How Much Money Does Canelo Alvarez Make?

Canelo Alvarez made $6 million for his 5/7/11 win over Amir Khan. The money comes from a $3.5 million purse plus $3 per PPV buy for an estimated 1 million buys.

Alvarez made $7 million for his unanimous decision win over Miguel Cotto. The Mexican pro boxer’s earnings for the night include a $5 million dollar purse and estimated $2 million in Pay-Per-View money. Alvarez also landed about $1.5 million in 2015 endorsement deals, bringing his annual earnings to $8.5 million.

Because of fees and high taxes from his Mexican citizenship, Canelo probably took home about $1.9 million of the money from the fight.

According to an article in the Christian Post, Oscar De La Hoya, head of Golden Boy Promotions, says he’d like to see a rematch between Canelo Alvarez and Floyd Mayweather Jr.  Canelo’s only loss was to Mayweather in 2013. How much would Alvarez earn in a rematch? Such a rematch would likely be the fighter’s biggest payout yet, with earnings of over $10 million. As of 12/8/15, Alvarez’s next fight may well be with WBA middleweight champ Danny Jacobs. Jacobs’ promoter is pushing such a match up.

Canelo Alvarez Fight Purses and Earnings

Canelo Alvarez Earnings CottoCanelo Alvarez kicked off his professional boxing career in 2005 at age 15. Since then, he’s been in 48 major bouts, earning a career total of $40 million dollars. The lion’s share of that money was eaten up by Mexican federal taxes, living expenses, business expenses and fees.

In the past four years, Alvarez has been in ten major fights. The boxer’s most recent match against Miguel Cotto brought him an estimated $5 million purse and another $2 million through an 80/20 profit sharing deal with promoter Golden Boy Promotions. Alvarez’s only loss in those ten fights was to Floyd Mayweather, Jr. For that fight, Canelo Alvarez made $5 million in prize money and an estimated $4.3 million in PPV money.

Canelo Alvarez Purse
PPV buys
Cost Per Buy
Canelo Alvarez PPV Earnings
Total Alvarez Earnings
4/7/2016Canelo Alvarez vs Amir KhanWin$3,500,0001,000,000$60$3,000,000$6,500,000
11/21/2015Canelo Alvarez vs Miguel CottoWin$5,000,000750,000$70$2,098,500$7,098,500
5/9/2015Canelo Alvarez vs James KirklandWin$3,500,000Non-PPV eventNon-PPV eventNon-PPV event$3,500,000
7/12/2014Canelo Alvarez vs Erislandy LaraWin$3,000,000350,000$49.99$699,860$3,699,860
3/8/2014Canelo Alvarez vs Alfredo AnguloWin$1,150,000350,000$49.99$699,860$1,849,860
9/14/2013Canelo Alvarez vs Floyd Mayweather, Jr.Loss$5,000,0002,200,000$49.99$4,399,120$9,399,120
4/20/2013Canelo Alvarez vs Austin TroutWin$1,000,000Non-PPV eventNon-PPV eventNon-PPV event$1,000,000
9/15/2012Canelo Alvarez vs Josesito LópezWin$2,000,000300,000$45$540,000$2,540,000
5/5/2012Canelo Alvarez vs Shane MosleyWin$2,000,000300,000$45$540,000$2,540,000
11/26/2011Canelo Alvarez vs Kermit CintrónWin$1,000,000200,000$40$320,000$1,320,000
9/17/2011Canelo Alvarez vs Alfonso GómezWin$800,000Non-PPV eventNon-PPV eventNon-PPV event$800,000
Total Canelo Alvarez Earnings$27,950,000$12,297,340$40,247,340

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Canelo Alvarez vs Miguel Cotto Purse

Canelo Alvarez Money vs Cotto Canelo Alvarez took in $7 million in earnings for November 21’s fight with Miguel Cotto. Alvarez won the fight by unanimous decision, giving him a $5 million dollar purse according to the Nevada State Athletics Commission (NSAC). The fighter also has a deal with promoter Golden Boy for 20% of profits. It’s difficult to get exact figures for those profit numbers. At an educated guess, Golden Boy gets 25% of total PPV money and Showtime keeps 75%. With total PPV buys of 750,000 and a cost per buy of $70, we can figure Canelo’s PPV earnings at $2.09 million. That gives an Alvarez total of $7 million for the night.

By contrast, Cotto took in $15 million in prize money for the fight, plus an approximate $2 million in PPV dollars for a total of $17 million for the night. Not bad for losing.

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Canelo Alvarez Net Worth

Canleo Alvarez Earnings vs CottoCanelo Alvarez’s net worth is $11 million dollars.

Since entering the world of pro boxing in 2005, Alvarez has distinguished himself, winning all but one of his 48 major fights. We don’t have exact numbers on the fighter’s earnings from 2005 through 2010. However, it’s a safe bet Alvarez earned just enough to pay expenses in those years. By 2011 however, things had begun to change. In that year, Alvarez began to take home upwards of $300,000 per fight in prize money.

Between September of 2011 and November 2015, Alvarez earned an estimated total of $24 million in prize money for ten fights. He took another $9 million through his 80/20 profit sharing deal with promoter Golden Boy. Adding approximate endorsement deals of $4 million give an earnings total of nearly $38 million for ten years.

Canelo Alvarez: Earnings and Taxes

Why isn’t Alvarez’s net worth a lot higher if he’s earned so much money? Taxes and fees. According to the NSAC, though Alvarez made $2.5 million for his 2012 fight with Shane Mosley, he only took home $678,805. That’s because fees and high Mexican tax rates chomped down a champion-sized 73% of the fighter’s winnings. Applying that same percentage to Canelo’s other fights, the fighter would only keep about $10 million all together. Adding in probable investment income of a reasonable 6% per year would bring that figure to $11 million total. Hence our $11 million dollar net worth sum for Canelo Alvarez.