How to Save Money on New Video Games

Fans are kicking it off early Madden style with the release of the blockbuster video game Madden NFL 16.

With the new version of this fan favorite video game, players can draft pick their own fantasy football teams, then square off against the computer or other teams. There are also updates to enable more accurate passing and customization for how receivers catch.

Demand for Madden is expected to be strong, which is no surprise for a video game franchise that’s raked in over $4.2 billion in sales revenue so far. Along with high demand, expect high prices. The video game retails for $59.88, a healthy hit to gamers on a budget.

Here’s how to save money on Madden NFL 16 and how to save money on new video games.

How to Save Money on New Video Games

With Madden NFL 16 out, GameStop took a look at how consumers can save money on the new hit game they want to buy, as well as other video games, without sacking their budgets. The video game retailer commissioned a new survey that shows how gamers repeatedly shortchange themselves. The survey found that over 90% of gamers hold on to video games they don’t even play any more. That’s a major fumble when it keeps them from buying new video games they “can’t afford.”

how to save money on new video games

The survey also revealed:

  • About two out of five gamers have $200 or more tied up in unused video games.
  • 30% of gamers finish with a new video game within a week, but almost half wait more than that to buy a new game.
  • 60% of gamers can save money on video games by digging through their CD collections for old games. 30% can find old games between the couch cushions. 9% can find them in their car’s glove box.

Turn Old Video Games Into Money to Save on New Video Games

save money on new video gamesGamers can save money on video games by cashing in their old games to make new games affordable. Right now, consumers can get up to $33 in GameStop credit to put toward the purchase of the new Madden game or other titles. Trading in past favorites like Grand Theft Auto V, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of TimeLEGO Jurassic WorldMario Kart 8 and Batman Arkham Knight can translate to real video game savings.

GameStop also offers a $30 guaranteed buyback on selected titles through the end of the year.

Does the tactic really save money on new video games? Let other gamers be your judge and jury. In 2014, GameStop gave gamers over $1 billion in trade credit for trading in used games.

“Trading in old games is a great way to play the latest games without waiting for huge sales on a game. Make sure you look into trade in programs at GameStop and Best Buy that offer a trade-in bonus on top of listed values and pay attention to special time-sensitive trade in offers that can double the value of old games,” said Josh Smith, Editor at Gotta Be Mobile.

Time Your Game Exchange to Get More Money

save money on new video games clockThe sooner games are traded in for credit, the more they’re worth.

“Pre-owned games have value and can be traded at GameStop for cash or in-store credit,” said Kyle Leonard, vice president of GameStop’s Trade & Pre-Owned Business. “The sooner the games are traded, the more money they are worth and the faster customers can use that cash or in-store credit toward the purchase of the next game they want to play.”

Since most gamers finish with a game in about a week, the time to cash in the game is right away, while the iron is hot and while the highest number of buyers are out there looking to buy it.