Neymar Net Worth: The Olympics Can’t Touch It

As of 8/15/16 the Neymar net worth number of $120.7 million won’t change much either way as a result of Olympic gold or failure. Endorsements are another story. Most Olympians don’t make much money at all for winning a gold medal. A few thousand dollars seems to be the norm. That said, an Olympic superstar like Michael Phelps can see a net worth boost amounting to tens of millions per year from the accompanying worldwide notoriety. So far Neymar’s Olympic performance looks to be more of a hurt than a help. On 8/4/16 Brazil followed him to a 0-0 tie against South Africa and were reportedly booed off the field. Either way, the star footballer has already earned nearly $277 million over his career. $67 million of that comes from salary, $95 million from a transfer fee in 2013 and $114 million from endorsement deals. Taxes take away a $124.5 million chunk of that and expenses cry foul on another $41.5 million.

Neymar Net Worth Facts

Neymar Net Worth Facts
Neymar net worth$120,758,303
Neymar net worth vs Cristiano Ronaldo net worth28% smaller
Neymar net worth vs Manuel Neuer net worthTwice as big
Neymar net worth vs Michael Phelps net worthThree times bigger
Neymar net worth vs Floyd Mayweather net worth1/3rd as big
Neymar net worth vs Taylor Swift net worth1/3rd as big
Neymar net worth vs Tom Brady net worth30% smaller
Neymar net worth vs Donald Trump net worth1/49th as big
Neymar net worth vs Hillary Clinton net worth4 times bigger
Neymar net worth vs typical American family net worth1,776 times bigger

The Neymar net worth sum of $120.7 million stacks up pretty well against other footballers, other sports stars and celebrities at large. Look at Neymar’s net worth vs Cristiano Ronaldo’s net worth. It’s true Ronaldo has $167 million and that’s 28% bigger than Neymar’s wealth. Then again, Neymar has twice as much money as Manuel Neuer with $52.8 million. Outside the world of football, Neymar has three times more net worth than Olympic phenom Michael Phelps with $44 million. He only has about a third the money of boxing legend Floyd Mayweather with $403 million, but very few people have more money than Mayweather so in a way it’s apples to oranges. Neymar has 1/3rd the net worth of Taylor Swift’s $309 million and 30% less net worth than Tom Brady’s $172 million. Donald Trump has 49 times the Neymar net worth number with $5.9 billion and Hillary Clinton has about 1/4th with $32 million.

Neymar Net Worth Timeline

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Neymar Net Worth Timeline

Neymar Net Worth by Year
Neymar net worth 2009$1,880,000
Neymar net worth 2010$4,742,040
Neymar net worth 2011$11,916,709
Neymar net worth 2012$19,728,143
Neymar net worth 2013$73,713,354
Neymar net worth 2014$88,364,078
Neymar net worth 2015$104,298,276
Neymar net worth 2016$120,758,303

The chart and table above show the Neymar net worth story starting back in 2009. The years from then until 2012 show Neymar’s years with the Santos team. The big jump in 2013 comes from a reported $95 million transfer fee when the star player switched to Barcelona in that year. The steeper curve after that move reflects the footballer’s much higher salary from his newer team. It also coincides with a huge multi-year endorsement deal with Nike for an entire line of Neymar-approved soccer cleats. Endorsement deals with several other companies picked up in 2013 also, rocketing Neymar’s net worth into the stratosphere. The star footballer and his team have managed to hang on by their teeth so far in the 2016 Olympics.

Neymar Net Worth Sources: Salary and Endorsements

Neymar net worthActually the Neymar net worth figure is made of three major sources: Salary, endorsements and a massive 2013 transfer fee. Total salary since 2009 is estimated at $67 million, with a transfer fee at $95 million and endorsements of $114 million. As the table below shows, that gives Neymar an average salary from all sources of $34.6 million or $32.5 million in 2016. The table also shows calculations for taxes, expenses and investments. Taxes are calculated at Spain’s top rate of 45%. Expenses for agent fees, cost of living and other costs are figured at 15% and investments are added up at a conservative 6% boost to net worth per year. The breakdown of Neymar’s earnings sources is given in the sections below.

Neymar Net Worth Sources
Salary & Transfer Fee$162,490,000
Total Neymar Earnings$276,762,742
Neymar Salary (average)$34,595,343
Neymar Salary 2016$32,545,460
Neymar Net Worth$120,758,303

Neymar Net Worth from Salary

What’s Neymar’s yearly salary from football? That’s a bit hard to calculate because of numerous negotiations and performance bonuses, but his total contract with Barcelona is worth between 40 and 50 million Euros. That puts it at an average of about $13.4 million a year since 2013. Before that the player’s salary from Santos was about $4 million per year, though during his rookie year in 2009 he likely made a smaller $1.7 million.

Neymar Net Worth from Football Salary
YearTeamEstimated Earnings
2013FC Barcelona$20,350,000
2014FC Barcelona$11,000,000
2015FC Barcelona$11,000,000
2016FC Barcelona$11,000,000
Total Neymar Net Worth from Football Salary$67,050,000

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Neymar Net Worth from Endorsements

Neymar’s endorsement deals are almost too numerous to count. Therefore it’s a little difficult to calculate the Neymar net worth contribution from endorsements. That said, we do know his Nike deal is good for roughly $9.5 million per year. We also know the player has had multi-year contracts with Panasonic and Volkswagen, plus smaller one-off deals with at least 16 other companies, including Beats by Dre, Taco Bell, Gilette, Santander, Unilever, PayPal, Mentos, Red Bull, Drakkar Noir, Sony and several others. Whoever Neymar’s talent agent is, he or she is not a lazy person. We conservatively estimate Neymar’s endorsement income at $8 to $12 million per year since 2013.

Neymar Net Worth from Endorsements
YearNikeOther EndorsementsEstimated Earnings
Total Neymar Net Worth from Endorsements$114,272,742

Neymar Net Worth Calculations

Taxes, expenses and investments are rolled into a single column in the Neymar net worth calculations table below. Total earnings from salary, transfer fees and endorsement deals is contained in the “earnings” column. The final column sums up the  entire Neymar money story. The takeaway here is that Neymar is an earnings machine, coupling talent with excellent salary negotiations and exploiting his fame through a stellar quiver of endorsement deals. Will a bad performance in the Olympics hurt his net worth? Likely not by much. Will a stellar performance help it? It can’t hurt. The one thing that the 2016 Olympics in Rio might do to Neymar’s net worth is hurt or help his future endorsement deal potential. Nike isn’t likely to drop the star like a hot potato any time soon, but a string of poor performances could certainly sour the shoe giant on the player, just as an outstanding Olympic bid could prolong his status as a hot item in the world of sponsor dollars.

Neymar Net Worth Calculations
YearNeymar Total EarningsAdjustments (Tax, Expense, Investment)Neymar Net Worth
Neymar Net Worth Totals$276,762,742-$156,004,440$120,758,303

If you liked reading about Neymar’ net worth, try this post about Cristiano Ronaldo’s net worth or this one about Manuel Neuer’s net worth. All Neymar net worth data in this article are based on our analysis of income streams, tax, expense and investment calculations, estimates and media reports and are provided here for entertainment purposes only.