Bruno Mars Net Worth

Bruno Mars’ net worth is $73 million. The tables below show how the Bruno Mars net worth story comes together. Album sales, YouTube and concerts make up most of the star’s earnings.

Surprisingly, endorsements make up very little of Bruno Mars’ net worth. While Mars hasn’t said he won’t take sponsor money with words, he has said it with actions. Pepsi and other high-paying sponsors have reportedly courted the megastar with no success.

Mars has earned $205 million in his life so far. That’s $25 million from music sales, $29 million from YouTube and $155 million from concerts. $86 million in taxes and $13 million in expenses take a big bite out of the Bruno Mars net worth pile.

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Bruno Mars Net Worth Facts

Bruno Mars Net Worth Facts
Bruno Mars net worth:$73 million
Bruno Mars net worth vs One Direction net worth1/5th as big
Bruno Mars net worth vs Justin Bieber net worth1/3 as big
Bruno Mars net worth vs Selena Gomez net worthTwice as big
Bruno Mars net worth vs Katy Perry net worth42% smaller
Bruno Mars net worth vs Drake net worth17% smaller
Bruno Mars net worth vs Lil Wayne net worth15% smaller
Bruno Mars net worth vs Miley Cyrus net worth1/3 as big
Bruno Mars net worth vs Barack Obama net worth24 times bigger
Bruno Mars net worth vs typical American family net worth1.073 times bigger

Bruno Mars Net Worth Comparisons

Bruno Mars Net Worth ComparisonsThe Bruno Mars net worth total of $89 million is about 1/5th as big as One Direction’s combined net worth of $398 million. Justin Bieber’s net worth of $199 million is three times bigger as Bruno Mars’ net worth. Mars’ net worth is double Selena Gomez’s net worth of $45 million and 42% smaller than Katy Perry’s net worth of $126 million.

Drake’s net worth of $88 million is 17% bigger than the Bruno Mars net worth sum. Lil Wayne has 15% less net worth than Bruno Mars at $62 million. Miley Cyrus has three times more money with $200 million. What about outside the music world? Bruno Mars’ net worth is 24 times bigger than President Barack Obama’s net worth of $3.2 million. Finally, Mars has 1,073 times as much money as the typical American family at just $68,000.

Bruno Mars Net Worth Timeline

The table below shows how the Bruno Mars net worth story unfolds over time. The falloff for the last two years is thanks to a drought of Bruno Mars concert tours during that time. The big jump in 2013 and 2014 comes from Mars’ Moonshine Jungle tour. That tour pumped an estimated $133 million into the Bruno Mars net worth tank.

How does Mars himself explain his meteoric success? He claims that someone once told him to picture the life he wanted and then work backwards. He says he’s tried to live his live by that advice. It certainly seems to be working. In just over six years, Mars has gone from a complete unknown to a multimillionaire.

Bruno Mars Net Worth Timeline
Bruno Mars Net Worth 2010$7,448,223
Bruno Mars Net Worth 2011$12,440,170
Bruno Mars Net Worth 2012$19,609,945
Bruno Mars Net Worth 2013$43,909,828
Bruno Mars Net Worth 2014$68,388,683
Bruno Mars Net Worth 2015$71,969,479
Bruno Mars Net Worth 2016$75,651,469

Bruno Mars Net Worth Timeline

Bruno Mars Net Worth Sources

Bruno Mars Net WorthWhere does Bruno Mars get all his money? The table below shows all the slices of the Bruno Mars net worth pie. Surprisingly, endorsement dollars are largely absent. Mars hasn’t expressed a moral aversion to making endorsement money but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Though Mars hasn’t been vocal about his reasons for shunning the product pay, he certainly has shunned it.

There are some apparent exceptions. Mars’s Super Bowl halftime show was plugged in an ad by Pepsi. But it’s unclear whether that actually counts as Mars soliciting sponsor dollars, since he probably had to agree to the ad to do the halftime show. Either way, Mars’ lack of endorsement pay probably drops about $5 million a year from his net worth. After taxes and over 6.5 years, that would have come to over $15 million.

Bruno Mars Net Worth Breakdown
Bruno Mars Concert Tours$154,827,500
Investment Income (6% of Bruno Mars net worth/yr)$4,289,779
Music Sales$25,206,476
YouTube Earnings$35,940,581
Total Bruno Mars Earnings210,840,188
Bruno Mars Salary (avg since 2010)$30,120,027
Taxes (Bruno Mars is in a 52.9% tax bracket)$88,552,879
Expenses (15%)$13,282,932
Bruno Mars Net Worth$75,651,469

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Album Sales and Bruno Mars Net Worth

Album sales kick in $14.6 million to the Bruno Mars net worth total. Mars has only ever released two studio albums, Doo Wops & Hooligans in 2010 and Unorthodox Jukebox in 2012. Each of those albums has sold an estimated six million copies worldwide.

Doo Wops is a two time RIAA certified album. That means it sold two million copies in the U.S. It’s also a five time BPI platinum certified album. That gives it another three million. The remaining million comes from smaller but still significant certifications such as ARIA, BVMI, IFPI and RMNZ.

The albums sold for about $10.99 each. According to industry experts, singers who write their own songs keep about 11.1% of every sale they make. The table below shows how all of Mars’ music sales play out.

Music Sales and Bruno Mars Net Worth
AlbumUnits Sold at $10.99 EachRevenueBruno Mars Earnings (11.1% of Total)
Doo-Wops & Hooligans (2010)6,000,000$65,940,000$7,319,340
Unorthodox Jukebox (2012)6,000,000$65,940,000$7,319,340
Total Album Sales and Bruno Mars Net Worth12,000,000$131,880,000$14,638,680

Lead Singles and Bruno Mars Net Worth

Singles where Mars was the lead artist add another $9 million to Bruno Mars’ net worth. 2010’s Just the Way You Are sold 7.5 million copies. The song went five times platinum in the U.S., giving it five million sales. Worldwide certifications include six times ARIA platinum and two times BPI platinum.

Mars has said his single Locked Out of Heaven is a tribute to the British pop band The Police. Mars says he grew up listening to songs by the band and playing their songs out in bars. He noticed that whenever he played a song by The Police in a bar, the entire place went crazy immediately. His goal with Heaven was to create that kind of recognition and excitement.

Singles as Lead Artist and Bruno Mars Net Worth
Units Sold at $1.99 Each
Bruno Mars Earnings (11.1% of Total)
Just the Way You Are (2010)7,500,000$14,925,000$1,656,675
Grenade (2010)6,500,000$12,935,000$1,435,785
The Lazy Song (2011)4,000,000$7,960,000$883,560
Marry You (2011)1,200,000$2,388,000$265,068
It Will Rain (2011)3,750,000$7,462,500$828,338
Count on Me (2011)100,000$199,000$22,089
Locked Out of Heaven (2012)6,750,000$13,432,500$1,491,008
When I Was Your Man (2013)5,500,000$10,945,000$1,214,895
Treasure (2013)3,750,000$7,462,500$828,338
Gorilla (2013)650,000$1,293,500$143,579
Young Girls (2013)650,000$1,293,500$143,579
Total Lead Singles and Bruno Mars Net Worth$8,912,912

Featured Singles and Bruno Mars Net Worth

All in all, featured singles add $1.6 million to the Bruno Mars net worth figures.

Mars has been featured on seven hit singles. Of course by far the biggest of these is 2014’s Uptown Funk. That Mark Ronson song featuring Bruno Mars has sold an astounding 12 million copies worldwide. At $1.99 each, that comes to $24 million total. Of course Ronson keeps the lion’s share of that money. According to industry estimates, Mars’ cut would be around 3.3% or $788,000. Mars made far more than that on YouTube. The video has 1.5 billion YouTube views, creating about $11.5 million in total revenue. Assuming Mars kept about 30% of that gives him $3.5 million from the YouTube video alone.

Singles as Featured Artist and Bruno Mars Net Worth
Units Sold
Revenu at $1.99 Each
Bruno Mars Earnings (3.3% of Total)
Nothin' on You (2010, Bruno Mars with B.o.B)2,750,000$5,472,500$180,593
Billionaire (2010, Bruno Mars with Travie McCoy)2,750,000$5,472,500$180,593
Lighters (2011, Bruno Mars with Bad Meets Evil)2,400,000$4,776,000$157,608
Young, Wild & Free (2011, Bruno Mars with Snoop Dogg)3,400,000$6,766,000$223,278
Mirror (2011, Bruno Mars with Lil Wayne)1,300,000$2,587,000$85,371
Bubble Butt (2013, Bruno Mars with Major Lazer)600,000$1,194,000$39,402
Uptown Funk (2014, Bruno Mars with Mark Ronson)12,000,000$23,880,000$788,040
Total Featured Singles and Bruno Mars Net Worth$1,654,884

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Concert Tours and Bruno Mars Net Worth

Bruno Mars Net Worth ConcertsConcert tours contribute $154 million to the Bruno Mars net worth numbers. Mars has only had two major concert tours, but they were major. The Doo Wops & Hooligans tour spanned three years and 103 shows. Kicking off in 2010 and finishing in 2012, the tour took in an estimated $25.7 million in total revenue. That figure comes from an analysis of Billboard box office data for the tour. According to that analysis, the tour averaged about $250,000 per show. With 103 shows that comes to $25.7 million.

Big music stars traditionally get to keep about 85% of concert revenue, according to industry reports. That means Mars kept $21.9 million from the tour. That’s a lot of money, but the really impressive number is the Moonshine Jungle tour in 2013 and 2014. According to Pollstar, that tour took in $156 million. Mars’ cut would be $133 million.

Concert Tours and Bruno Mars Net Worth
TourRevenueBruno Mars %Bruno Mars Earnings
Doo Wops & Hooligans (2010-2012, 103 shows)$25,750,00085%$21,887,500
The Moonshine Jungle Tour (2013-2014)$156,400,00085%$132,940,000
Total Concert Tours and Bruno Mars Net Worth$154,827,500

YouTube and Bruno Mars Net Worth

YouTube ad sales have tossed $29 million into the Bruno Mars net worth coffers. YouTube is increasingly a big source of revenue for music stars. Many musicians these days make more money from YouTube ads than they do from sales of songs and albums. That’s just down to math. If an album sells six million copies in the U.S. it’s a six times platinum album. That’s considered exceptionally good performance. Yet the star will only make about $7 million for that feat. Contrast that to YouTube. Many stars these days have view counts in the billions. With Mars’ 3.8 billion YouTube views at $7.60 for 1,000 views, that comes to more money than all his albums and singles sales combined.

YouTube and Bruno Mars Net Worth
ChannelYouTube ViewsEarnings Per ViewBruno Mars Earnings
Bruno Mars's Own Channel4,729,023,8800.0076$35,940,581

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Taxes, Expenses and Investments

The table below shows how taxes, expenses and investments affect the Bruno Mars net worth math. Mars lives in California, which gives him a 52.9% tax bracket. That’s 39.6% for federal taxes and another 13.3% for California state taxes. Added up over the years, Mars has paid an estimated $86 million in taxes. Expenses take another 15%. That covers costs like agent fees, concert production, cost of living and so on. Finally, investment income figured at 6% of net worth per year kicks in $5 million.

Taxes (52.9%)
Expenses (15%)
Investment Income (6% Per Year)
Total Bruno Mars Earnings$88,552,879$13,282,932$4,289,779

Did Mars know he would wind up being such a huge success? Probably not. The star has said the presidents of record companies have told him his music is terrible and he doesn’t have an identity. As for Mars, he claims he just writes songs he believes in with no tricks.