Jay Z Beyonce Net Worth: Almost a Billion Together

The combined Jay Z Beyonce net worth total of $972 million comes from $1.84 billion in pre-tax earnings from concerts, music sales, YouTube revenue, business deals and other sources. Together, the musical couple has earned about the same amount of money as every Wendy’s restaurant makes in a year.

Beyonce trumps Jay Z when it comes to income from concerts. The Lemonade star has earned almost three times more than her rapper husband from live performances. Jay Z meanwhile excels at business, having earned over $350 million from the sale of his RocaWear clothing line and other business deals. Together, Jay Z and Beyonce make a formidable pair. It’s hard to imagine another celebrity couple with such sky-high earnings from both partners.

The table below shows the net worth of both Jay Z and Beyonce, first separately and then combined.

Jay Z Beyonce Net Worth
Beyonce net worth$419,854,133
Jay Z net worth$552,257,714
Jay Z Beyonce net worth$972,111,847


Jay Z Beyonce Net Worth Timeline

Jay Z Beyonce Net Worth Timeline
Jay Z Beyonce net worth 2007$279,081,803
Jay Z Beyonce net worth 2008$367,103,668
Jay Z Beyonce net worth 2009$445,118,936
Jay Z Beyonce net worth 2010$477,356,493
Jay Z Beyonce net worth 2011$539,371,097
Jay Z Beyonce net worth 2012$575,491,943
Jay Z Beyonce net worth 2013$650,060,119
Jay Z Beyonce net worth 2014$816,377,407
Jay Z Beyonce net worth 2015$860,339,843
Jay Z Beyonce net worth 2016$972,111,847

The table and chart above show the Jay Z Beyonce net worth timeline. The celebrity couple didn’t tie the knot until April of 2008, so joined figures before that are hypothetical. Since their wedding, the pair has collectively turned out 13 concerts, 10 studio albums, 64 singles, racked up nearly seven billion YouTube views and earned hundreds of millions from business deals. The timeline above clearly shows that Beyonce started later and now earns more than her multi-millionaire husband. The image is deceptive though, making the star rapper’s income look relatively flat. Stacked up against almost any other music star in existence, Jay Z’s earnings would dwarf most.


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Jay Z Beyonce Net Worth Sources

The sources of the Jay Z Beyonce net worth engine compliment each other nicely. Jay Z has earned more from music sales than his diva wife, but Beyonce gets more from concert earnings. The Sasha fierce star outstrips her man in another area as well: YouTube earnings. Beyonce has scored over six billion YouTube views on her Vevo and personal channels since 2005. Jay Z has racked up a comparatively paltry 196 million. That gives the Queen B an estimated $42.9 million in YouTube earnings to Jay Z’s $1.4 million.

Beyonce has also outdone the god of rap in merchandise sales, selling about triple the amount of concert tees, hats, cell phone cases and other personalized doo dads. There’s one area however where Beyonce can’t hold a candle to her man: business deals. Jay Z has pulled down over $350 million from businesses in his lifetime. The biggest was the sale of his RocaWear clothing line in 2007, but a $150 million deal with Live Nation wasn’t exactly chump change either.

Jay Z Beyonce Net Worth Sources
Income SourceJay ZBeyonceTogether
Music Sales$77,785,062$43,577,793$121,362,855
Business Deals$354,000,000$354,000,000
Total Earnings$851,836,136$994,579,520$1,846,415,656


Jay Z Beyonce Net Worth from Music Sales

Music sales kick in $121 million to the Jay Z Beyonce net worth total. Jay Z takes the win in this area, scoring $77.8 million in earnings to his wife’s $43.5 million. Jay Z has released an astonishing 15 studio albums and 115 singles since his career began back in 1996. Beyonce has released a still extremely impressive six studio albums and 43 singles, many of which received coveted RIAA Platinum or multiple Platinum certifications. Her hottest selling album ever is 2003’s Dangerously in Love, which has sold over 11 million copies worldwide.

Jay Z is no slouch himself in this area, not only besting his famous wife in terms of sheer volume but also matching her for unit sales certifications. Jay Z’s best selling album is his 1998 smash hit Vol 2… Hard Knock Life which sold over 10.5 million units around the globe. For a full rundown of earnings for every Jay Z and Beyonce album and single, check out the full Beyonce net worth and Jay Z net worth posts.

Jay Z Beyonce Net Worth from Concerts

beyonce-and-jay-z-net-worth-from-concertsWhen it comes to the concert side of the Jay Z Beyonce net worth together story, the Hard Knock rapper had better watch the throne. Jay Z is no slouch when it comes to concert earnings, raking in an estimated $204 million since 2009. That said, Beyonce nearly triples that with pre-tax earnings of $668 million. That gives the celebrity pair the formation of $799 million in pre-tax income from concert revenue alone.

If the math seems wrong, it’s because one of those tours, the On the Run tour, was a joint tour featuring both artists. The total figure is based on estimated box office earnings for each and every Jay Z and Beyonce concert tour. Industry analysts estimate that big name artists get about 85% of the box office take. While that’s a huge cut, we’ve taken out half of that in our calculations for taxes and another 15% for expenses. Even so, that still adds over $400 million added to the stars’ collective net worth.

Jay Z Beyonce Net Worth from Acting

While Jay Z does have a few acting credits under his belt, his earnings from those roles aren’t considered material. By contrast, Beyonce’s acting career is pretty impressive in its own right, contributing $4.9 million in earnings from nine different roles. Beyonce has appeared in Austin Powers: Goldmember, The Fighting Temptations, The Pink Panther, Epic and Dreamgirls, among other films and TV shows.

Jay Z Beyonce Net Worth from Endorsement Deals

Endorsements chip in a combined $234 million to the Beyonce and Jay Z together net worth total. That’s pretty impressive for an income stream that many would consider secondary. Over the years, Beyonce has cut deals with L’Oreal, Pepsi, Samantha Thavasa, Tommy Hilfiger and many, many more companies. She has earned an estimated $111 million in endorsement pay for those contracts. While that’s a fortune, it’s slightly eclipsed by the $133 million Jay Z has managed to amass from endorsements.

The Hova has inked contracts with Bing, Rhapsody, HP, Budweiser, Reebok and Samsung among others. Taken together, Jay Z and Beyonce form a formidable two-person advertising industry.

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Jay Z Beyonce Net Worth from Merchandise

Merchandise figures for the Jay Z Beyonce net worth calculations come mostly from estimates based on concert revenue. It’s not known exactly how much either of the famous couple has earned from sales of merchandise, but there’s enough data to make a best-guess estimate. Jay Z’s major concert tours have taken in a total of $296.8 million in box office revenue. Beyonce’s have earned a total of $785.9 million so far. Making sure not to double-count the On the Run tour, that gives total box office revenue of $1.08 billion. Jay Z and Beyonce take a smaller cut of that total, but it’s a good starting point for an estimate of merchandise revenue.

Assuming Jay Z’s pre-tax, pre-expense cut of all his concert revenue to be 85% gives him concert earnings of $240 million. Figuring merchandise money at about 20% of that returns merchandise income of $47.9 million over the course of his career. A similar calculation for Beyonce gives her merchandise income of $133.6 million. That’s a total merchandise payout for the pair of $181.5 million.


Jay Z Beyonce Net Worth from Business Deals

Beyonce hasn’t sealed any major business deals on record anywhere in the media. Jay Z’s efforts therefore represent the entirety of the Jay Z Beyonce net worth amount from business deals. Jay Z was once caught saying, “I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man!” His $354 million in business income pumps up the Beyonce and Jay Z fortune considerably. In 2007 the rapper sold his Rocawear clothing line for a reported $204 million. He started the company just eight years earlier. He also has a deal with streaming service Tidal, owns the Armand de Brignac champagne company and inked a $150 million deal with concert promotion firm Live Nation.

Jay Z Beyonce Net Worth Adjustments

Of course it’s not enough to say that Beyonce and Jay Z have earned $1.8 billion together. Taxes, expenses and investments must be figured as well. Investments for the pair are calculated at a modest 6% of net worth per year. Taxes come in at the top U.S. federal and New York State tax rates allowable by law. Expenses of 15% in both cases take the figure down another notch to form the final $972 million combined net worth amount shown in this article.

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