How to Find Cheap Hatchimals, and What Are Hatchimals?

The holiday season has a way of sneaking up on us. Before we know it the hot new toy this year has already sold out. Of course there are always those who have the year’s popular toy before anyone else knows it even exists. The rest of us face price gouging and shortages. Anyone searching “What are Hatchimals” or “Hatchimals cheap” shouldn’t panic, though. This article shows a solid way to get these great toys at the best price. Just keep reading.

Hatchimals are the “it” toy for the 2016 holidays and beyond. They’re exciting to kids because they come inside eggs like real animals and then hatch out through encouragement from the child. Glowing eyes and tapping on the inside of the egg are two ways the creature rewards interaction.


How Much Do Hatchimals Cost?

Hatchimals cost $59.99 but there’s a catch. That’s the retail price. Some stores like Toys R Us and Walmart have Hatchimals discounts as low as $48.88. With most Hatchimals not in stock as of 12/13/16, price gougers have bought up large quantities and are selling them at much higher prices. Resellers on Amazon and offer Hatchimals for $200 to $400 or more. There’s no need to reward these boors by paying their inflated prices, though. Some parents may give in just to ensure their child’s holiday joy, but there’s a good way to get Hatchimals cheap and in stock, just keep reading.

Where to Find Hatchimals

Lots of major retailers carry Hatchimals. The problem isn’t finding a retailer that sells the hot toy. It’s finding one that sells it cheap and has it in stock. Avoid price gouging resellers on Amazon, and other sites. Shoppers shouldn’t have to pay more than $49.99 for a Hatchimal.

The frustration with this toy is that it’s not in stock almost anywhere for very long. Currently the toy is sold by Target, Walmart, Amazon, Kmart and Toys R Us. It’s also out of stock most of the time. Hatchimals get restocked regularly but then sell out again just as fast. Luckily there’s a way to find this toy both cheap and in stock, below.


How to Find Hatchimals Cheap and in Stock

There’s a great online tool called Hatchimals Tracker from The tool lets shoppers find the toy cheap. It shows where they are sold and whether they’re in stock. It also shows each retailer’s price. Unfortunately as of 12/13/16 the popular toy is out of stock everywhere. But here’s the trick: parents who don’t have time to sit at their computer all day refreshing the Hatchimals Tracker page can subscribe to text alerts from the site. Just visit the Hatchimals Tracker here and then look for the “Mobile TXT Alerts” link on the left side of the page. According to the tool, the toy was last in stock this morning at So far since October the toy has been restocked somewhere on the list every few days.

Want double protection? Get the Price Jump App for iPhone. This cool app automatically tells shoppers the best price on any item from Amazon, then checks to see if it’s in stock anywhere else for less. As of this writing the tool reports that Amazon has the lowest Hatchimals price anywhere in stock at $178.99. However, iPhone users can set up the app to search continually in the background, then ping the user when the toy gets restocked somewhere cheaper.

With a little patience and the two tools listed above, any shopper should be able to find a Hatchimal in stock and at the cheapest prices of $48.88 to $59.99.

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What Are Hatchimals?

Hatchimals are a new toy from Spinmaster, maker of popular toys since 1994. Each one comes inside an egg. Children interact with and play with the egg to encourage it to hatch.


Getting it to Hatch

Children hold the egg, move it around, talk to it and touch it. Each egg is stuffed with new tech and sensors that let it understand the child’s input. In response, the animal will start to move around inside the egg and make noises. When a child taps the egg, the Hatchimal taps back with its beak. The creature’s eyes also light up different colors to communicate its moods. Children can hear its heartbeat by touching the bottom of the egg.

How long does hatching take? That’s a mystery and part of the fun of owning a Hatchimal. Hatchimals come in different shapes and colors, though the picture on the packaging will give parents a good idea what they are buying while still leaving some details a secret.

Are Hatchimals Still Fun After they Hatch?

The fun doesn’t end after a Hatchimal comes out of the egg. Like children, Hatchimals need love and guidance. They have moods and need to be kept happy. Children can teach them to talk and walk and even dance. They get tired and hungry. The color chart that comes with each Hatchimal will tell your child how to respond to each mood or need. At different times a Hatchimal may need to be burped, have its hiccups cured, or be reassured when frightened. A loud sound will scare a Hatchimal and rubbing it will warm it up if it gets cold.

Want to experience the ages and stages again? Just reset it. The toy takes just two AA batteries, installed at the factory and replaceable later.


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