artist on work from other musicians. These include songs by The Vamps and Fall Out Boy. Featured singles add another $230,000 to the Demi Lovato net worth sum.

Possibly Lovato’s most well known single is the hit song Let it Go from the movie Frozen. According to Lovato, the song is about Elsa finding her identity. She’s been hiding her true self for her whole life. Now, she lets go of her resistance and embraces who she really is.

Demi Lovato Net Worth from Concert Tours

Demi Lovato Net WorthConcert tours are the biggest contributor to the Demi Lovato net worth number. Lovato has headlined five major concert tours. The first, 2008’s Demi Live! tour, was limited to 17 shows in North America. That tour paid Lovato an estimated $433,500. The tour’s venues were all mid-sized theaters and amusement parks. Each appearance paid about $30,000.

Lovato headlined four world tours in 2009, 2011, 2014 and 2015. The biggest was 2011’s A Special Night with Demi Lovato. That tour had 68 shows around the world, with an average take of around $700,000 each.

Aside from headline tours, Lovato has co-headlined or opened in six major tours from other groups, including the Jonas Brothers, Avril Lavigne and Enrique Iglesias.

Demi Lovato Net Worth from Concert Tours
Demi Lovato Concert ToursYearRevenueDemi Lovato %Demi Lovato Earnings
Demi Live!2008$510,00085%$433,500
Demi Lovato: Live in Concert2009$10,200,00085%$8,670,000
A Special Night with Demi Lovato2011$47,600,00085%$40,460,000
The Neon Lights Tour2014$22,000,00085%$18,700,000
Demi World Tour2015$23,500,00085%$19,975,000
Other Tours (co-headlining or as opening act)2008-2016$30,000,00085%$25,500,000
Total Demi Lovato Net Worth from Concert Tours$113,738,500

Big stars are estimated to add about 85% of a tour’s box office earnings to their net worth.

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YouTube and Demi Lovato’s Net Worth

YouTube adds about $16 million to the Demi Lovato net worth total. Lovato kicked off her Vevo channel in 2009. Since then she has amassed 2.5 billion views. Most YouTubers earn a rate of about $7.60 per 1,000 ad views.

Lovato’s Cool for the Summer video, released in 2015, has over 200 million views. That creates Lovato earnings of about $1.5 million. Other top viewed videos are Heart Attack with 381 million views and Frozen with 460 million views.

YouTube & Demi Lovato Net Worth
ChannelsViews$ per 1,000 viewsDemi Lovato %Demi Lovato Earnings
Demi Lovato Vevo (since 2009)2,967,764,587$7.6085%$19,171,759

Merchandising and Endorsements and Demi Lovato Net Worth

Unlike Adele, Lovato doesn’t shy away from ad money. Merchandise and endorsements add $63 million to the Demi Lovato net worth figures.

Lovato works hard to win endorsement deals. She has deals with Honda, Skechers, Acuvue and Victoria’s Secret. She also has her own product lines like a facial kit and a colored hair extension line. Demi Lovato’s endorsement income is estimated at a total of $40 million and an average of $5 million a year.

Merchandise like tee shirts, hats, hoodies and posters adds another $2.6 million a year. that’s $23 million total. In 2015, Lovato added modeling to her repertoire. She signed on with Wilhelmina Models for the gig. So far her modeling earnings sit at about $1 million total.

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Acting and Demi Lovato’s Net Worth

Demi Lovato Acting and net worthDemi Lovato started acting way back in 2002 as Angela on Barney & Friends. She found work on several TV shows before getting cast as Mitchie Torres in 2008’s Disney Channel movie Camp Rock. She got the lead in that movie after some Disney execs heard her sing.

Since then, Lovato has kept her acting career current, appearing regularly in TV shows and movies. She starred in 46 episodes of Sonny with a Chance, a show about a girl from the Midwest who gets to star in her own TV show. Lovato was also in four episodes of Glee. Most recently, she appeared briefly in the movie Zoolander 2.

Without doing a deep analysis, estimates place Lovato’s earnings from acting at around $3 million. After taxes, that adds just over $1 million to the Demi Lovato net worth total.

Demi Lovato Net Worth Calculations

Lovato has earned $217 million throughout her career, but that doesn’t mean that’s the Demi Lovato net worth number. Subtracting from the star’s wealth are about $105 million in taxes and 32 million in expenses.

The table below shows all the Demi Lovato net worth numbers we’ve compiled. Scroll to see more. Increase the number of rows to see the full spread.

Demi Lovato Net Worth Calculations
YearStudio Album SalesOther AlbumsSingles as LeadSingles FeaturedConcertsActingEndorsementsMerchandiseYouTubeModelingSoundtrack DealsTotal Demi Lovato EarningsTax (59.92%)Expense (.15)NetInvestmentsDemi Lovato Net Worth
Demi Lovato Net Worth Totals$3,715,389$2,917,845$3,363,797$65,670$113,738,500$3,000,000$40,000,000$22,747,700$19,171,759$1,000,000$8,000,000$217,720,660$105,420,344$32,658,099$79,642,217$9,826,520

Demi Lovato Net Worth in the News

Demi Lovato’s net worth will be getting a boost from some new sources. The star recently dropped her Stone Cold video. The video already has  26 million YouTube views. That means another $200,000 for Lovato. She also announced on 4/4/16 that she’ll be singing a song in the upcoming Angry Birds movie. See the tweet from 4/4/16 below. Finally, on April 6th Lovato tweeted that she’s been working on a new song and can hear the fully mastered final mix in her head, even though it’s not recorded yet.