Money Nation’s 5 Best Big Bank Blogs!

Who better to give you advice on how to handle your money than the people who – well – handle your money? Below are our picks for the five top bank blogs. Banks with the best blogs include Capital One, Wells Fargo, US Bank, Bank of America and Chase Bank.

1. Capital One Bank Blogs

Capital One’s bank blogs top our list because the bank has not one but two great blogs: a consumer blog and a business blog.

The Capital One Spark Business IQ Bank Blog

Capital One’s Spark Business IQ bank blog is the real reason we gave them the #1 slot on our list. This is a cleverly conceived online magazine style blog packed with mind-catching, well thought out articles that a business owner can get lost in, finding hundreds of little sparks of inspiration. There are video case studies on successful business owners best bank blogs capital one businessthat provide excellent benchmarking and idea forming tools. There are piles of other articles and videos on anything from business opportunities in the legalization of marijuana to how small business owners can achieve a good work/life balance to the future of women in business to how to use social media more effectively.

Just a quick browse through this bank blog makes it clear that this isn’t an also-ran idea where someone’s boss said, “Oh and we need a blog so put some articles together.” This is clearly a dedicated blog where the bank actually hired a team of writers and editors for the express purpose of producing a continual stream of helpful and inspiring information for those steeped in the business world. The Spark Business IQ bank blog can be found online here.

The Capital One Consumer Bank Blog

best bank blogs capital oneNot as in-depth as their business blog, Capital One’s consumer bank blog is still chock full of great personal finance articles on topics ranging from money basics to identity fraud. Other topics include understanding saving and investing, credit and loans, life events, small business resources and more.

Their “savings and investing” topic has several helpful articles on how to start saving, how much is enough, short and long term goals and how to create a savings plan, as well as an article with 10 handy savings tips. Then there are articles on how compound interest works, how investing works, and different types of investment accounts like 401Ks and IRAs.

Each topic contains a similar wealth of articles on subjects from saving for college to student loans, housing, marriage, living on a fixed income, starting a business and bookkeeping and so on. The blog isn’t exhaustive and it’s a little selly at times, but this bank blog is still a practical online personal finance 101. Access Capital One’s consumer bank blog here.

2. The Wells Fargo Bank Blog

top bank blogs wells fargoThe Wells Fargo bank blog is all about personal finance. From a trip through the blog’s articles and archives, it looks like Wells Fargo took a unique approach to generating interesting content. They seem to have tasked a different employee each day or so with coming up with a helpful personal finance article and then posting it on the blog. Since the bank has over 250,000 employees, it’s not a bad way to ensure an endless stream of interesting content.

The blog has posted a new personal finance article every day or so since October of 2012, so it’s jam packed with useful articles. Interesting titles include “Six Tips to Teach Your Children How to Save,” “College Cost by Degree,” “Women in Technology” and “What to do if You Have Trouble Paying Your Mortgage.” The articles are well written, in depth and quite helpful. Access the Wells Fargo bank blog here.

3. The Chase Bank Blog

best bank blogs chase bankJ.P. Morgan Chase is America’s largest bank. Its bank blog is a relatively short list of 40 articles and videos that are nonetheless helpful, intriguing and in some cases quirky. There’s an article on the top vacation spots for a pet-friendly getaway that features an image of a contented looking Jack Russell terrier leaning on a balcony railing overlooking a quaint European street. There’s an article on pop star’s effort to transform a community through an education-boosting project. There are also more practical articles on budgeting tips, how to make the most of your cash and how to break through your reasons for not saving.

Though the list of articles could be longer, it’s evident that the minds behind the Chase bank blog were interested in two things: providing solid financial advice and having as much fun with it as they could. The fun passes along to readers.

Access the Chase bank blog here.

4. Bank of America’s Consumer Bank Blog

best bank blogs bank of americaBank of America’s consumer bank blog is a loose collection of solid personal finance articles accessed from the “learning” tab on the bank’s home page. Topics include budgeting and saving, understanding your finances, managing your bank accounts, managing credit, home buying, retirement planning and privacy & security. There’s also a section called “Better Money Habits” with some handy tools, articles and videos that can help consumers build better money habits.

Highlights include an article on how to finance a car, an online calculator for figuring how much house you can afford, an article on how credit scores are calculated, an article on how to create a savings plan and a video on how to estimate your federal tax bill.

The articles, videos and calculators here are well put together and very useful. The list could be longer, but the blog is well-presented and should give consumers a decent personal finance overview. Consumers can access the bank blog by visiting Bank of America’s website and then clicking on the “learning” tab.

5. The US Bank Connect Small Business Bank Blog

best bank blogs us bankThe US Bank Connect bank blog is a small business blog with some personal finance articles thrown into the mix. It has topics like money, business, marketing and technology.

A sampling of article titles includes “Bigger isn’t Always Better,” “Turning Your Business Into a Work of Art,” “It’s Never too Early to Start Planning for Retirement” and “What’s the Best Business Advice You’ve Ever Received?” The articles are well written and well conceived and should provide some handy tips to anyone running a small business. Click to US Bank’s business bank blog here.

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