Kris Bryant Net Worth: Cubs Most Famous

The Kris Bryant net worth total of $4 million isn’t stratospheric, but the real story here is Bryant’s well deserved fame and legendary skill set. Bryant was only brought up from the minors in April of 2015. Despite his recent entry into the majors, he has already won the hearts of both Cubs fans and baseball aficionados around the world thanks to leading the league in both runs and home runs in a single year. Bryant is the third third baseman ever to hold that honor. A-Rod is one of the others and the remaining two played in 1938 and 1953. Maybe that’s why Bryant’s number is now the #1 top selling jersey in the MLB.

Kris Bryant’s recent rookie status may give him a low net worth, but if his skills and popularity keep up with prior performance he can expect a huge salary boost and fat endorsement deals in the next two or three years.

Kris Bryant Net Worth Facts

Kris Bryant Net Worth Facts
Kris Bryant net worth$4,347,314
Kris Bryant net worth vs Clayton Kershaw net worth10 times smaller
Kris Bryant net worth vs Mike Trout net worth6 times smaller
Kris Bryant net worth vs Alex Rodriguez net worth55 times smaller
Kris Bryant net worth vs Stephen Curry net worth7 times smaller
Kris Bryant net worth vs LeBron James net worth52 times smaller
Kris Bryant net worth vs Tom Brady net worth40 times smaller
Kris Bryant net worth vs Peyton Manning net worth44 times smaller
Kris Bryant net worth vs Hillary Clinton net worth8 times smaller
Kris Bryant net worth vs typical American family net worth64 times bigger

The Kris Bryant net worth sum of $4 million is low for a professional sports star with his high level of popularity, but it’s also expected given his recent entry into the majors. LA Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw has 10 times more money than Bryant with $41.3 million while the Los Angeles Angels’ Mike Trout has six times more with $24.6 million. Legendary third baseman Alex Rodriguez’s net worth is 55 times bigger than Bryant’s at $235 million. What do all those players have that Bryant doesn’t? Years in the league. Kershaw was brought up from the minors in 2008, which gives him nine years of MLB salary. Trout has six years of league play under his belt and A-Rod has 23. Once a player has distinguished himself the way Bryant has, it can take a year or so for a fat contract to come down the pike. So far Bryant is still making rookie pay of less than a million a year.

Outside the MLB, Bryant’s net worth is about 1/7th as big as NBA star Stephen Curry’s at $27 million and 52 times smaller than LeBron James’ at $223 million. Tom Brady’s net worth of $172 million is 40 times bigger than Bryant’s while NFL legend Peyton Manning’s is 44 times bigger at $191 million. In the world of politics, Hillary Clinton has $32 million, which is 8 times more than Kris Bryant’s net worth. Once Bryant’s contracts and endorsements catch up with his skills and popularity, he’ll make a good showing against the stars listed here.


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Kris Bryant Net Worth Timeline

Kris Bryant Net Worth by Year
Kris Bryant net worth 2013$0
Kris Bryant net worth 2014$2,873,850
Kris Bryant net worth 2015$3,481,690
Kris Bryant net worth 2016$4,347,314

The Kris Bryant net worth story has just started. Bryant likely had a very small net worth in 2013, mostly from a minor league endorsement deal with Express Clothing worth about $200,000. By 2015 he’d been brought up from the minors with a salary of $507,500 and another endorsement contract, this time with Adidas. In 2016 his MLB salary has risen by a small percentage to $652,000 and he’s signed yet another deal with Red Bull estimated at $700,000. He’s also got the top selling jersey of 2016, thanks to the Cubs’ position as the odds-on favorite to win the World Series for the first time since 1945 and his arguable status as the team’s most beloved player. Despite his small salary so far, a signing bonus worth $6.7 million bumped Bryant’s wealth into the multi-million zone early.

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Kris Bryant Net Worth Sources: Salary, Endorsements, Merchandise

Salary, endorsements and merchandise make up the bulk of the Kris Bryant net worth sources. Bryant has earned a total of $9.6 million pre-tax so far in his career. Most of that comes from his $6.7 million signing bonus. Another $1.159 million of comes from his MLB salary contract payouts so far. Yet another $1.4 million takes the form of estimated endorsement deal pay so far, while a final $400,000 comes from his estimated merchandise earnings. Bryant has paid taxes and expenses calculated at over $5.5 million. He has an average salary from all earnings sources of just over $3 million a year, though he’ll earn about $1.6 million in 2016.

Kris Bryant Net Worth Sources
MLB Salary$1,159,500
Total Kris Bryant Earnings$9,659,500
Kris Bryant Salary (average)$3,219,833
Kris Bryant Salary 2016$1,652,000
Kris Bryant Net Worth$4,347,314

Kris Bryant Net Worth from MLB Salary: $1.1 Million

As of 10/13/16, salary adds $1.159 million to the Kris Bryant net worth total. Bryant has yet to sign the kind of fat multi-year contract that turns most big league celebrities into super rich celebrities. When the Cubs brought him up from the minors in 2015, they did it with a one-year contract for $507,500. That’s fairly typical for a 23 year old player no matter what his past achievements. In 2016 the player re-upped with another one year contract, this one for $652,000. Far from typical however was Bryant’s $6.7 million signing bonus, the highest for the year. After his stellar performance so far in 2016 he will almost certainly see a big multi-year contract. On 7/26/16 Bryant hit two doubles and three home runs in a single game, making him the first player in modern MLB history to do so. He is also already a two-time All-Star player with a .346 average and is headed for MVP according to many pundits.

Kris Bryant Net Worth from MLB Salary
YearEstimated Earnings
Total Kris Bryant Net Worth from Baseball$1,159,500

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Kris Bryant Net Worth from Endorsements: $1.4 Million

kris-bryant-net-worthEndorsement pay so far adds just over a million to the Kris Bryant net worth figure. The player so far has inked contracts with Express Clothing, Adidas and Red Bull. While small in nature, those three deals are the precursor to bigger future agreements. Sports figures like Tiger Woods have earned as much as $50 million in a single year from endorsement deals, while other celebs like LeBron James or even Kim Kardashian can and do earn anywhere from $10 to $30 million annually from band endorsements.

Kris Bryant Net Worth from Merchandise: $400,000

Merchandise adds another $400,000 into the Kris Bryant net worth numbers. While that’s not a huge amount in a field of millions, it’s very high for a player who was a rookie just a few months ago. Bryant has skyrocketed to popularity with the top-selling jersey in the league. The third basement is caught up in the Chicago Cubs’ first real shot at a World Series victory in over 70 years. In fact most oddsmakers place the Cubs as the breakaway favorite for 2016. With Bryant as the most popular player on the team and a highly probable MVP award, his merchandise sales are extremely high for someone so fresh out of the box.

Kris Bryant Net Worth Calculations

Taxes and expenses both figure heavily in the Kris Bryant net worth calculations. A relatively low Illinois State income tax rate of 3.75% plus the top U.S. bracket of 39.6% take $4.18 million from Bryant’s earnings to date. Another 15% for agent fees and other expenses take $1.4 million. Figuring investments at 6% of net worth each year gives Bryant $324,000 in investment income. Bryant’s earnings and adjustments are added up in the table below. Net worth by year is shown in the last column.

Kris Bryant Net Worth Calculations
YearKris Bryant Total EarningsAdjustments (Tax, Expense, Investment)Kris Bryant Net Worth
Kris Bryant Net Worth Totals$1,652,000-$786,376$4,347,314

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