Rob Kardashian Net Worth

There’s no such thing as a poor Kardashian. The earned Rob Kardashian net worth total of $1.16 million comes from TV and business deals, but his inheritance from father Robert most probably puts him at over $8 million. Rob certainly doesn’t measure up to big sister Kim or even half sisters Kylie or Kendall. His net worth of over a million amounts to very large table scraps from the family’s TV empire. Many sources online put his net worth at $2 to $3 million, but since those don’t account for taxes or expenses, they’re almost certainly too high. The MoneyNation analysis below accounts for all earnings from Rob’s 113 TV appearances and four business ventures. The bigger picture though is that he could do nothing but play video games for the next 20 years and he’d still be a rich man thanks to his stepfather Caitlyn Jenner’s fortune of $100 million.

Rob Kardashian Net Worth Facts

Rob Kardashian Net Worth Facts
Rob Kardashian Net Worth$1,161,278
Rob Kardashian net worth vs Kim Kardashian net worth1/128th as big
Rob Kardashian net worth vs Kanye West net worth1/57th as big
Rob Kardashian net worth vs Kris Jenner net worth1/17th as big
Rob Kardashian net worth vs Kendall Jenner net worth1/27th as big
Rob Kardashian net worth vs Khloe Kardashian net worth1/20th as big
Rob Kardashian net worth vs Kourtney Kardashian net worth1/18th as big
Rob Kardashian net worth vs Caitlyn Jenner net worth1/86th as big
Rob Kardashian net worth vs Kylie Jenner net worth1/9th as big
Rob Kardashian net worth vs typical American family net worth17 times bigger
Rob Kardashian net worth from socks

It’s hard to see why the Rob Kardashian net worth tally isn’t bigger. Who wouldn’t want a $15 pair of socks proclaiming “Classy Bitch” or “DILF?”

Compared to sister Kim’s fortune of $149 million, the earned Rob Kardashian net worth sum of 1.16 million is 1/128th as big. Kim is the source of the siblings’ fame and fortune. Her illegally released sex tape and the resulting lawsuit in 2007 tossed her into the world of fame like a fish into a gilded fishbowl. That could have happened to almost anyone but what Kim and her family did next is inspirational. They turned that fame into money, Midas-touching the widespread fascination and transforming it into multiple hit TV shows, perfume lines, makeup businesses, fashion enterprises, modeling careers, endorsement empires, publishing concerns and a dozen other income streams. Rob Kardashian is kind of along for the ride, appearing in TV episodes and starting his own halfhearted sock business but otherwise content to bask in the reflected limelight. His lack of the Kardashian zest for turning attention into cash is evident in how he lags behind the rest of his family. Brother in law Kanye West has 57 times more money than the Rob Kardashian net worth sum with $66 million. Mom Kris Jenner has 17 times more with $20 million. Half sister Kendall has 27 times more with $31 million. Even half sister Kylie has nine times more with $10 million. Kanye has his music, Kendall has her modeling and Kylie has her Kylie-K Lip Kits. Rob has appearances in his sisters’ TV shows and a failing sock biz.

As of 6/13/16, Rob Kardashian’s net worth could jump. He’s got a new reality TV series lined up with wife Blac China and their new baby. Will the show take off? Time will tell whether Rob does indeed have some of the Kardashian magic.

Rob Kardashian net worth timeline

Rob Kardashian Net Worth through Time

Rob Kardashian Net Worth by Year
Rob Kardashian net worth 2007$66,240
Rob Kardashian net worth 2008$137,384
Rob Kardashian net worth 2009$218,417
Rob Kardashian net worth 2010$333,713
Rob Kardashian net worth 2011$530,168
Rob Kardashian net worth 2012$690,848
Rob Kardashian net worth 2013$812,002
Rob Kardashian net worth 2014$923,336
Rob Kardashian net worth 2015$1,041,278
Rob Kardashian net worth 2016$1,161,278

The Rob Kardashian net worth story starts in 2007 with the lawsuit over sister Kim’s illegally released sex tape. When Kim and her sisters found themselves in the public eye and managed to cash in on it to the tune of millions, Rob was taken along for the ride. The upward slope in the graph above is thanks mostly to Rob’s 69 appearances on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. He has tried his hand at other earnings sources but so far they haven’t panned out in any significant way. If Rob and wife Blac Chyna’s new reality TV show is a hit, the line in the chart above will take a steep turn upwards.

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Rob Kardashian Net Worth Sources: TV and the Family Fortune

TV has pumped $1.8 million into the Rob Kardashian net worth total. Business ventures have added another estimated $210,000 so far. In all, Rob has earned about $2 million since 2007. That’s not terrible, considering that all he’s had to do to earn it is appear in reality shows created by his sisters. Fully 90% of Rob’s earnings come from TV appearances, with his fledgeling business ventures chipping in the other 10%. Taxes take back over $700,000 and expenses claim another $300,000.

Rob Kardashian Net Worth Sources
TV / Apperances$1,835,000
Business Ventures$210,000
Total Rob Kardashian Earnings$2,045,000
Rob Kardashian Salary (average)$204,500
Rob Kardashian Salary 2016$168,000
Rob Kardashian Net Worth$1,161,278

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Rob Kardashian Net Worth from TV

Rob Kardashian net worthThe table below shows all 113 TV episodes Rob Kardashian has appeared in. Rob’s biggest payday comes from his 69 episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Rob has earned an estimated $1.38 million from the show. Some sources put his per-show pay at $120,000 per episode, but that’s almost certainly too high. Even guest hosts on SNL make only $30,000 per show. A side-player like Rob more probably makes around $20,000 per episode. Rob has also appeared in 12 episodes of Khloe and Lamar and 14 episodes of Dancing with the Stars. He has also been in 5 episodes of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami and single episodes of several other shows. TV contributes a total of $1.8 million to the Rob Kardashian net worth sum.

Rob Kardashian Net Worth from TV / Appearances
YearRole / ApperanceEstimated Rob Kardashian Earnings
2008E! True Hollywood Story$5,000
2010The Barbara Walters Summer Special$5,000
2011Dancing with the Stars (Rob Kardashian in 14 episodes)$150,000
2011The Tonight Show with Jay Leno$5,000
2011Lopez Tonight$5,000
2011Kourtney & Kim Take New York$5,000
2012Fashion Police$5,000
2012Ben Baller$5,000
2012The Choice$5,000
2012Oprah's Next Chapter$5,000
2012The 2012 Miss USA Pageant$25,000
2011-2012Khloe & Lamar (Rob Kardashian in 12 episodes)$120,000
2013Entertainment Tonight$5,000
2013E! News$5,000
2009-2013Kourtney & Kim Take Miami (Rob Kardashian in 5 episodes)$100,000
2015I Am Cait$5,000
2007-2016Keeping Up with the Kardashians (Rob Kardashian in 69 episodes)$1,380,000
Total Rob Kardashian Net Worth from TV / Appearances$1,835,000

Rob Kardashian Net Worth from Business

Rob Kardashian has ventured into business, but not with the zest or success of his sisters or half sisters. Kim Kardashian has made over $100 million from sales of numerous popular fragrances. Kylie Jenner is set to become a makeup tycoon with her Kylie-K Lip Kits. Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian split the profits from Keeping Up with the Kardashians equally with sister Kim. Rob’s list of solo income streams meanwhile includes two very minor endorsement deals and a manager position for the now defunct girl band BG5. All of those deals paid out $60,000 total. His biggest, most successful business venture to date is his Arthur George socks line. Rob founded the line in 2012 and since then it has added an estimated $150,000 to the Rob Kardashian net worth figure.

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Rob Kardashian Net Worth Calculations

Rob Kardashian net worth calculations

It’s really difficult to see why these babies aren’t just flying off the shelves.

The Rob Kardashian net worth amount of $1.16 million is impressive for a 29 year old. It’s just maybe not impressive for a 29 year old Kardashian. One good point about Rob’s relatively low earnings is that they put him in a lower tax bracket. Rather than the 39.6% federal rate paid by those earning over $450,000, Rob Kardashian only has to pay about 28% like normal humans. That still means he’s paid $756,000 in taxes in his lifetime. He has also paid out $306,000 in expenses. In truth his expense bill is probably bigger than that since $306,000 only gives him an average spending level of about $30,000 per year. That said, with Caitlyn and Kris Jenner as his parents and with his portion of the inheritance from father Robert Kardashian’s fortune of $30 million, Rob’s expenses are probably largely covered. The truth is, calculations like this are probably unnecessary. The real story is that Rob Kardashian is rich. If he inherited one fourth of Robert Kardashian’s net worth of $30 million, that puts him at over $8 million. Stepdad Caitlyn Jenner and mom Kris Jenner have a combined fortune of $120 million. Calling him the poor Kardashian is like calling a triathlete disabled just because he happens to be joyriding in a wheelchair.

Rob Kardashian Net Worth Calculations
YearTotal Rob Kardashian EarningsAdjustments for Tax, Expense, InvestmentRob Kardashian Net Worth
Rob Kardashian Net Worth Totals$2,045,000$756,650$1,161,278

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