Vladimir Putin Net Worth: It’s Complicated

The Vladimir Putin net worth of $200 billion comes from the longtime Russian President’s single-handed grip on the entire Russian economy. Putin has held a dictator-like control of Russia and all its businesses for the past 15 years. Estimates of his net worth from Russian analysts and former associates run from $40 billion to $200 billion based on this same autocratic financial control.

In more concrete terms, Putin owns declared property worth $21.8 million. Allegations exist of a Putin-owned yacht worth $35 million and a Black Sea palace worth over $1 billion, but those claims have been rejected by the Kremlin as libelous. It’s almost impossible to find concrete data on how much Putin is really worth, but logic points to a very high level of wealth for the Russian President.

Can Putin really be worth $200 billion? If so it would make him the richest person in the world by far. That may seem outlandish, but how else can we measure the net worth of someone who apparently maintains an unbreakable stranglehold on one of the largest economies in the world?

Vladimir Putin Net Worth Facts

Vladimir Putin Net Worth Facts
Vladimir Putin net worth$200,000,000,000
Vladimir Putin net worth vs Bill Gates net worth3 times bigger
Vladimir Putin net worth vs Barack Obama net worth62500 times bigger
Vladimir Putin net worth vs Jay Z net worth359 times bigger
Vladimir Putin net worth vs Beyonce net worth489 times bigger
Vladimir Putin net worth vs Kim Kardashian net worth1334 times bigger
Vladimir Putin net worth vs Dr. Dre net worth264 times bigger
Vladimir Putin net worth vs Kanye West net worth2942 times bigger
Vladimir Putin net worth vs Justin Bieber net worth820 times bigger
Vladimir Putin net worth vs typical American family net worth2,941,177 times bigger

If the Vladimir Putin net worth figure of $200 billion is correct, the Russian autocrat would be worth three times as much as Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Gates has a net worth of $80 billion and is widely thought to be the richest person in the world. Forbes magazine doesn’t recognize Putin’s net worth as being in the billions, since it uses only disclosed, verified amounts to calculate net worth. Further, Forbes refuses to count money it sees as illegitimately earned. Realistically, the Russian president’s net worth is likely in the billions, though, since he holds an apparently unending choke-hold on one of the biggest economies in the world. Putin’s net worth by that reasoning is 62,500 times bigger than Barack Obama’s net worth of $3.2 billion. It’s 359 times bigger than rapper and businessman Jay Z’s net worth of $558 million and 489 times bigger than pop diva Beyonce’s net worth of $409 million.

Kim Kardashian has a net worth of $150 million, but that doesn’t stop Putin from being 1,334 times richer than the selfie queen. Putin’s net worth is 264 times bigger than Dr. Dre’s net worth of $758 million, which comes in large part from the sale of his stake in Beats By Dre to Apple a few years ago. Putin has 2,942 times more money than Kanye West at $68 million. He has 820 times more than Justin Bieber’s $244 million. Finally, Putin’s net worth is 2.9 million times bigger than the net worth of the typical American family.

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Vladimir Putin Net Worth Estimates

Vladimir Putin Net Worth Estimates
Valdimir Putin net worth based on income only$1,024,952
Vladimir Putin net worth based on disclosed property$21,802,209
Vladimir Putin net worth based on average of all online estimates$103,333,333,333
Vladimir Putin net worth based on position as dictator of Russia$200,000,000,000

vladimir-putin-net-worth-4The table above shows estimates of the Putin net worth figure from around the web. If we looked only at Putin’s income adjusted by taxes and investments since 1975, we would mistakenly conclude the Russian President had a net worth of just over $1 million. A look at the declared value of property owned by Putin however shows a net worth of at least $21.8 million. How is it possible for someone who has earned only $2.3 million in his lifetime to own property worth $21.8 million? Even assuming Putin was able to save and invest 15% to 50% of all his earnings since 1975, he would still only have a total net worth of around $5 million today.

Some may speculate that Putin inherited money. That’s doubtful. Putin is the son of a factory worker and a conscript in the Russian Navy. In this case where did Putin’s $21.8 million in property come from?

An average of online estimates paints a much higher wealth picture for the autocrat of $103 billion. That average comes from an estimate of $200 billion, another of $70 billion and yet another of $40 billion. All those estimates seem incredible. All are based on guesses made by former members of Putin’s inner circle. Ultimately they reveal a shocking truth. Namely, Putin’s net worth is basically the same as all of Russia’s.

Where Do Those Estimates of Putin’s Net Worth in the Billions Originate?

vladimir-putin-net-worth-3In 2007, a Russian political analyst named Stanislav Belkovsky claimed a Vladimir Putin net worth figure of $40 billion. That seemed impossible at the time and wasn’t based on any hard facts. However, Belkovsky’s reasoning was that Putin owns a large stake of up to 37% in the Russian oil company Surgutneftegas and a smaller but still material 4.5% in natural gas firm Gazprom. If Belkovsky’s claims were true, Putin’s net worth in 2007 would have rested at about $40 billion. By 2016 those investments would have grown to as much as $70 billion. This single unsubstantiated claim by Belkovsky is where most of the estimates of Putin’s net worth online get their steam.

Other online estimates put the Russian President’s net worth at $200 billion. This number also seems like science fiction at first glance. The gigantic number comes from Hermitage Capital Mangement co-founder Bill Browder. Browder was once the largest investor in Russia. He has stated that he believes Putin’s wealth to be in the neighborhood of $200 billion. He bases his estimate on Putin’s 16 years of unquestioned totalitarian rule of Russia. He believes Putin has had every opportunity to siphon off billions from the Russian government during that time. Further, Browder has been quoted as saying that a look at Russia’s tax income minus spending shows a gap of about $200 billion.

Media Estimates of Putin Net Worth
Putin Net Worth of $200 BillionThe rumor stems from former Russian hedge fund manager Bill Browder, staunch Putin critic. If true Putin would be the world's richest person worth almost three times more than Bill Gates.
Putin Net Worth of $70 BillionGrain of truth here. The rumor is an update of a 2007 rumor (see below).
Putin Net Worth of $40 BillionGrain of truth. The figure comes from Russian political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky, who claimed in 2007 that Putin controlled large stakes in Russia's oil monopolies.

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Why Vladimir Putin’s Net Worth is Probably $200 Billion

vladimir-putin-net-worth-2When citing Vladimir Putin’s net worth, $200 billion is probably a frighteningly accurate number. In the first place, the Russian pol’s career earnings of $2.3 million probably have nothing to do with his true net worth. That’s borne out by his known property holdings of at least $21.8 million. Secondly, whether Putin’s accusers are right that he has secret holdings worth $40 to $200 billion doesn’t matter. The reason their opinions don’t matter is that Putin currently controls all of Russia. He has been the unquestioned leader of that country since 2000. He can shut down any company he likes, divert government funds in any way he sees fit and make crucial decisions about how the economy is run.

Unlike an American president whose term is limited to eight years, Putin will remain in sole control of Russia’s economy until he loses power. When that will be is anybody’s guess and probably depends mostly on his health. With Putin’s rule having the weight of law throughout the country, does it actually matter if he legally owns a piece of property in that country?

According to the US Treasury, Putin is a corrupt leader and has been so for many years. Based on that assessment, it doesn’t really matte what Putin’s exact bottom line is, since he can basically take anything he wants within his country’s borders.

Vladimir Putin Net Worth from Declared Property

The table below shows how declared property valuations reveal a Vladimir Putin net worth figure of at least $21.8 million. Since that number is far in excess of any fortune he could have amassed on his public salaries since 1975, there’s no doubt his wealth is not connected to his official income.

Vladimir Putin Net Worth Based on Properties
Apartment #2$1,896,756
Parking Space$222,132

Other Vladimir Putin Properties

vladimir-putin-net-worth-1Beyond the property on record, the Vladimir Putin net worth sum hides rumors of a yacht worth $35 million and a Black Sea palace worth over $1 billion. The yacht, named Olympia, is said to be a gift from Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. The Kremlin has called the claim libelous. The existence of the Black Sea Palace was disclosed by a former business partner of Putin’s named Sergei Kolesnikov. Kolesnikov told the BBC he worked on construction of the palace for years. The Kremlin has denied that Putin has anything to do with the palace, saying it’s the home of a private individual. Questions remain. Activists who journeyed to the palace in 2011 were turned back by Kremlin security guards.

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Vladimir Putin Income and Net Worth

Looking only at Putin’s income by year gives the table and calculations below. The numbers below show the full story of how much money Putin earned each year. In 2012 through 2016 those numbers are from official Kremlin documents. In other years they are estimates. Assuming Putin managed to save 15% of his earnings in leaner years and up to 50% in recent years returns his “estimated savings” in column three. Investments after tax are calculated at a reasonable 4% per year. Finally Putin’s net worth is shown in column four. Since it’s know that Putin has property worth more than $21 million, it’s highly unlikely that the final Vladimir Putin net worth figure comes only from his earned income.

Stated Income*
Estimated Savings
Investments (after tax)
Vladimir Putin Net Worth