5 REAL Ways to Save Money on Alcohol

When looking to save money on alcohol, the one thing nobody wants to see is that they can do it by not drinking. Of course you can save money on alcohol by not drinking. If you didn’t know that and you read it in a post and your reaction is, “Oh, what a great way to save money on alcohol,” then you don’t need the internet. You need managed care. That’s why we’re saving the advice about how to save money on alcohol by not drinking it until the very end. Stop reading when you get there.

Another thing that stinks about advice on how to save money on alcohol is that it’s usually obvious. The writer suggests that you can save money on booze by doing a pre-party warmup or by avoiding drinking in expensive clubs. No kidding. The good news is, we’ve avoided the more obvious ways to save money on alcohol in favor of some real tips to get cheap liquor, cheap wine and cheap beer. Or, at least, cheaper. If you’re looking to save money on booze and not just read about it, you’re in the right place.

1. Buy Online

This may seem like an obvious way to save money on alcohol, but the way we go about it is anything but. The one simple trick to shopping online for wine, liquor and beer is the way you do the online search.

It’s All in the Search Terms

save money on alcoholIf you’re like most people trying to save money on alcohol, you’ve already tried typing in the following terms in Google search:

  • Save money on alcohol.
  • Save money on beer.
  • Save money on booze.
  • Save money on liquor.
  • Save money on wine.
  • Save money on vodka.

Do we need to go on? We don’t, because if you’ve typed those terms in, you know what comes up: a lot of articles that explain how to save money on alcohol. But not actual ways to save money on alcohol. In other words, you’re not googling, “save money on alcohol” and all of a sudden a site pops up with a ton of cheap booze and discount wine and so on.

So the trick is to change the way you do the search.

Often, the biggest additional expense with buying alcohol online is the shipping. So to really save money on alcohol, cut that cost off. It’s like tossing out hand weights when you’re in a sinking balloon. You don’t need it. Get rid of it.

So, whatever booze, liquor, wine or other alcohol you’re trying to save money on, do a search on that name specifically and then the term “free shipping.”

We did just that in our quest to help you save money on alcohol. We typed in “vodka free shipping” and bingo. Look what popped up:

save money on alcohol free shipping

Well now we’re going to hell because you’re going to save so much money on booze your isles of langerhans will look like the Seychelles after climate change. All you have to do to save money on alcohol is type in, “vodka free shipping,” “scotch free shipping,” “wine free shipping,” “gin free shipping” and you get the idea. Do it this way and you’ll save on alcohol a ton because:

  1. You won’t pay shipping, which means you save money on alcohol.
  2. The stores that offer free shipping are trying hard to get your business, so they’ll generally have the lowest prices, so again you save money on alcohol.
  3. You’ll be able to compare solid online liquor stores quickly, so you’ll find the best prices faster and yes, you’ll save money on alcohol.

Here are just a few online stores we found with this method that’ll help you save money on alcohol:

Save Money on Alcohol With These Online Stores
Store Link
Zachys Click here to save money on alcohol with free shipping at Zachys
Winefolder Get free shipping and save money on alcohol at Winefolder by clicking here
Pacific Online Spirits Orders over $100 get free shipping. Click here.
Market View Liquor Free shipping on orders over 6 bottles saves money on alcohol. Click to visit.
Gary’s Wine Marketplace Not just Wine. Click to save money on alcohol

Okay, you get the point. The list above isn’t comprehensive, but by now you know you can save money on alcohol by googling “free shipping whiskey,” “free shipping rum” or whatever other liquor you’re looking for. Works for wine, beer and so on.

Other Ways Buying Online Can Save Money on Alcohol

Not to beat a dead horse, but buying online can save money on booze by buying in bulk. You’ll get a lower per-bottle price when you buy a case online. This works especially well to save money on wine, because Amazon sells wine and they’ve always got deals cooking. If you’re a regular wine drinker, take advantage of Amazon’s regular shipments and save 15% right off the bat.

save money on alcohol wine amazon

Save money on alcohol by buying wine on Amazon. Their selection is bottomless and they’ve always got something on sale!

Google Shopping Trick

As if that isn’t enough ways to save money on alcohol by buying online, try this Google shopping trick: Do a google search for the type of liquor you’re looking for, but add the word buy, like this:

  • buy rum
  • buy vodka
  • buy gin

The first thing that’ll come up is a box of pictures titled, “Shop for Rum on Google Shopping.” If it’s not right at the top it’ll be off to the right. Click it. A ton of rum will come up, with prices. So far we’re just browsing, but here’s how this method helps save money on alcohol: Click the “Sort: Default” link in the top right. From the drop-down menu, click “Price: Low to High.” See the image below for an example.

save money on alcohol google shopping

We took the above screenshot before we clicked. The $159.99 price won’t show up after. Instead, you’ll get the cheapest options in the land and save money on alcohol fast.

A Terrible Way to Save Money On Alcohol Online

This way to save money on alcohol online is absolutely awful because it’s completely illegal. Do NOT try to save money on alcohol by buying online from stores in states with no sales tax and then failing to shell out to the government. Why not? Because even though you’ll save 4% to 20% on alcohol that way, you can get thrown in jail. The IRS doesn’t use kid gloves with tax dodgers and unless you get an alcoholic auditor who’ll give you a pass because you only did it to save money on alcohol, they won’t make an exception. States that don’t charge sales tax and don’t tax alcohol include New Hampshire. That’s it.

2. Use Apps to Save Money on Alcohol

Looking to save money on alcohol? There’s an app for that. A few actually. The first two will surprise you a little because they’re kind of a backdoor to save money on alcohol. Either way it shouldn’t really be a shock that in the quest to save money on alcohol, iPhone and Android can help.

Walmart Savings Catcher App

walmart savings catcher website receipt

This app for iPhone and Android can save money on alcohol after you buy it. It won’t save money on liquor or booze, but it’ll save on beer and wine. With the app, you just aim your phone at the receipt as you exit the store. Your phone bings, and off the app goes to search nearby store specials. In 48 hours, it notifies you if it found anything cheaper. The app will save money on alcohol by then reimbursing you for the difference. To read our full piece on the Walmart Savings Catcher app, click here.

Checkout 51 App

iphone coupon apps 51

The Checkout 51 app works just like the Walmart Savings Catcher app to save money on alcohol, but for a lot more stores. Just shop normally for whatever liquor, beer or wine you’re into. Then take a snap of your receipt with the app. If the app finds a coupon for what you bought, it’ll send you a check for the difference. Whammo! You just saved money on alcohol while you weren’t even looking.

Feed App

save money on alcohol iphone appThe Feed app for iPhone won’t help you save money on alcohol online, in bulk, in bottles or cases. But it will help save money on alcohol when you’re out and about.

The app finds the best deals and events going on nearby, finding local ways to save money on alcohol at bars and restaurants. $3 Sake bombs? 25 cent drafts and fish tacos? Get real time updates all over the world to save money on alcohol with this great little app. You can even share deals with your friends. Who’s not going to want to join you for $2 Margaritas? Soon you’ll all save money on booze and you can hit rehab together.

More Apps to Save Money on Alcohol

Want more great apps to save money on alcohol or just save money in general? Check out our ever growing post on iPhone apps that save money. Or just try these great coupon apps. There are bound to be coupons to save money on alcohol, aren’t there?

3. Buy in Bulk

Now we’re dredging the bottom of the keg in our list of ways to save money on alcohol. If you’ve read any of the other articles on line on how to save money on alcohol, you’ve seen this one before. Shoppers can save money on wine, beer and liquor by buying in bulk. Costco, Sam’s Club and so on. The thing to watch with buying in bulk to save money on alcohol is, sometimes stores actually charge more for bulk items to trick shoppers. So always check the unit price if you use the old bulk method to save money on alcohol.

4. Ditch the Prestige

save money on alcohol qualityIf you’re an alcohol snob, fine. If you’re an alcohol snob who’s trying to save money on alcohol, something’s backwards. In that case, you likely won’t listen to this way to save money on alcohol, but it works. First of all, most people can’t tell the difference between wine that costs $100 a bottle and has subtle hints of leather, chocolate and rayon or wine that comes in a box and costs $2. For proof, check out this post about ditching prestige to save money on wine.

The same thing works with vodka, wine and other spirits. Most of what goes into making an expensive vodka is the marketing. The designer, the clever ads and so on. If you can’t bear the thought of not drinking something that came out of a frosted bottle with a laser-etched image of wildlife in the logo, buy one bottle of that and then after it’s gone, refill it with the cheap stuff. You’ll never know the difference, we promise.

5. Drink Less

save money on alcohol hikingOkay, you knew it was coming. Stop reading now. If you’re still reading, you enjoy feeling the guilt of knowing you could save money on alcohol by cutting down or quitting entirely. It’s not just the bar tabs and the credit card bills either. It’s the money you won’t make by investing, which could add up to enough to make you rich later in life. For proof check our article here on how Starbucks can cost you $145,000 and apply the same logic to save money on alcohol. Beyond that, the real cost of alcohol is the medical bills and the broken lives and lost jobs. Once the liver is gone, that’s it. But alcohol causes all kinds of other medical problems, from heart disease to eventual dementia.

Chances are, if you’re worried enough about booze costs to be looking for an article on how to save money on alcohol, you drink too much of it. Also, do we have to mention the cost of divorce, child support, lost self esteem, lost jobs and so on? Apparently so, because we did.

Okay, there’s the guilt trip. Feel awful about yourself? Need a drink? At least you’re armed with a ton of good advice that’ll help you save money on alcohol. Bottoms up.