Outsource Your Life with These 5 Services to Save Time and Money

If you’re a businessperson or an entrepreneur you already know trying to do it all yourself is exhausting and not always the best idea. You may have started that company on your own or run that department by yourself, but eventually realized that having help – and hiring the right person for the job – was crucial for the business’ growth. Knowing when and what to delegate is already part of your job, so why not let it spill over into your personal life?

With the rise of service and sharing economies and easy-to-use apps, it’s even easier to get help buying groceries, have your house cleaned or have the makings of a gourmet meal delivered to your home on a weekly basis. To outsource much of your daily shutterstock_218389057routine can become expensive, but the cost-effectiveness is better measured in time saved, especially if you’re juggling a career, marriage and kids or simply want to focus more on your job.

In the long run, having help with your daily chores can save you 4-5 hours or more per week, freeing you up to sip that poolside margarita while your kids splash around or put in longer hours at work for that promotion you’ve been gunning for.