Ivanka Trump Net Worth: The Conservative Kardashian?

The Ivanka Trump net worth total of $304 million comes partly from her careers as a fashion model and businesswoman and partly from her marriage to real estate developer Jared Kushner. Ivanka Trump is worth an estimated $122 million, while Kushner brings about $181 million to the table.

In some ways, considerations about Ivanka Trump’s earned wealth are immaterial. As one of five Trump children she is heir to a $1.3 billion slice of her father’s fortune. That said, there’s no doubt that Ivanka Trump cultivates a shrewd business acumen of her own. She created her own jewelry line before taking on the mantle of Executive VP of Development & Acquisitions for the Trump Organization. In many ways she is a kind of conservative Kardashian, not only because of her fame, her beauty company and her reality TV work, but also because of the enterprising nature hidden beneath the glamour.

Ivanka Trump Net Worth Facts

Ivanka Trump Net Worth Facts
Ivanka Trump net worth$304,320,644
Ivanka Trump net worth without Husband Jared Kushner$122,852,901
Ivanka Trump net worth with Portion of Trump Fortune$1,340,320,644
Ivanka Trump net worth vs Kim Kardashian net worth3 times bigger
Ivanka Trump net worth vs Kim Kardashian net worth3 times bigger
Ivanka Trump net worth vs Eric Trump net worth4 times bigger
Ivanka Trump net worth vs Donald Trump Jr. net worth3 times bigger
Ivanka Trump net worth vs Tiffany Trump net worth508 times bigger
Ivanka Trump net worth vs Barron Trump net worth3044 times bigger
Ivanka Trump net worth vs typical American family net worth4476 times bigger

The Ivanka Trump net worth total of $304 million is very high even for a top-earning celebrity. Ivanka Trump has amassed a sizable $122.8 million fortune on her own, though naturally, nepotism comes into play. That said, to rise so high in the Trump Organization demands a high level of business skill. Father Donald Trump’s net worth is 18 times bigger than Ivanka’s at $5.18 billion. Ivanka Trump has nearly four times more money than brother Eric Trump at $80 million and twice as much as Donald Trump Jr.’s $150 million. It’s 500 times bigger than little sister Tiffany Trump’s $600,000 net worth and 3,000 times bigger than little brother Barron Trump’s net worth of $100,000.


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The Ivanka Trump Net Worth Timeline

Ivanka Trump Net Worth by Year (with Jared Kushner)
Ivanka Trump net worth 2000$854,979
Ivanka Trump net worth 2004$1,900,481
Ivanka Trump net worth 2005$7,143,908
Ivanka Trump net worth 2007$21,473,090
Ivanka Trump net worth 2009$90,027,809
Ivanka Trump net worth 2010$114,581,551
Ivanka Trump net worth 2011$142,380,775
Ivanka Trump net worth 2013$202,354,834
Ivanka Trump net worth 2015$268,675,377
Ivanka Trump net worth 2016$304,320,644

ivanka-trump-net-worth-1The Ivanka Trump net worth timeline above shows how the businesswoman’s wealth has risen over time. Would Ivanka have been so successful without her billionaire father or without marrying her millionaire husband? It’s impossible to say. There’s no denying that she is possessed of a singular flair for business.

It would be a gordian-knot-sized task to untangle the reasons for Ivanka Trump’s riches. Certainly nepotism plays a role and there’s no doubt that being the daughter of the company owner helped her get her job as VP of Development & Acquisitions for the Trump Organization. Also her father’s guidance very probably developed her nascent business skills. Finally, she did “marry into money” thanks to her real-estate mogul husband Jared Kushner, as seen by the steep jump around 2009 in the graph above. The best way to describe the Ivanka Trump fortune is as an inextricable blend of luck and skill.

Ivanka Trump Net Worth Data and Calculations

ivanka-trump-net-worth-4The table below shows ballpark Ivanka Trump net worth data and calculations. In truth it’s not possible to know exactly how much Ivanka is worth since as a private figure she’s not required to publicize income data. However, best estimates place total earnings for both Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner at a $585.6 million lifetime total. That gives the pair an average salary of $34 million and a 2016 salary of $55 million. Taxes eliminate $283 million of that money and expenses take another $70 million, while investments add back $72 million.

Taxes are figured here at the top U.S. rate of 39.6% plus the highest New York State bracket of 8.82%. Expenses are calculated at 12% of all income per year, while Ivanka’s investment rate is set at a high 10% thanks to her connections and savvy.

Ivanka Trump Net Worth Data
Total Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Earnings$585,580,000
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Salary (average)$34,357,647
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Salary 2016$55,045,455
Total Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Earnings$585,580,000
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Salary (average)$34,357,647
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Salary 2016$55,045,455
Ivanka Trump Net Worth$304,320,644

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Where Does the Ivanka Trump Net Worth Sum Come From?

The Ivanka Trump net worth figures are built from a mix of modeling and business. Trump’s successful career as a fashion model started back in 1997. In that capacity she did runway work for Versace and other top designers. She posed for ad campaigns for Sassoon Jeans and Tommy Hilfiger. Ivanka Trump was featured on the cover of several magazines, including Golf Magazine, Forbes and Harper’s Bazaar.

Jewels and Beauty

ivanka-trump-net-worth-2Most of Ivanka Trump’s net worth comes from her business career. Trump has maintained a successful luxury jewelry line since 2007. Pieces sell for $600 to $15,000 and up, available in 60 stores across the United States, Canada, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to name a few.

Trump also runs a Kardashian-esque beauty website that showcases her jewelry as well as tips on style, travel, homemaking and fashion. The site has an Alexa rank of 74,000, meaning that it’s surprisingly about 35% more popular with web users than Kim Kardashian’s site. Ivanka’s Twitter account has about 2.3 million followers vs Kardashian’s 49 million, which means she can earn significantly less for paid tweets than the selfie star.

Ivanka Trump Net Worth from Business

Ivanka Trump is the Trump Organization’s VP of Development & Acquisitions, a position that contributes in no small part to her net worth. Trump organization employees earn an average of $85,000 a year according to Payscale.com. That doesn’t shed much light on what the company’s executives make. However, with average CEO pay at around $14 million per year according to Glassdoor.com and average VP salary at about $225,000, it’s no stretch to imagine Ivanka Trump earning $5 million per year.

In her capacity as an executive VP at the Trump Organization, Ivanka works to expand the company globally. In that capacity she has facilitated the opening of Trump hotels and resorts in numerous locations. She spearheaded the $30 million renovation of the Trump Hotel in New York and launched Trump International Realty.

Did Ivanka Trump Marry Money?

ivanka-trump-net-worth-3An argument can certainly be made that a large portion of the current Ivanka Trump net worth number wouldn’t exist without her husband. Jared Kushner is a successful real estate mogul in his own right, with nearly twice the wealth of his wife when figured independently. It could also be said that Kushner himself married money, since the wedding made him heir to the $5 billion plus Donald Trump fortune. Seen in that light, facts and figures around Ivanka Trump’s own personal net worth seem somewhat frivolous. The one thing certain about the socialite and businesswoman’s financial status is that she was never going to be anything but rich no matter what she did.

Another consideration about Ms. Trump’s money though is that it’s notable that she isn’t just a socialite. Many children of wealthy parents do tend to languish and become dilettantes. Whatever help Ivanka has had from her father and husband, she almost certainly wouldn’t be a senior VP at the Trump Organization without some level of aptitude. She also definitely does not need the income from the job.

Is Ivanka Trump in the Cabinet?

The question “Is Ivanka Trump in the Cabinet” can only be answered with a resounding “No.” A 1967 law prohibits any U.S. President from naming relatives to Cabinet posts.

If you liked reading about Ivanka Trump’s net worth, try this post about Lil Wayne’s net worth or this one about Bill Gates’ net worth. All Ivanka Trump net worth data in this article are based on our analysis of income streams, tax, expense and investment calculations, estimates and media reports and are provided here for entertainment purposes only.


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