Johnny Depp Net Worth

The Johnny Depp net worth figure of $163.8 million could take a huge hit after his divorce from Amber Heard, even though she’s not seeking alimony from the actor. Most online sources put Depp’s net worth at $400 million, but a deep MoneyNation analysis shows the true figure closer to $164 million. By our analysis, Depp has earned $364 million from acting, $26 million from producing, $10 million from endorsements and $5 million from appearances on various talk shows and TV shows. That gives him total lifetime earnings of nearly $407 million, but it doesn’t take into account taxes and expenses, which subtract $276 million all together. Investments add back an estimated $33 million, leading to the final Johnny Depp net worth total of $164 million. The tables below give the full breakdown in terms of acting payouts and earnings from other sources, as well as all adjustments.

Johnny Depp Net Worth Facts

Johnny Depp Net Worth Facts
Johnny Depp net worth$163,817,319
Johnny Depp net worth vs Brad Pitt net worth$240,000,000
Johnny Depp net worth vs Leonardo DiCaprio net worth$217,000,000
Johnny Depp net worth vs Matt Damon net worth$115,000,000
Johnny Depp net worth vs Harrison Ford net worth$210,000,000
Johnny Depp net worth vs Shia LaBeouf net worth$25,000,000
Johnny Depp net worth vs Keanu Reeves net worth$350,000,000
Johnny Depp net worth vs Ashton Kutcher net worth$140,000,000
Johnny Depp net worth vs Hillary Clinton net worth$32,000,000
Johnny Depp net worth vs typical American family net worth$68,000

Johnny Depp net worthThe Johnny Depp net worth number of $164 million is 31% smaller than Brad Pitt’s net worth of $240 million and 24% smaller than Leonardo DiCaprio’s net worth of $217 million. In the case of of Brad Pitt, that actor has a much more successful movie production career and in the case of DiCaprio, a more robust endorsement income accounts for Depp’s shortfall. Depp’s net worth is 42% bigger than Matt Damon’s net worth of $115 million and seven times bigger than Shia LaBeouf’s net worth of $25 million. The Harrison Ford fortune of $210 million is 22% bigger than the Johnny Depp net worth amount. Keanu Reeves is reported to have $350 million, though that seems doubtful. If it were true, the star would have twice as much money as Johnny Depp. Finally, Depp has 17% more wealth than Ashton Kutcher at $140 million and 5 times more than Hillary Clinton at $32 million. When stacked up against the typical American, Depp does quite well with 2,409 times the savings of most U.S. households at just $68,000.

The biggest reason the spotlight is on the Johnny Depp net worth story right now is the star’s impending divorce from Amber Heard. Heard initially sought spousal support but then revoked that filing under heavy criticism that she was just a gold digger. It doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll walk away from the marriage without taking a piece of Depp’s wealth with her. Spousal support can add up to a lot of money but the distribution of assets is totally separate.

Johnny Depp Net Worth Timeline

Johnny Depp Net Worth Timeline

Johnny Depp Net Worth by Year
Johnny Depp net worth 1984$50,565
Johnny Depp net worth 1990$963,890
Johnny Depp net worth 1991$1,186,070
Johnny Depp net worth 2002$4,783,931
Johnny Depp net worth 2003$25,405,302
Johnny Depp net worth 2004$28,137,320
Johnny Depp net worth 2005$31,716,843
Johnny Depp net worth 2006$52,736,192
Johnny Depp net worth 2007$75,414,451
Johnny Depp net worth 2008$77,602,985
Johnny Depp net worth 2009$81,918,236
Johnny Depp net worth 2010$88,799,190
Johnny Depp net worth 2011$117,464,900
Johnny Depp net worth 2012$125,456,003
Johnny Depp net worth 2013$134,069,755
Johnny Depp net worth 2014$145,875,233
Johnny Depp net worth 2015$155,472,752
Johnny Depp net worth 2016$163,817,319

The sudden surge in the chart above shows how the massive success of Pirates of the Caribbean influenced the Johnny Depp net worth timeline. The first Pirates movie hit in 2003 like a tropical-themed money bomb. Other installments can be seen in subsequent sharp upward lurches in the green line on the chart. Depp’s rise to riches is almost a textbook example of what can happen to a good actor. They toil away for decades, earning good money but nothing shocking, then they hit a huge success. Usually that takes the form of a gigantic blockbuster that pays them some percentage of the box office take, as in Depp’s case. Had the Pirates franchise never happened, Depp still would have gone down in movie history as a great actor and a rich man, but it’s thanks to his alter ego Captain Jack Sparrow that he has so much money he probably doesn’t know what to do with it. Will the upward trending line take a nosedive after his divorce is finalized? Almost certainly, as it’s rare for a divorce to leave anybody’s finances untouched.

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Johnny Depp Net Worth Sources: Acting, Producing, Endorsements and Appearances

Johnny Depp net worth endorsementsUnfortunately, there’s a fair bit of estimating in any Johnny Depp net worth article. The trick is to get those estimates as close as possible to reality. Depp is a public figure but his finances are private. The straight dope is that nobody really knows Depp’s net worth except Depp himself and maybe his wife, his lawyers and his accountants. Luckily, much of what the actor has done to earn money is public, so it’s possible to build a fairly solid picture of his true net worth. Depp has logged 79 acting roles during the course of his career with the vast majority of those being movies. A close look at each role’s most probable payout returns total earnings of $371 million from that Depp income source. For the full list of all Depp’s roles and payout estimates, see the table at the bottom of this post. Other Johnny Depp net worth income sources include $26.6 million from producing, $10 million from endorsements and $5 million from appearances. The table below has Depp salary info and a picture of how it all shakes out.

Johnny Depp Net Worth Sources
Total Johnny Depp Earnings$406,886,203
Johnny Depp Salary (average)$12,329,885
Johnny Depp Salary 2016$12,308,121
Johnny Depp Net Worth$163,817,319

Johnny Depp Net Worth from Acting

Johnny Depp net worth actingBy our deep analysis, acting has contributed $371 million to the Johnny Depp net worth  $371 amount. We analyzed Depp’s acting income by building a calculation for each movie and TV role. At the beginning of his career we applied a fairly standard Screen Actor’s Guild day rate to Depp’s roles. As his fame began to build in the late 80’s and early 90’s with hits like Platoon and Edward Scissorhands, we estimated his percentage of the box office take per film increased from half a percent to .75%. Based on a growing per-film talent fee plus the box office take of each movie, Depp earned $1.06 million from Platoon in 1986, $1.67 million from 1999’s Sleepy Hollow and $1.07 million from Blow in 2001. Those films grossed $138 million, $101 million and $53 million respectively. The first Pirates movie in 2003 grossed $305 million. The second in 2006 took in $423 million and the third in 2007 earned $309 million. The fourth in 2011 had a box office take of $241 million. Depp is reported to have earned over $60 million per film. Not only did those movies kick in big numbers to the Johnny Depp net worth math, they also likely upped Depp’s per-film up-front fee and boosted his ability to negotiate a larger cut of the profits.

Johnny Depp Net Worth from Producing

Depp wears hats other than his pirate tricorne. One of these, producing, adds another $26 million to the Johnny Depp net worth figure. Depp has produced five movies and a couple of TV shows. Unfortunately for him, none of them were major box office hits or his net worth may well have been as high by now as many in the media are saying. The Rum Diary grossed only $23 million worldwide. The Lone Ranger, a major tentpole release, grossed $260 million worldwide, which seems huge until we consider its $215 million budget and its ad budget that likely ate up the rest of the film’s profits.

Johnny Depp Net Worth from Producing
YearJohnny Depp Producing ProjectProject TypeEstimated Earnings
1993StuffTV Short - Director$30,000
1997The BraveMovie - Director$150,000
2011The Rum DiaryMovie - Producer$1,310,982
2011HugoMovie - Producer$7,386,451
2012Dark ShadowsMovie - Producer$7,972,715
2013The Lone RangerMovie - Executive Producer$8,930,212
2014LaDonna Harris: Indian 101Documentary - Executive Producer$50,000
2015MortdecaiMovie - Producer$769,613
2016Untitled Keith Richards DocumentaryDocumentary - Director$50,000
Total Johnny Depp Net Worth from Producing$26,649,972

Johnny Depp Net Worth from Endorsements and Appearances

Endorsements add another $10 million to the Johnny Depp net worth sum, while appearances add another $5 million. Depp isn’t a heavy hitter in the endorsement game. A search for his endorsement deals won’t turn up many hits, while a YouTube hunt for his commercials won’t unearth many of those either. The one exception seems to be his deal with Dior to advertise their Sauvage fragrance. Depp has 234 credits for appearances on talk shows and other TV shows, and many of those credits represent multiple appearances on different episodes of the same program. Based on those figures, we conservatively estimate $5 million in income for Depp from his inclusions in those shows.

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Johnny Depp Net Worth Calculations

The biggest place where most of the Johnny Depp net worth articles online fall down is probably in tax calculations. While it’s true that Depp has almost certainly earned over $400 million in his lifetime, it’s highly doubtful he’s been able to hold onto even half of that. The government’s bite comes to 52.9% or $215 million. That’s 39.6% of Depp’s income every year for federal taxes and another 13.3% for California State taxes. Expenses for staff, agent fees, cost of living and so on likely take another 15% or $61 million, though investments add back a conservatively figured $33 million. The combined adjustments since 2002 are shown in the table below.

Johnny Depp Net Worth Calculations
YearJohnny Depp Total EarningsAdjustments (Tax, Expense, Investment)Johnny Depp Net Worth
Johnny Depp Net Worth Totals$406,886,203-$215,242,801$163,817,319

If you liked reading about Johnny Depp’ net worth, try this post about Matt Damon’s net worth or this article about Leonardo DiCaprio’s net worth. All Johnny Depp net worth data in this article are based on our analysis of income streams, tax, expense and investment calculations, estimates and media reports and are provided here for entertainment purposes only.

Full List of Johnny Depp Net Worth Acting Payouts

Johnny Depp Net Worth from Acting
YearMovie / TVRoleEstimated Earnings
1984A Nightmare on Elm StreetMovie$157,523
1985Dummies Short$5,000
1985Lady Blue TV Series$5,000
1985Private ResortMovie$30,169
1986R.P.G. Short$5,000
1986Slow Burn TV Movie$30,000
1987Hotel TV Series$5,000
1987-199021 Jump Street TV Series$410,000
1988R.P.G. II Short$5,000
1990Edward ScissorhandsMovie$643,624
1991Freddy's Dead: The Final NightmareMovie$428,720
1992Arizona DreamMovie$81,125
1993Benny & JoonMovie$312,616
1993What's Eating Gilbert GrapeMovie$180,328
1994Don Juan DeMarcoMovie$301,505
1994Ed WoodMovie$138,875
1995Dead ManMovie$90,378
1995Nick of TimeMovie$161,753
1997Donnie BrascoMovie$499,098
1997The BraveMovie$80,000
1998Fear and Loathing in Las VegasMovie$186,803
1999Sleepy HollowMovie$1,666,073
1999The Astronaut's WifeMovie$310,088
1999The Ninth GateMovie$429,920
1999The Vicar of Dibley TV Series$5,000
2000Before Night FallsMovie$150,000
2000The Fast Show TV Series$5,000
2000The Man Who CriedMovie$150,000
2001From HellMovie$703,045
2003Blooper Reel Video short$5,000
2003Once Upon a Time in MexicoMovie$1,136,296
2003Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black PearlMovie$62,500,000
2004...And They Lived Happily Ever AfterMovie$1,000,000
2004Finding NeverlandMovie$2,033,612
2004King of the Hill TV Series$5,000
2004Secret WindowMovie$1,960,458
2004The LibertineMovie$1,096,701
2005Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryMovie$6,161,477
2005Corpse BrideMovie$2,333,978
2006Bloopers of the Caribbean Video short$5,000
2006Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's ChestMovie$62,500,000
2006Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow Video Game$5,000
2007Bloopers of the Caribbean Video short$5,000
2007Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's EndMovie$62,500,000
2007Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet StreetMovie$3,322,452
2009Public EnemiesMovie$4,427,616
2009SpongeBob SquarePants TV Series$5,000
2009The Imaginarium of Doctor ParnassusMovie$2,000,000
2010The TouristMovie$3,690,779
2010Alice in WonderlandMovie$10,354,778
2011Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game Video Game$5,000
2011Life's Too Short TV Series$5,000
2011Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger TidesMovie$62,500,000
2011The Rum DiaryMovie$2,393,294
2011Jack and JillMovie$2,000,000
201221 Jump StreetMovie$2,000,000
2012Dark ShadowsMovie$4,391,814
2012Family Guy TV Series$5,000
2012Paul McCartney: My Valentine Video short$5,000
2013Lucky ThemMovie$2,001,453
2013The Lone RangerMovie$4,679,063
2014Into the WoodsMovie$20,000,000
2015Black MassMovie$3,877,270
2016Alice Through the Looking GlassMovie$4,079,549
2016Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal: The Movie TV Movie$2,000,000
2016London Fields Movie$2,000,000
2016Yoga HosersMovie$2,000,000
2016The LibertineMovie$2,000,000
2017Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Movie$2,000,000
2018Gnomeo & Juliet: Sherlock Gnomes Movie$2,000,000
2018The Invisible Man Movie$2,000,000
Total Johnny Depp Net Worth from Acting$371,236,231