Draymond Green Net Worth and Olympic Gold

The $5.4 million Draymond Green net worth sum would be a lot bigger if he hadn’t given $3.1 million to charity, but he’s got an $82 million contract so he shouldn’t worry. Green first signed with the Golden State Warriors in 2012 with an entry level contract that paid him less than a million a year. He signed his latest contract in 2015 for $14 million per year, ramping up to $18.5 million by 2019. Green has earned $23 million so far, with nearly $17 million of that from salary and the rest from endorsement deals with companies like Foot Locker and Verizon. Taxes toss out $11 million of that and expenses steal another $3 million.

Draymond Green Net Worth Facts

Draymond Green Net Worth Facts
Draymond Green net worth$5,418,934
Draymond Green net worth vs LeBron James net worth42 times smaller
Draymond Green net worth vs Kobe Bryant net worth59 times smaller
Draymond Green net worth vs Kevin Durant net worth25 times smaller
Draymond Green net worth vs Dwyane Wade net worth30 times smaller
Draymond Green net worth vs Steph Curry net worth5 times smaller
Draymond Green net worth vs Usain Bolt net worth14 times smaller
Draymond Green net worth vs Neymar net worth23 times smaller
Draymond Green net worth vs Donald Trump net worth956 times smaller
Draymond Green net worth vs typical American family net worth80 times bigger

The Draymond Green net worth total is still small compared to most other major NBA players and Olympians. Legendary player LeBron James’ net worth is 42 times bigger than Green’s at $223 million. Kobe Bryant’s net worth of $319 million is 59 times bigger than Green’s. Olympian and NBA star Kevin Durant has 25 times more net worth than Green with $134 million. Dwyane Wade’s $159 million outpaces Draymond Green’s net worth by 30 times. Steph Curry is another b-ball player who outdoes Green, this time with five times more money at $27 million. Other star Olympians smoke Green too, with world’s fastest human Usain Bolt coming in with 14 times more at $71.4 million and Brazilian soccer phenom Neymar with 23 times more at $120 million. U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump may not have as much money as he claims but he still outdoes Draymond by 956 times with $5.18 billion. The typical American family meanwhile has $68,000. Green has 80 times more than that.

Draymond Green Net Worth Timeline

Draymond Green Net Worth Timeline

Draymond Green Net Worth by Year
Draymond Green net worth 2012$0
Draymond Green net worth 2013$257,850
Draymond Green net worth 2014$706,672
Draymond Green net worth 2015-$561,925
Draymond Green net worth 2016$5,418,934

Draymond Green Net WorthThe Draymond Green net worth timeline and chart above shows a fortune in the millions that would have been even higher had the star not given $3.1 million to charity.  In 2015, Green gave a record setting $3.1 million to Michigan State’s athletic program. When someone like LeBron James gives over $40 million to young students it’s hugely generous but it’s still only a small portion of James’ $223 million net worth. When Green does it it’s possibly more shocking because Green has made a lot less money than James. In fact, Green’s donation put him under water financially for at least a year. Looking at the chart above, Green had a net worth of negative half a million in the same year he made the gift. According to Green it’s worth it. Green credits Michigan State and Coach Tom Izzo with giving him the chance he needed to succeed. He says he wouldn’t have made it without that chance, and the donation reflects his deep appreciation to the University. The player says he wants other kids like him to get the opportunity he had.

Draymond Green Net Worth from Basketball Salary, Endorsements

The table below shows how a Golden State Warriors salary and several sweet endorsement deals have chipped in to the Draymond Green net worth figures. Green really didn’t start out with much of a salary for the first three years of his career. His entry level contract had him earning between $850,000 and $916,000. Did we say “not much of a salary?” We meant for a big time NBA star. By 2016 things had sweetened considerably with a $14.2 million salary. Not only that, but his contract is for five years and $82 million and will have him earning $18.5 million by 2019. How does this happen? How does a player go from earning under a million to earning over $10 million in one year? The answer is performance. Clap your eyes on the stats column in the table below and witness a player who went from earning 227 points in his rookie year to more than double that the next year, nearly double that the year after and a good chunk higher the year after that. He’s no Kevin Durant (2029 points) or Steph Curry (2375 points) but he shows a marked improvement and that’s won him a star-level salary.

Draymond Green Net Worth from Basketball Salary
YearBasketball SalaryEndorsement EarningsPoints Scored
Total Draymond Green Net Worth from Golf Winnings$16,901,613$6,500,000$23,401,613

As far as endorsements go, Green is just starting to hit his stride. He doesn’t have his own line of Nike signature shoes yet and he’s not likely to any time soon, but the big companies are starting to notice him. He’s been in commercials for Foot Locker, Verizon and Beats by Dre. He’s also the face of Major Fantasy League Sports. It’s doubtful he’ll be earning in the $20 million a year range like Steph Curry or LeBron James next year, but the $4.5 million estimate in the table above is quite reasonable.

Did Green’s $3 Million Donation Crush His Net Worth?

The short answer to the above question is yes and no. Yes, the Draymond Green net worth number of $5.4 million would be a lot higher without that $3.1 million donation made in 2015. No, it didn’t crush his wealth for good because Green has nearly $80 million more coming in the next four years from salary alone. Endorsements are sure to kick in nearly the same amount during that time. The calculations below show all Green’s earnings from salary and endorsements in the second column. The third column shows the total amount for Draymond Green’s taxes, expenses, investments and donations. Green pays the nation’s top 39.6% tax rate. He also pays California’s staggeringly high 13.3% state income tax rate. Fold that together and that’s more than half of Green’s earnings eaten up right off the  bat. Expenses for agent fees, cost of living and other costs take out another 15%. The $3 million donation is visible in 2015.

Draymond Green Net Worth Calculations
YearDraymond Green Total EarningsAdjustments (Tax, Expense, Investment, Donation)Draymond Green Net Worth
Draymond Green Net Worth Totals$23,401,613-$17,982,679$5,418,934

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