Video: Low Cost Dollar Store Decorating Ideas

The video below offers tips for decorating your home with dollar store finds. The video is from vlogger Do it on a Dime.

The presenter claims most people would think cheap decorating will look cheap and cluttered. She likes streamlined decorating by contrast, and claims it’s possible to decorate very cheap while still getting a really classy look.

Everything she decorates with was bought at either the dollar store, Goodwill or a garage sale.

Dollar Store Decorating Ideas

The first item she showcases is a small, flattened basket she found at the Goodwill store for less than a dollar that she used as a wall hanging. Beneath it she applied a decal from the Dollar Tree that says, “Love One Another.” The decoration cost her less than $2.

The vlogger says it’s important to look around and think hard about what will look nice. Most of the bigger items, she says, will look tacky.

One example is a frame she found with an extremely ugly piece of art in it. She removed the ugly art, added a piece of matting with a small opening and added a nice photo. The entire piece of art cost around $12.

The next item is a dining room set that she inherited but made better with dollar store finds. She thought the upholstered chairs had ugly fabric covering the seats, so she bought inexpensive dollar store fabric and re-upholstered them. How hard was the job? She claims that on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being not handy at all and 10 being very handy, she’s a -.75. She learned by watching videos on YouTube.

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Dollar Store Shelves

Next up for dollar store decoration is a set of shelves with small pieces of art. The two shelves cost $12 each, but the pieces of art all came from the goodwill. She simply bought frames and then added scrapbook paper. The enitre wall was decorated for under $40.

The vlogger also inherited a china cabinet. To fill it, she bought dollar store glassware for about $1 per piece.

One more example is her bookshelves. She painted the back of them green so they’d stand out and bought a few well placed dollar store nicknacks to achieve a spare, classy look.

One tip is that the vlogger only buys things at the dollar store one out of every six times she walks into the store. She points out that it takes time to find something you like, and that buying things just because you’re in the store is a bad idea.