How to Find a Cheap NES Classic

The best gift for the overgrown lovable nerd who has everything is a time machine back to the gentle, early days of console gaming. However, it’s tough to find those in stock. Sure there are downloadable Nintendo emulators (virus anyone?) and of course collectors sell antique consoles plus bookshelf-loads of grubby cartridges for hundreds of dollars. The real solution of course is Nintendo’s new NES Classic. The problem? The game maker didn’t anticipate the sheer size of the demand. Anyone searching “NES Classic cheap,” “NES Classic in stock” or even “What is NES Classic” has come to the right place, though. Below we answer all your questions about the new console, including how to get one at a great price.

The $59.99 NES Classic is a new, inexpensive, improved version of the original NES game system. It’s miniaturized. It has the same familiar controller. It’s been upgraded with a host of pre-loaded games (no cartridges!) and with USB ports. It showcases all the great characters grown-up gamers will fondly remember.


Why it’s Hard to Find a Cheap NES Classic in Stock

The new console turned out to be far more popular than the maker anticipated, meaning it’s hard to find a cheap NES Classic in stock. It’s not hard to find one. Anyone can pay upwards of $200, enriching a price-gouger on Amazon or eBay. The trick is to find one at the regular cheap $59.99 price, and in time for the holidays.

One frustrating reality of online shopping is that resellers gamble on what the next hot product will be. They buy heaps of that toy and then place them for sale online at inflated prices, reaping huge profits. Couple that with Nintendo’s characteristic supply problems and you’ve got a toy that’s in high demand but very hard to get.


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How to Find a Cheap NES Classic

Luckily there’s a good way to find both a cheap NES classic or an NES Classic at another price in stock. It’s not guaranteed to work and it’s not instantaneous, but it’s any shopper’s best bet for getting their hands on one of these coveted consoles before the clock strikes.

To find an inexpensive NES Classic, use the NES Classic Tracker from The tracker continually searches several online stores and reports back when the product gets restocked. Better still, shoppers can sign up for phone text alerts to be notified when a coveted item becomes available. Just visit the tracker here and click the “Mobile TXT Alerts” link on the left. The tool will send an alert if and when the console gets restocked at any of the stores shown. Be sure to note the price to see if the offer is legit or from a price gouger. Legit offers should cost $59.99 or less. Note the “last stock” column that shows the most recent restock date.


Where to Buy NES Classic?

Currently, the NES Classic is sold at several stores including Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Newegg, Toys R Us, Walmart and more. It’s also out of stock at every one of these stores as of 12/2/16. That means the cheap/in-stock NES Tracker tool in the section above is the best way to find this great retro game system.

The last restock of this item at any store for the $59.99 price was on 11/11/16 at Best Buy, GameStop and Toys R Us. Toys R Us has leaked that they’ll have the console in stock on Saturday and Sunday, 12/3 and 12/4.

NES Classic Discounts

Discounts on the NES Classic game console are few and far between. That said, there’s a great tool called Price Jump from that keeps track of the lowest price of any item vs Amazon that can help you save money on an NES Classic. Just visit the site and type in “NES Classic” and the tool will return the lowest price compared to Amazon’s lowest price. Unfortunately with a sought-after product like this gaming console, every time we’ve tried it so far it’s told us Amazon is cheapest with an off-putting $224.99 price tag. That number will presumably change if and when the game system is restocked anywhere online.


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What is NES Classic?

NES Classic is a reboot of the very popular Nintendo Entertainment System first introduced in the 1980’s. The NES Classic is cheap and much smaller than the original. In fact it fits in the palm of your hand. It connects to its nostalgia-packed controllers via modern USB 2.0. There’s a fake cartridge flap, but users never need to use cartridges because the console comes pre-loaded with 30 of the best retro-games available.

NES Classic vs Original NES

In some ways, NES Classic is the game machine every 80’s kid wishes they could have had. It’s a lot cheaper than the original at just $59.99, especially considering all the games that come with it for no extra charge. Instead of connecting to a TV via the old RCA jacks, it connects with a more modern HDMI interface. Its display can be set up to look like an old TV, complete with scan lines, or in more modern configurations.

The game system comes with one controller. Additional controllers cost $9.99 each. Games are savable for inconvenient interruptions too.


What Games Come with the NES Classic?

30 classic games come pre-loaded in the NES Classic, including:

  • Super Mario Bros 1, 2 and 3
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Pac Man
  • Castlevania I, II
  • Punch Out
  • Mega Man 2
  • Final Fantasy
  • Metroid
  • Tecmo Bowl
  • Galaga
  • Dozens more


How Much Does the NES Classic Cost?

The NES Classic costs $59.99. That’s a great price for the new mini console, one controller and 30 popular games. The trouble is that shortages mean the $59.99 price isn’t available at stores most of the time. The best way to find a cheap NES Classic in stock somewhere is to use the in-stock tracker and text alerts explained above. Aside from that, shoppers are likely to run into the console for sale for $200 or more. These more expensive versions are almost always from price gougers who originally bought the unit at the “discount” price and then offered it for resale at a gigantic markup.

Odds of Finding an NES Classic by Christmas

The odds of finding an NES Classic by Christmas are slim. That’s because it’s a hot item, so speculators are snapping it up and then selling it for a profit like ticket scalpers outside a Van Halen concert in the 80’s. With the in-stock tracker explained above, the chances getting one of the cool consoles goes up dramatically. Even so, shopping for this popular product is going to be a bit like a game of online shopping whack-a-mole.