Ben Zobrist Net Worth: Earning His $12 Million

The Ben Zobrist net worth figure of $31 million comes from $43.2 million in pre-tax cash earned from salary and bonuses plus endorsements and merchandise income. Zobrist earned his $12 million Cubs salary for 2016 with his “hit heard round the world,” a curse-breaking double that sent home Albert Almora Jr. for an 8-7 victory against the Cleveland Indians.

Zobrist is in his 11th season in the MLB. The Cubs snapped up the 35-year-old in 2016 from the Oakland Athletics. Zobrist had only played with that team for one year after an eight year stint with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. The player has earned an estimated $69 million pre tax since 2007. Zobrist took home the coveted World Series MVP title in October of 2016.

Ben Zobrist Net Worth Facts

Ben Zobrist Net Worth Facts
Ben Zobrist net worth$31,038,663
Ben Zobrist net worth vs Kris Bryant net worth8 times bigger
Ben Zobrist net worth vs Alex Rodriguez net worth8 times smaller
Ben Zobrist net worth vs Clayton Kershaw net worth25% smaller
Ben Zobrist net worth vs LeBron James net worth11 times smaller
Ben Zobrist net worth vs Tom Brady net worth7 times smaller
Ben Zobrist net worth vs Steph Curry net worth15% bigger
Ben Zobrist net worth vs Kanye West net worthHalf as big
Ben Zobrist net worth vs Hillary Clinton net worthAbout the same
Ben Zobrist net worth vs typical American family net worth457 times bigger

The Ben Zobrist net worth total of $31 million is high compared to most Americans, but it’s actually middle-of-the-road among big-name sports stars. It’s true that Zobrist’s net worth is eight times bigger than teammate Kris Bryant’s net worth of $4 million, but then Bryant is a relative rookie. Retired Yankees player Alex Rodriguez’s net worth of $235 million is eight times bigger than Zobrist’s.

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw’s net worth is 25% bigger than Zobrist’s with $41 million, while NBA legend LeBron James has 11 times more money with $311 million. NFL quarterback Tom Brady’s net worth is seven times bigger than Zobrist’s at $209 million. Zobrist’s net worth is 15% bigger than the NBA’s Steph Curry’s net worth at $27 million, but that’s likely to change with the addition of Curry’s 2016-17 season salary. Rapper Kanye West has twice as much money as Zobrist with $67 million, while Hillary Clinton’s net worth is about the same at $32 million.


Ben Zobrist Net Worth Timeline

Ben Zobrist Net Worth by Year
Ben Zobrist net worth 2007$255,498
Ben Zobrist net worth 2008$527,943
Ben Zobrist net worth 2009$829,708
Ben Zobrist net worth 2010$1,524,310
Ben Zobrist net worth 2011$4,574,921
Ben Zobrist net worth 2012$7,729,222
Ben Zobrist net worth 2013$11,657,139
Ben Zobrist net worth 2014$16,718,165
Ben Zobrist net worth 2015$22,284,415
Ben Zobrist net worth 2016$31,038,663

The Ben Zobrist net worth story started back in 2004 when the player signed on as a shortstop for the Houston Astros. His earnings began to pile up during the 2007 season. By then the Astros had traded Zobrist to the Tampa Devil Rays. His salary grew steadily from there, along with endorsement deal earnings and merchandise income. By 2014 the Rays were paying Zobrist $7 million a year, though they traded him to the Cubs in 2015. The Cubs evidently saw Zobrist’s real value, since they signed the second baseman for $12 million. Zobrist’s first million year came in 2010. By 2013 his net worth had grown to over $11 million and by 2016 it hit $31 million. The player’s net worth is likely to climb even higher next year.


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Ben Zobrist Net Worth Sources: Salary, Endorsements, Merchandise

The Ben Zobrist net worth sum comes almost entirely from salary and endorsement deals. Zobrist has earned a total of $69 million pre-tax since 2007. $43 million of that is from salary, with an estimated $21 million from endorsements and $4 million in merchandise royalties. That gives the World Series MVP an average total salary of $14 million since 2014 and $19 million for 2016. Taxes and expenses chop out over $40 million of the player’s earnings, leaving him with $31 million total.

Ben Zobrist Net Worth Sources
MLB Salary$43,205,100
Total Ben Zobrist Earnings$69,128,160
Ben Zobrist Salary (average)$14,133,333
Ben Zobrist Salary 2016$19,200,000
Ben Zobrist Net Worth$31,038,663

Ben Zobrist Net Worth from Salary

Salary chips in $43.2 million to the Ben Zobrist net worth figures. Zobrist’s 2007 contract with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays paid him $383,400. Similar contracts in 2008 and 2009 paid him about $400,000 per year. In 2010 the Rays signed Zobrist to a four year contract for $18 million. The team extended that contract for a further year before trading him to the Oakland Athletics in 2015.

The A’s paid Zobrist $7 million before trading the future World Series MVP to the Chicago Cubs in 2016. Zobrist’s current contract with the Cubs is for four years and $56 million. The Cubs evidently saw value in Zobrist, paying him $12 million in the first year. That money comes from all salary and bonus money.

The table below shows all cash earnings for Zobrist by year. It includes base salary plus signing bonuses and incentive bonuses.

Ben Zobrist Net Worth from MLB Salary
YearEstimated Earnings
Total Ben Zobrist Net Worth from Baseball$43,205,100

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Ben Zobrist Net Worth from Endorsements, Merchandise

While salary figures contributing to the Ben Zobrist net worth amount are known, endorsements and merchandise earnings are a bit murky. Endorsements for the player are figured at an arbitrary 50% of salary per year, while merchandise is calculated at 10% of salary. Based on that, Zobrist has earned $21 million in endorsement pay since 2007 and $4.3 million for sales of merchandise like jerseys and hats.

Ben Zobrist Net Worth Calculations

Subtracting from the Ben Zobrist net worth calculations are taxes and expenses. Zobrist pays the top combined federal and Illinois State tax rate of 43.45%. That gives him a lifetime tax bill of $29.9 million. Expenses figured at 15% for agent fees, cost of living and other payouts come to a total of $10.3 million. Investments figured at 6% of net worth per year soften the blow to the tune of $2.2 million. All income is shown in the second column, with all adjustments in column three.

Ben Zobrist Net Worth Calculations
YearBen Zobrist Total EarningsAdjustments (Tax, Expense, Investment)Ben Zobrist Net Worth
Ben Zobrist Net Worth Totals$12,000,000-$6,433,750$22,284,415

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