Sam Smith Net Worth

Sam Smith’s net worth is $21 million. The breakout British pop singer stormed the world with $8 million in earnings in 2014. Album sales, singles, YouTube earnings and endorsements have earned the star $24 million since 2013. Taxes and expenses chop $13 million from the Sam Smith net worth total.

Smith has made $8 million from album sales, $4 million from singles sales, $20 million from concerts and $10 million from YouTube earnings. Another $1 million from endorsement deals gives the star his total salary of $15 million per year.

Sam Smith Net Worth Facts

Sam Smith’s net worth of $21 million is huge for a star who’s just hitting the scene. See comparisons below:

Sam Smith net worth$20,865,157
Sam smith net worth vs Miley Cyrus net worth5 times smaller
Sam Smith net worth vs Adele net worth2 times smaller
Sam Smith net worth vs Michael Buble net worth3 times smaller
Sam Smith net worth vs Selena Gomez net worth2 times smaller
Sam Smith net worth vs Taylor Swift net worth12 times smaller
Sam Smith net worth vs Barack Obama net worth6 times bigger
Sam Smith net worth vs Bernie Sanders net worth40 times bigger
Sam Smith net worth vs median American family net worth307 times bigger

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Sam Smith Net Worth Through Time

How does Sam Smith’s net worth shake out over time? The star only got his start in 2013.

Sam Smith Net Worth 2012$0
Sam Smith Net Worth 2013$1,596,469
Sam Smith Net Worth 2014$8,754,026
Sam Smith Net Worth 2015$20,295,409
Sam Smith Net Worth 2016$20,865,157

Sam Smith Net Worth Breakdown

Sam Smith Net WorthThis section and the ones below it show the details of where the Sam Smith net worth total comes from. Most of Smith’s earnings come from concert tours. That’s not unusual for a modern performer. The smallest part of Smith’s money comes from endorsements. Relatively new stars don’t tend to land high dollar endorsement deals right away.

About one fifth of Smith’s earnings come from album sales and another tenth from singles sales. Another 1/5th comes from YouTube earnings.

Sam Smith Income SourceAmount
Sam Smith Salary$15,016,749
Album Sales$8,315,858
Singles Sales$4,155,195
Concert Tours$20,400,000
YouTube Earnings$10,470,820
Investment Income (Estimated at 6% per year after tax)$708,375
Total Sam Smith Earnings$45,050,247
Taxes (45% UK tax bracket)$19,953,843
Expenses (at 1% of income)$4,434,187
Total Sam Smith Payouts$24,388,030
Sam Smith Net Worth 2016$20,662,217

We’ll go over each of the above earnings categories in detail below.

On 1/3/16, Smith tweeted that his fame still hasn’t caught up with him yet. He seems as stunned and excited as any of us would be in his shoes.

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Sam Smith Album Sales

Sam Smith Net Worth Album SalesSam Smith’s net worth benefits from only one studio album and one E.P. Smith’s 2014 studio album In the Lonely Hour sold 8.5 million copies worldwide. According to industry sources, Smith writes about half of his own material. That gives Smith an approximate percentage of 8.85% from each album sold. At a cost of $10.99 per album, that gives Smith a total of $8.3 million from album sales before taxes.

As his main influences, Smith cites Amy Winehouse and Adele. Smith won four Grammy Awards in 2015. He thanked his ex-boyfriend, actor/model Jonathan Zeizel during his acceptance speech. Smith said his broken heart was the source of inspiration for his Grammy winning songs.

Sam Smith AlbumsYearTotal Album SalesAlbum CostSam Smith PercentageSam Smith Earnings
Total Sam Smith Earnings from Albums$8,315,858
In the Lonely Hour20148,500,000$10.998.85%$8,267,228
Nirvana (Sam Smith EP)201350,000$10.998.85%$48,631

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Sam Smith Singles Sales

Sam Smith Singles and Net WorthSmith sold an incredible 20 million singles in 2014. That’s huge for a rookie performer. The star sold 11 million singles in 2015 and performed his world tour all year. All together, the Sam Smith net worth total added $4 million from sales of singles. That includes singles where the singer appeared as a featured performer, which gives him a smaller cut of profits.

Smith wasn’t always rich and famous. Just before his big break, he is rumored to have had a job cleaning toilets. Smith has also revealed that he has obsessive compulsive disorder. He doesn’t keep the condition secret and in fact tweets about it regularly.

Sam Smith SinglesYearTotal Album SalesAlbum CostSam Smith PercentageSam Smith Earnings
Total Sam Smith Singles Earnings31,475,000$4,155,195
Lay Me Down (Sam Smith debut)201350,000$1.998.85%$8,806
Money on My Mind20141,500,000$1.998.85%$264,173
Stay With Me (Sam Smith top seller)201411,000,000$1.998.85%$1,937,265
I'm Not the Only One20146,500,000$1.998.85%$1,144,748
Like I Can20141,000,000$1.998.85%$176,115
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas201450,000$1.998.85%$8,806
Lay Me Down (Sam Smith re-release)20152,200,000$1.998.85%$387,453
Lay Me Down (Re-release with John Legend)2015100,000$1.998.85%$17,612
Writing's on the Wall201575,000$1.998.85%$13,209
Featured Singles (Latch, La La La etc.)20159,000,000$1.991.10%$197,010

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Sam Smith Concert Tours

Sam Smith Concert Tours and Net WorthSmith has had only one concert tour to date. That’s not an eye-opener for a star who just recently appeared. Smith’s In the Lonely Hour tour covered 81 shows and paid an estimated $21 million into the Sam Smith net worth coffers.

The show had 40 shows in North America and 26 in Europe.

Smith is only 24 years old. During Taylor Swift’s Red tour, the two performed Money on My Mind as a duet.

Sam Smith Concert ToursYearTotal Box OfficeSam Smith %Sam Smith Earnings
In the Lonely Hour2015$24,000,00085%$20,400,000

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Sam Smith YouTube Earnings

YouTube is becoming a real contender when it comes to a star’s net worth. Sam Smith has 1.6 billion YouTube views, and all of those carry ad revenue. How much revenue? Marketing experts place earnings for 1,000 YouTube views at about $7.60 for top performers. That gives the Sam Smith net worth story a boost of about $10.5 million from YouTube ads.

Sam Smith YouTube ViewsEarnings Per 1,000 ViewsSam Smith %Sam Smith Earnings

Sam Smith Endorsement Deals

Endorsement Deals and Sam Smith Net WorthSmith is a new performer, and that means he doesn’t yet have a ton of product endorsement deals. We conservatively estimate the star has earned a grand total of $1 million from endorsements. That’s $500,000 a year for 2014 and 2015. Whether Smith will add to his net worth from more endorsement deals in the future depends heavily on how he manages his career. If he continues to churn out albums and tours at the rate of one every year or every two years, he could wind up with a net worth in the hundreds of millions and endorsement deals of $10 million a year or more.

Sam Smith Net Worth Calculations

To pull it all together, we’ve estimated taxes, expenses and investment income into the Sam Smith net worth sum.

Smith is a UK resident in the highest tax bracket. He therefore pays the top UK tax rate of 45% of income. His expenses for agent fees, staff and cost of living most probably come to 10% of his earnings per year. The star also most likely earns about 6% in investment income annually on average.

Smith isn’t numb to the wonder of his skyrocket ride to fame and fortune. Check out his New Year’s Eve tweet below.

The table below sums up all of Smith’s earnings, plus taxes, investments and expenses.

Sam Smith Net Worth CalculationsTotal Sam Smith EarningsSam Smith Taxes (at 45% of income)Expenses (10% of income)Investment IncomeSam Smith Net Worth