Why Are These Kids Rewarding Service Industry Employees with $100 Surprises?

Take two minutes to watch this video and you’ll get a really warm feeling, trust us.

The video below from OmarGoshTV has over a million views and it’s not hard to see why.

The video explores the uncomfortable situation of not having enough money to pay for what you’ve ordered, with a really nice twist.

In the video, two young children approach different fast food counters and place small orders. A small shake or an ice cream. Before the service industry employee behind the counter can complete the order, the children explain that they don’t have enough money.

If you were the service industry employee behind the counter, how would you handle the situation? The first worker tells his partner to stop making the shake, then explains that the shake the kids ordered costs $3.65. He’s not rude. He tells the kids to have a good day, but he doesn’t give them the shake.

Generosity Rewarded

The next two employees however do something entirely different, with a surprising and heartwarming result.

The second fast food worker seems to be the owner of a small private ice cream stand. She explains to the children that they’ve only given her $1, and that they’d need fifty cents more to pay for the ice cream they’ve ordered.

Rather than denying them the ice cream, she slides it across the counter to them and says, “O.K. go ahead, here.”

For future reference, she adds, “The cheapest thing here costs $1.50 though, O.K.?”

Like a Fable

generosity kids moneyThings take an unexpected turn when the children return with a note for the woman. The note says “Thanks for your kindness” and includes what looks like at least $100. The woman is obviously overwhelmed by their kindness, to the point of tears.

The kids’ next stop is at a Wendy’s. There, they attempt to pay for their $2 order with $1.

A Wendy’s isn’t a small, independent business where a server can just slide food across the counter without getting in trouble.

Their server appears to pay for the difference out of her own pocket. Again the children reward her for her generosity, this time with what looks like over $100. Again the kids’ “victim” is overcome by emotion.

“Are you serious?” the server says. “Why would you do that? You’re going to make me cry.”

The money in the video probably didn’t come from the kids’ pockets. The video’s producer probably gave it to them. Manipulative? Yes. Does it tug at the heartstrings anyway? Absolutely.