5 Best iPhone Job Search Apps to Find Jobs Now

We’ve listed the best five iPhone job search apps we could find below in order of preference, with #1 being our favorite.

Job hunting is one of those needle in a haystack activities. It can feel like you look and look until you’re absolutely exhausted. When it’s over, that nagging feeling that you didn’t wind up with even close to the best job can linger on. But in this age of iPhones, that annoying situation shouldn’t continue to plague anyone. An iPhone loaded with the right job search apps can be the bridge between good employers who need to find good people and good workers who are looking for good jobs.

Below, we’ve listed iPhone jobs apps that let their users build and upload resumes, search millions of jobs and, finally, apply for jobs with a finger tap. Real interviews result. One of our favorite iPhone job hunt apps has an Apple Watch version. Another will chip in with career advice and videos from people several steps ahead of you that give you a leg up.

Most of our iPhone job search apps are free, and some let users search through an aggregate of dozens of job boards and job search websites all at once. All told, any iPhone user on the hunt for new employment should get a serious career boost from any of our favorite iPhone job search apps below.

1. Indeed Job Search

Indeed.com is one of the most popular job search sites in the world and the Indeed Job Search iPhone app is a great version of Indeed’s powerful online tool built for the mobile world. It’s also free.

job search apps iphone indeed

Just install the app and type in the kind of job you’re looking for, like software developer, bartender or programmer. Then tell the app the city, state or zip code where you’re looking, or let your iPhone’s GPS feature fill in that part for you. The Indeed job search app will return a list of job openings in your area. The app will also display how long ago the job was listed to cut down on time wasted running down old stale jobs.

Click through to each job for a description of the position and the company that offers it, complete with ratings that show whether employees think it’s a good place to work.

Quite possibly the app’s most powerful feature is that it lets users create and store a resume, then use it later to apply for jobs with very little effort. There’s also an option to filter jobs by part time, full time, freelance or internship. Users can choose to see only the new jobs they haven’t looked at yet too, which saves a ton of time and frustration.

This iPhone job search app lists over 16 million jobs at thousands of companies around the world and is used by over 140 million job hunters every month. This app is by far our favorite iPhone job finder app.

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2. Path Source: Career and Jobs Search

The Path Source Career and Jobs Search app for iPhone attempts to solve the problem: you think you know what job you want so you spend years getting there only to find it’s not for you. That kind of waste of years just isn’t necessary any more.

Featured in the App Store’s “Best New Apps” category in July of 2015, this iPhone job search app goes beyond just finding jobs and into full fledged career path design. This app is a bit less ideal for someone looking for a job right now and a lot more ideal for someone trying to figure out their job and career path in life. Used the second way, this is an extremely powerful and versatile iPhone job finding app.

iphone job search apps path source job find

The Path Source iPhone job search app lets users:

  • Figure out the income they’ll need to survive in the location of their choice, while supporting the kind of lifestyle they want to have.
  • Search jobs.
  • Learn salary ranges of different jobs and careers.
  • Plot a career path complete with college major suggestions.
  • Watch short videos where people in desired jobs give hands-on advice.
  • Take “assessment” quizzes to build a profile of their strengths, desires, and weaknesses to narrow down the job search better.

This iPhone job hunt app’s most killer feature is its ability to let users play with different scenarios and get a vivid picture of how they would play out. Use the app to see how much money you really need to make to have the life you want. Then see what kind of education and training you need and, finally, hear from people who already have those jobs. What kind of money do they make? What steps did they have to take to get there? What do they do every day for work? What do they know now that they wish they’d known when they were starting out?

This isn’t just a job finder app, it’s a career and life modeling solution that lets users dream big and try on several possible futures like hats in a store, but without the possibility of head lice. There’s even a version for the Apple Watch to keep the job hunt current while you’re on the go.

iphone app find jobs path source apple watch

One downside of this iPhone job search app is the cost. It costs $2.99 a month or $13.99 a year. Still not a bad price for what it can do.

3. Ultimate Job Search

The Ultimate Job Search iPhone job finder app has a corny name and a corny look, but the app itself is delicious. This iPhone job search app is a job search aggregator that pulls in info from lots of other job search sites and jobs boards. One standout feature is the way this app hardly ever leaves its users saying, “These aren’t the jobs we’re looking for.”

How many times does a job finder website or app promise to display the right jobs for users, only to serve up everything from 50 day old nanny jobs to openings for qualified anesthetists, all in the same job search? What sets this iPhone job search app aside is the way it actually delivers jobs you’re hunting for, without a lot of fluff to get in the way.

job search apps itunes ultimate job search

The Ultimate Job Search app for iPhone searches thousands of jobs and careers from different job search engines, linking together results from tons of jobs boards all at once. The app even pulls in jobs from Craigslist and lets users add in other job search RSS feeds as well.

Some users in rural areas have complained that this iPhone job finder app excludes them by requiring searches to be grouped in larger cities. Another drawback of the app is that although it’s powerful, some people find it less than user friendly.

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4. Job Search – Simply Hired

The Job Search – Simply Hired iPhone job finder app is a solid addition to any job seeker’s quiver. The app is easy to use and lets job hunters search from anywhere, with easy to read results that sync automatically across multiple devices from iPhone to iPad to laptop to desktop. This job search app is also free.

iphone job find apps simply hired

This iPhone job search app gives users access to a massive database of stored jobs, including part time, hourly, full time and salaried positions. The jobs can be filtered by profession, date and relevance.

Users can find local jobs with this app by using their iPhone’s GPS feature or by typing in a city, state, zip code or company. Another powerful feature of this iPhone job search app is its profile and resume creation function. Users can create a profile, which the app then uses to serve more accurate job matches. Job hunters can also create a resume within the app or let the app pull resume info directly from a Linkedin profile. Better still, the app then uses the resume to hunt for matching jobs with greater accuracy.

Users can save jobs they like for later, or apply for jobs directly from the app.

Some downsides of this app are that it can be tricky to filter job listings, which causes clutter. The interface can be a bit touchy, but the Simply Hired app is still a solid iPhone job search app, and it has some listings Indeed doesn’t, which makes it worth a download.

5. ZipRecruiter Job Search

The ZipRecruiter Job Search app for iPhone is a slick and quick job search aggregator app that lets users search jobs listed on dozens of jobs boards, including:

  • CareerBuilding
  • Monster
  • Glassdoor
  • SimplyHired
  • Snagajob
  • DICE
  • CollegeRecruiter
  • TopUSAJobs
  • Care.com

best iphone job search apps ziprecruiter

This iPhone job finder app is free and fast and easy to use, and turns clicks into actual interviews. Users can upload resumes or import them from Linkedin. Once that’s done, it’s quick and easy to apply for jobs or save them for later. Job seekers can also view their recent searches and create alerts so they never miss a relevant listing.

The ZipRecruiter iPhone job search app also syncs across multiple devices to enable the job hunt to continue no matter where you are. This app’s chief drawback is that some of the filtering could be better to remove some of the clutter of outdated or irrelevant job listings.