What is Scott Walker’s Net Worth?

Scott Walker’s net worth is $28,449. The figure is an average because U.S. presidential candidates aren’t required to disclose their exact net worth. Scott Walker’s net worth in 2015 could be as low as -$262,998 or as high as $319,897.

Scott Walker Net Worth Facts

  • Scott Walker net worth average in 2015: $28,449
  • Scott Walker net worth max possible in 2015: $319,897
  • Scott Walker net worth min possible  in 2015: -$262,998
  • Scott Walker net worth vs Jeb Bush net worth: 720 times smaller.
  • Scott Walker net worth vs Hillary Clinton net worth: 720 times smaller.
  • Scott Walker net worth vs Bernie Sanders net worth: 15.5 times smaller.
  • Scott Walker net worth vs Bill and Hillary Clinton combined net worth: 4,270 times smaller.
  • Scott Walker net worth vs median U.S. household net worth: 2.4 times smaller.
  • Scott Walker net worth vs Bill Gates net worth: 2.8 million times smaller.

Scott Walker Net Worth in Assets

scott walker net worth assetsWithout taking any debt into account, we can confidently place Scott Walker’s net worth in assets between $327,002 and $439,900.

On July 31 of 2015, Walker released financial disclosure forms that showed he had assets of anywhere from $17,002 to $80,000. Our Scott Walker net worth calculations are boosted by his Milwaukee home. Walker and his wife Tonette also own a house valued at $359,000. Since presidential candidates don’t have to disclose the value of their primary residences to the public, the house is not included in the financial disclosure forms. We’ve added it in to give a clearer picture of Scott Walker’s net worth.

Scott Walker’s Assets:

Asset Name Min Amount Max Amount
United Health Group, Inc. $1,001 $15,000
Northwestern Mutual (Whole Life Insurance) and Milwaukee County 457 Deferred Compensation Plan (Employee Trust Fund) $15,001 $50,000
Excepted Investment Fund, Milwaukee County 457 Deferred Compensation Plan (Employee Trust Fund) $??? (Excepted from reporting) $??? (Excepted from reporting)
T. Rowe Price Large Cap Growth, American Funds Washington Mutual R6, Wisconsin 457 Deferred Compensation Program (Employee Trust Fund), Vanguard Retirement 2035, Vanguard Target Retirement Income $1,000 $15,000
House (not disclosed) $310,000 $359,900
Totals $327,002 $439,900

As the table above shows, Walker has between $17,002 and $80,000 in investments. He has probably another $359,000 sunk in a small 896 square foot house in Milwaukee with an attached garage. Though he and his wife paid $310,000 for the house in February in 2007, they’ve made some improvements to it. The addition of a new HVAC system and a 12 by 20 in ground pool has raised the home’s assessed value to $359,000.

Scott Walker Net Worth Debt Considerations

Net worth is figured by subtracting debts from assets. According to the candidate’s financial disclosure forms, Scott Walker’s net worth is impacted by $120,003 to $280,000 in debt. $20,002 to $30,000 of that is credit card debt. The rest is student loan debt.

Debt Interest Rate Min Amount Max Amount
Barclay Credit Card 27.24% $10,001 $15,000
Bank of America Credit Card 11.99% $10,001 $15,000
Federal Student Loan (Dependent Child) 7.21% $100,001 $250,000
Totals $120,003 $280,000

The media has seized on Walker’s high interest credit card debt. Walker’s Barclay credit card debt of at least $10,001 and as much as $15,000 carries a 27.24% interest rate. At that rate, if Walker made no payments at all for ten years, he would owe $147,854 on that debt alone.

Walker also owes between $100,001 and $250,000 in Federal Student Loan debt. Walker has two sons, Alex and Matt.

Scott Walker Net Worth: What We Don’t Know

Scott Walker Net Worth questionNet worth is basically assets minus liabilities. In other words, what a person owns, less what they owe. It’s not easy to accurately figure Scott Walker’s net worth because presidential candidates aren’t required to release all information. For example, candidates don’t have to disclose any information about the value of their primary residences. Walker owns a house currently valued at $359,000. But does he owe money on the house or is it paid off? There’s no way of learning the answer to that question short of asking him. If he still owes, say, $150,000 on the house, Scott Walker’s net worth would be a negative number. In other words, he’d have more debt than assets. If, however, the house is paid off, his net worth is positive.

Candidates also don’t have to reveal info about any other personal property, like cars, boats, furniture, artwork, jewelry and so on. If Walker owns any of these things, we’re even more in the dark about what his net worth actually is.

Income Considerations in Scott Walker’s Net Worth

scott walker net worth incomeAlong with debts and assets, income figures into our Scott Walker net worth calculations. Scott Walker has declared earning $222,899 from his salary as the Governor of Wisconsin. He has also revealed that he received a $45,000 advance on future royalties for his book, Unintimidated: A Governor’s Story and a Nation’s Challenge. Walker also disclosed that his wife earns a salary as well. Tonette Walker works as the Director of Special Events for the American Lung Association. Since the salaries of candidates’ spouses isn’t considered public information, Walker didn’t share that information in his reports.

Scott Walker Income: Giving Back

Before serving as Governor of Wisconsin, Walker worked as Milwaukee County Executive since 2002, earning over $127,000 per year. During that time, he reportedly gave back more than $400,000 of what he earned. Walker gave back $60,000 a year of his salary during his first term and $10,000 a year thereafter. Walker claimed that giving back a portion of his earnings granted him a level of moral authority that he could use in making budget cuts. Giving back over $400,000 to the government certainly affected Walker’s net worth.

Scott Walker Income: Governor Salary

Walker earned $144,423 per year as Governor of Wisconsin. Sworn in in January of 2011, Walker should have earned a total of $577,692 in that position. However, he only disclosed $222,899 of that in his disclosure forms. It’s not clear why Walker didn’t declare the full amount, nor is it clear why his salary as governor didn’t result in a higher dollar figure for Scott Walker’s net worth.

Scott Walker Net Worth: What it Means Politically

scott walker net worthThe media has largely interpreted Scott Walker’s net worth as a mark against him. When he ran for Governor of Wisconsin in 2010, Walker ran on a platform of job creation. That’s consistent with his status as a young conservative. However, critics have pointed out that Walker doesn’t “walk the talk,” because he seems to have a hard time managing his own finances. Between a relatively low net worth and at least $10,001 in credit card debt at a high interest rate of 27.24%, Walker’s job-creator claims do seem somewhat tarnished. This is especially true since it should be relatively easy for walker to transfer his high interest credit card debt to a lower balance card, unless he also has a bad credit rating.

Walker carries an additional $10,001 to $15,000 in credit card debt at 11.99% and between $120,001 and $250,000 in Federal student loan debt.

Supporters argue that Walker’s low net worth shows he’s in touch with the average American. Scott Walker’s low net worth can be at least partially attributed to his habit of giving back a portion of his salary as Milwaukee County Executive, totaling over $400,000 during the course of his career. Even so, it will be hard for a U.S. presidential candidate with 1/3 the net worth of the average American household and at least three times the credit card debt to live down his financial status.


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