Cheapest Watches for Sale on Amazon

We’ve found the ten cheapest watches that are actually any good in the list below. The cheapest watch of all that gets decent customer reviews on Amazon is the Perman Unique Mens Quartz with Round Dial Case. It’s got an Amazon 4.5 star rating and it sells for just $2.85 plus $1.50 shipping. It’s rated five stars for beauty, though predictably some buyers found theirs stopped working in a relatively short time. Other cheapest watches in the table below include five Casios, a CakCity, a Fanmis and a BesWLZ, all between $10 and $17. We’ve also included the cheapest Apple watch, the Apple Watch Sport 38mm, though at $299 it’s considerably more expensive than the other cheap watches in our list.

Our list of the ten cheapest watches comes exclusively from Amazon. The watches are best sellers on the shopping site, with lots of sales, lots of reviews and in most cases a very high review count. Of course there are cheaper watches for sale out there for as little as one cent (bought in bulk) but the ones in our list below are actually a hit with customers.

1. Perman Unique: $3

Cheapest Watches PermanThe cheapest watches aren’t always the best. The Perman Unique is absolutely beautiful and nearly everyone who buys one agrees. However, it doesn’t always seem to hold up well. While most of the people who reviewed this watch gushed about the design, about a tenth of them said the watch didn’t keep working for a long time. That said, if all you’re looking for is something in the cheapest range that’s still a watch and actually looks good, this may be the one to buy. One other drawback with this watch is that, while most on our list got their 5-star ratings from over a thousand customer reviews, this one only had 30 respondents pitching in their two cents.

2. Casio F91W Digital Sports Watch: $10

Cheapest Watches CasioComing in at #2 on our list of cheapest watches is the Casio F91W. It’s not a beautiful watch. In fact the design comes to us all the way from 1985. That said, it’s digital, it’s a watch, it works, it’s cheap, it lasts, it’s crammed with functions and over 1,600 Amazon shoppers can’t be wrong (and can’t all be paid fake reviewers). It’s splash-proof but not meant for swimming or diving, but for $10 how can you really go wrong? Not for use with a tuxedo or even a navy blazer, but it’s fine for any level of dress below that mark.

3. Casio F108WH Water Resistant: $11

Cheapest Watches BlueThird in our cheapest watches roster is another Casio, the F108WH. This watch is bright blue and a bit more stylish than the F91W. It’s also water resistant to 100 meters so wearers can take it in the pool or lake as long as they don’t do any deep dives with it. It has a non-standard battery, so once the original battery goes dead it’s easier to buy another watch than a new battery. That said, most users say the battery in this cheap little watch lasts for six or seven years. By then most people will be ready for a different look anyway.

4. CakCity Military Mens Sport Simple Design: $12

Cheapest Watches CakCityCakCity makes the fourth entry on our cheapest watches list. This is a military watch with a nice, simple design. While most military watches go for the ribbed, multisurface look, this one is all about smoooth. Big, easy to read numbers and a simple control scheme make this watch a lot more stylish than expected. Still, it’s stacked with multifunctions and it’s waterproof to 50 meters. Again, that means shallow swimming but nothing too deep. It’s light and easy to read, though some users complain that there’s no way to stop it chirping every time a button is pressed.

5. Casio Men’s MQ24-1E Black Resin Watch: $12

Cheapest Casio WatchesBack to Casio for the fifth watch on our cheapest watches list. This one is the MQ24-1E. It’s not a military or pseudo-dive look watch like choices #1-4. Instead it has a round-faced dressy design in black with gold hands and numbers on the dial face. Almost 2,000 people have reviewed this little workhorse on Amazon and over 70% of them loved it. It looks nice, it’s super light, it’s very durable, it’s cheap and simple. The plastic bezel isn’t scratch resistant, and it’s small, so it’s definitely not for people with big or even average-sized wrists.

6. Fanmis S-Shock Multi Function: $12

Watches Fanmis Cheapest#6 on our cheapest watches list is the Fanmis S-Shock. Ever heard of Fanmis? Neither have we. Ever heard of S-Shock? Presumably it’s 12 alphabet letters better than G-Shock. Even so, it gets four stars from 560+ reviewers. It’s got a classic dive watch look, black with cool blue accents like some aliens forgot it here a thousand years ago. It’s water resistant enough for swimming, but a big warning is that anyone who presses any of its buttons underwater will become the proud owner of a tiny wrist brick. Aside from that it’s cheap but durable, if a little bulky on most wrists.

7. BesWLZ Multi Function Digital LED Quartz Watch: $13

Cheapest Best WatchesBesWLZ is another entry in our cheapest watches list whose make and model doesn’t ring a bell. It’s a really nice looking sport watch, black with blue numbers in a dive watch configuration. It looks similar to the Fanmis except instead of a digital display it has analogue hands. It’s a great watch for kids, though the face may look a little bulky on their wrists. It’s also not a good idea to press any of this cheap watch’s buttons underwater.

8. Casio Men’s MRW200H-1BCT: $16

Watches Cheapest CasioLower down on our list of cheapest watches is another Casio. The MRW200H is a pretty simple looking dive-type watch with analogue hands. It’s water resistant to 100 meters, which makes it fine for snorkeling or showering. Out of nearly 3,000 reviews on Amazon, it gets a 4.5 star rating. That’s excellent but nothing eye-opening for Casio. Full disclosure, Casio isn’t paying anything for saying this, though now that we’ve written a top ten cheapest article with five of their watches in it, ads for their wares are bound to pop up in the margins of this article. Still, we’re just calling it like we see it: lots of people buy their cheap timepieces and a lot of people love them.

9. Casio Women’s LRW200H-7BVCF: $17

Women cheapest casio watchThe ninth of the cheapest watches on our list is the women’s version of the RW200H is white with pastel-colored numbers on the face. Like it’s male counterpart, it’s fine for snorkeling but not diving. It’s decent, durable and practical. The white band is somewhat porous and some users have complained it sucks up ink and even dye from clothing if you sweat in it. It’s lightweight with a small dial face and it lasts a long time.

10. Apple’s Cheapest Watches: $299

Cheapest Apple WatchesThis is not one of the cheapest watches in all the land, but it’s the cheapest Apple Watch so we thought we’d better stick it in here. At $299, anyone could buy 20 to 25 of the other watches on our list for the same price. Then again, those watches can’t track fitness or tell the wearer that her Aunt Marge just thumbs-upped her latest selfie on Facebook. You get what you pay for. Other Apple Watches sell for anywhere up to $17,000, so this one really is the cheapest as far as Apple Watches go.

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