Matt Ryan Net Worth Could Rise After Super Bowl

The Matt Ryan net worth total of $66 million comes from $126 million in NFL salary before taxes plus $16 million in endorsement deals with brands like XFinity and Sports Center. Ryan has also earned an estimated $4.5 million from merchandise royalties. That makes total earnings of $146 million, though taxes and expenses call back nearly $89 million of that.

The 31 year-old Ryan led his Boston College team to three bowl victories. The Atlanta Falcons chose him as the third overall draft pick in 2008. That year he also earned distinction as NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Matt Ryan Net Worth Facts

Matt Ryan net worth
Matt Ryan net worth vs Tom Brady net worth4 times smaller
Matt Ryan net worth vs Peyton Manning net worth3 times smaller
Matt Ryan net worth vs LeBron James net worth5 times smaller
Matt Ryan net worth vs Stephen Curry net worthTwice as big
Matt Ryan net worth vs Kanye West net worth15% smaller
Matt Ryan net worth vs Justin Bieber net worth4 times smaller
Matt Ryan net worth vs Floyd Mayweather net worth7 times smaller
Matt Ryan net worth vs Chris Brown net worth35% bigger
Matt Ryan net worth vs typical net worth970 times bigger


The Matt Ryan net worth sum of $66 million is slightly lower than it could be, thanks to a less-than-aggressive endorsement deal strategy. Many NFL quarterbacks playing at his level have deals worth anywhere from $10 million to $15 million per year with companies like Nike, Under Armour and Toyota. Ryan however seems to have largely left that earnings source behind. That’s not a slight against him since it could just as easily be seen as evidence of placing his focus on what matters most.

Tom Brady’s net worth of $209 million is four times the size of Ryan’s despite Ryan’s salary nearly doubling Brady’s. The difference results from Brady’s eight extra years in the league and more robust endorsement deal package. Retired NFL legend Peyton Manning’s net worth of $191 million is three times the size of Ryan’s while NBA star LeBron James has five times more money with $411 million.

Outside the wide world of sports, troubled rapper Kanye West has a net worth 15% bigger than Ryan’s at $78 million. Singer Justin Bieber has four times more with $244 million. Finally, Ryan’s net worth is 970 times the size of the typical American family’s net worth of just $68,000.

Matt Ryan Net Worth Timeline

Matt Ryan Net Worth Timeline

Matt Ryan net worth 2008
Matt Ryan net worth 2009$6,782,877
Matt Ryan net worth 2011$18,231,857
Matt Ryan net worth 2012$25,524,944
Matt Ryan net worth 2013$31,519,479
Matt Ryan net worth 2014$40,822,274
Matt Ryan net worth 2015$51,216,713
Matt Ryan net worth 2016$63,821,927


The green line in the Matt Ryan net worth timeline shown above cuts a smooth and steady rise since 2008. The dip at the end is only because as of this writing, 2017 has just begun. Ryan made a fat NFL salary right out of the box, earning far more in his rookie year than most players make much later in their careers.

Ryan got on the fast-track to riches in large part because he earned the honor of the starting QB position in September of his rookie year. That’s the first time any rookie quarterback has started for the Falcons since Michael Vick did it in 2001.

Ryan did not disappoint that well-placed trust, playing in four Pro Bowls and taking his team to an NFC Championship in 2016. Super Bowl LI will mark the first time the Falcons have played in a Super Bowl since Ryan took the helm. Though the team is up against the legendary New England Patriots, the Falcons look unstoppable, with many comparing Ryan to a 2007 version of Tom Brady.

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Matt Ryan Net Worth Sources: Salary, Endorsements

Matt Ryan Net WorthThe sources of the Matt Ryan net worth figure are pretty straightforward. Ryan has earned the lion’s share of his money from his NFL salary. The star QB has pulled down a grand total of $125.8 million pre-tax since his rookie year of 2008. He has never earned less than $6.6 million from his Falcons salary in that time. His current salary sits at $23.7 million in 2016, making him one of the highest-paid players in the league.

Ryan has two secondary income streams: endorsement deals and merchandise royalties. The quarterback doesn’t aggressively pursue endorsement contracts with big name companies like Reebok and Walmart like many of his peers do. As such he hasn’t earned the tens of millions commanded by stars like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. He has no black marks in his past to prevent him from getting those deals like Packers QB Ben Roethlisberger does. Rather, Ryan just seems to avoid them out of choice. Even so, he has earned an estimated $16 million from endorsements over the years. He socks away another $4.5 million pre-tax from merchandise royalties for sales of jerseys and other branded products.

NFL Salary
Total Matt Ryan Earnings$146,350,000
Matt Ryan Salary (average)$16,261,111
Matt Ryan Salary 2016$27,750,000
Matt Ryan Net Worth$63,821,927

Matt Ryan Net Worth from NFL Salary: $126 Million Pre-Tax

Matt Ryan Touchdown PassThe Matt Ryan net worth number benefits from $125.8 million in NFL salary before taxes and expenses. Ryan has had two contracts since 2008. the first was a six-year deal for $67.5 million. That’s an extremely sweet deal for a rookie, but Ryan’s college record showed him to have solid skills worth that level of pay. In fact his base salary during his rookie year was just $295,000. That’s about par for the course. However, when the Falcons named him their starting QB just a few days into the regular season that year, a $6.3 million roster bonus kicked in, driving his salary up into the range of a seasoned veteran.

Ryan’s salary gradually increased to $13.5 million by 2012. At that time he renegotiated his contract, inking a deal for five years and $103.7 million. That agreement only paid him $9.6 million his first year, though that number rose sharply to $17.5 million just one year later in 2014. Matt Ryan’s salary has since climbed to $23.7 million. By his current contract it’ll stay at that level until Ryan becomes a free agent in 2019. However, with his performance in the 2016 regular season and playoffs and a more-than-possible Super Bowl win in the offing, that contract will almost certainly see renegotiation before the 2017 pre-season starts.

Salary and Matt Ryan Net Worth

Ryan Salary

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Matt Ryan Net Worth from Endorsement Deals: $16 Million Pre-Tax

Endorsements kick in surprisingly little to the Matt Ryan net worth total. Many sports stars in Ryan’s class earn nearly as much from endorsements as they do from their regular salary. LeBron James has a deal with Nike with a reported value of over ten million per year. Tiger Woods earned an estimated $50 million in 2014 from endorsements alone. Ryan by contrast earns a more modest estimated $3 million a year. A search for his endorsement deals yields only a few, among them a deal with XFinity and another with Sports Center.

In some cases it’s obvious why a celebrity sees little endorsement income. The Packers’ Ben Roethlisberger has a past sullied by accusations of sexual assault. Criminal convictions plague other stars like Floyd Mayweather and Chris Brown. But Matt Ryan’s slate is as clean as a newly-Gatoraded coach. It appears that Ryan’s focus is on playing the game, and there’s no shame in that.

What a Super Bowl Win Means for Matt Ryan’s Net Worth

A Super Bowl win in early 2017 could mean a boost to the Matt Ryan net worth sum in the future. Winning the Super Bowl has traditionally meant a boost to a player’s earnings, especially when that player is a quarterback or a valuable receiver.

With Ryan’s salary already in the top ten in the league, he doesn’t have much further to climb. That said, a win in the big game could keep his salary pinned to the ceiling for many years to come. A win would also mean the big brands would hammer on Ryan’s door with endorsement deals. Whether Ryan would accept those proposals is another question altogether.

Matt Ryan Net Worth Calculations

Taxes, expenses and investments figure heavily in the Matt Ryan net worth calculations. As a resident of Georgia, Ryan pays the state’s top 6% income tax rate, along with the highest U.S. tax bracket of 39.6%. He also pays out for agent fees and cost of living. Ryan’s expenses are estimated at 15% of all income per year. The player also earns a probable average of 6% on his net worth annually. For the detail oriented, all of the quarterback’s earnings and adjustments data and estimates are shown in the table below. (Click to enlarge.)

Matt Ryan Net Worth Calculations

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