Jared Kushner Net Worth: The Non-Cabinet Advisor?

The Jared Kushner net worth sum of $304 million comes from real estate investment, publishing and his marriage to Ivanka Trump. Kushner is the son of wealthy real estate developer Charles Kushner. It’s probable that he got most of his initial investing money from his father and from investing connections made through his influential family.

In truth very little is known about Jared Kushner’s actual net worth. The figures shown online are largely ballpark estimates. As a private citizen Kushner doesn’t need to reveal his tax returns, debts or assets. As a real estate investor he doesn’t even have visible income streams to measure. What is known for certain about Kushner is the value of several major real estate deals since 2007. However even that information isn’t comprehensively available for each and every deal.

Jared Kushner Net Worth Facts

Jared Kushner Net Worth Facts
Jared Kushner net worth$181,467,744
Jared Kushner net worth with Ivanka Trump net worth$304,320,644
Jared Kushner net worth vs Ivanka Trump net worth$122,800,000
Jared Kushner net worth vs Donald Trump net worth29 times smaller
Jared Kushner net worth vs Donald Trump Jr. net worth21% bigger
Jared Kushner net worth vs Eric Trump net worth3 times bigger
Jared Kushner net worth vs Tiffany Trump net worth303 times bigger
Jared Kushner net worth vs Barron Trump net worth1815 times bigger
Jared Kushner net worth vs Kim Kardashian net worth21% bigger
Jared Kushner net worth vs typical American family net worth2669 times bigger

In the world of the Trump family, the independent Jared Kushner net worth total of $181 million is par for the course. Kushner’s net worth is 50% bigger than wife Ivanka Trump’s net worth. Combined with her net worth, the pair has a total wealth estimated at $304 million. Donald Trump’s net worth is 29 times bigger than Jared Kushner’s at $5.18 billion.

Kushner has 21% more money than Donald Trump Jr. at $150 million and three times more than Eric Trump at $80 million. Tiffany Trump has only a reported $600,000, which means Kushner has 303 times more money than her. Barron Trump meanwhile has an estimated $100,000. That makes Kushner 1,815 times richer than his young in-law. Outside the Trump family Kushner just does as well, with 21% more wealth than socialite and businesswoman Kim Kardashian’s $150 million.


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Jared Kushner Net Worth Timeline

Jared Kushner Net Worth by Year
Jared Kushner net worth 2000$197,900
Jared Kushner net worth 2002$1,822,457
Jared Kushner net worth 2003$3,895,460
Jared Kushner net worth 2005$11,595,402
Jared Kushner net worth 2006$16,943,093
Jared Kushner net worth 2009$90,027,809
Jared Kushner net worth 2010$114,581,551
Jared Kushner net worth 2012$171,613,882
Jared Kushner net worth 2013$202,354,834
Jared Kushner net worth 2016$304,320,644

The chart and table above show how the Jared Kushner net worth sum has grown over time. Note the relatively slow growth of Kushner’s wealth in the years before 2009. In that year Kushner married Ivanka Trump. It’s not so much that marrying into the Trump family made him rich or made his wife rich. Each partner was independently headed for total wealth accumulation well above $100 million. It’s more that the wedding created a kind of financial merger as well. Another significant fact is that Ivanka Trump is heir to one fifth of father Donald Trump’s $5.18 billion fortune. There’s little chance in this case that Kushner will ever be anything but rich.


Jared Kushner Net Worth Calculations

The table below shows a few of the calculations surrounding the Jared Kushner net worth figure. Kushner has earned a total of $352 million in his lifetime. That’s independent of wife Ivanka Trump, who has earned an estimated $233 million in her own right. However, taxes chop out $170 million of that money and expenses take another $42 million. Almost exactly that much is added back in however from estimated investment income outside of real estate.

As a resident of New York, Kushner owes an estimated 8.82% in state income taxes on everything he earns. He also owed 39.6% in federal income tax per year. Expenses are figured at 12% of income per year while investments are calculated at a high 10% of net worth annually thanks to his high level investor status. All these calculations are estimates figured to zero in on a more accurate ballpark figure for Kushner’s total wealth.

Jared Kushner Net Worth Data
Total Jared Kushner Earnings$352,500,000
Jared Kushner Salary (avg)$27,916,667
Jared Kushner Salary (2016)$35,000,000
Investments Beyond Real Estate-$41,948,244
Jared Kushner Net Worth$181,467,744

Jared Kushner Net Worth from Real Estate

jared-kushner-net-worth-3Jared Kushner spent a reported $7 billion on real estate in New York from 2007 through 2016. One explanation for how he could spend that much and have a net worth under $1 billion is that he spent the money of investors and not his own savings. At the young age of 26 in 2007, Kushner closed the single largest property purchase in United States history, buying 666 Fifth Avenue in New York for $1.8 billion in investor money. That deal did not turn him a profit however, since the bursting of the real estate bubble in 2008 forced him to sell again for considerably less.

The Kushner Family

The Jared Kushner net worth story owes a lot to Kushner’s family. Jared’s father Charles was allegedly convicted in 2004 for witness tampering, tax evasion and illegal campaign donations. In 2007 Jared Kushner convinced his father to sell a large portion of their properties to AIG for nearly $2 billion. That deal resulted in a profit of $1 billion for the family. In 2008 Jared became CEO of Kushner Properties.

Other Jared Kushner Deals

Jared Kushner bought a three-building apartment property in Maryland for nearly $38 million in 2014. That same year he acquired over 11,000 apartment units across New Jersey, New York and greater Baltimore. In 2015 he also purchased a controlling interest in the Times Square Building in New York for $295 million.

Jared Kushner Net Worth from Publishing

Publishing most likely doesn’t contribute materially to the Jared Kushner net worth total. Kushner bought a weekly NYC newspaper called The New York Observer at the age of 25. He paid $10 million for the sale. He says he earned that money from real estate deals he made during college. The money for those deals in turn came from his wealthy family.

The Observer did not earn a profit before Kushner’s acquisition of it according to reports. Afterward, the paper’s online audience rose sharply to six million unique readers per month. While six million is an impressive number, it’s unlikely that the paper earns more than $500,000 to $1 million per year from that readership. Once its operating costs are dealt with, Kushner probably isn’t earning a tycoon’s salary from the paper.


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Jared Kushner and Connections

There’s little doubt that the Jared Kushner net worth sum owes a great deal to his numerous connections. Consider:

  • Kushner’s father reportedly made a $2.5 million donation to Harvard shortly before Kushner was admitted there as a student. It’s reported that Kushner wouldn’t have been accepted to the university on the merits.
  • Kushner’s father made a $3 million donation to NYU before his son Jared was admitted there to earn an MBA degree.
  • Kushner married Ivanka Trump, not only making him heir to a portion of her father’s $5 billion fortune, but also opening up countless real estate business opportunities.
  • Kushner ran Donald Trump’s digital media campaign. It’s said that he got the job not thanks to any special skill as an internet media guru but because of nepotism.
  • Kushner is rumored to be in the running as an unofficial advisor to President Trump. Such a position could have vast repercussions for the young real estate investor in terms of both power and money.

Will Jared Kushner Be in the Cabinet?

jared-kushner-net-worth-1A 1967 anti-nepotism law prohibits Jared Kushner from serving in the U.S. Cabinet. He also can’t get a top security clearance, so he won’t be informed about state secrets. That said, there’s no law that says he can’t advise his father-in-law unofficially on matters of state. As a member of Trump’s inner circle, Kushner could very well have the president’s ear concerning high-level decisions.

How Accurate Are Our Jared Kushner Net Worth Numbers?

The truth is that there’s no way of knowing exactly what the Jared Kushner’s net worth is apart from asking Kushner personally. Kushner is a private citizen so he doesn’t have to share his financials. Making things even more difficult, Kushner isn’t like a music star with known music sales figures and concert attendance data available online. Nor is he like a movie star with known roles where we can estimate his pay per role by box office figures and other data. As an investor, Kushner’s earnings are largely a black box. It’s possible that Kushner’s net worth is as low as $20 million and almost all his business is done with investor money. It’s also possible his wealth is over $1 billion thanks to huge deals and his family’s fortune.

If you liked reading about Jared Kushner’s net worth, try this post about Bill Gates’ net worth or this one about Taylor Swift’s net worth. All Jared Kushner net worth data in this article are based on our analysis of income streams, tax, expense and investment calculations, estimates and media reports and are provided here for entertainment purposes only.