Alicia Keys Net Worth: Girl on Fire

The Alicia Keys net worth total of $78.9 million comes from a long and impressive music career and a rebirth as a judge on the hit show The Voice. The girl on fire had no ashes to rise from, since her talent doesn’t seem to suffer from burnout. Put it instead that she’s risen from her own still hot success with a sixteen year career as a top-selling musician with high-grossing concerts, over a billion YouTube views, five studio albums, 34 singles, plus millions in merchandise sales and endorsements. All together, Keys has earned $175.8 million in her lifetime, though taxes and expenses cut out over $111 million of that money. If that math doesn’t seem right, investments add back another $14.6 million.

Alicia Keys Net Worth Facts

Alicia Keys Net Worth Facts
Alicia Keys net worth$79,021,813
Alicia Keys net worth vs Tyga net worth7 times bigger
Alicia Keys net worth vs Justin Bieber net worth4 times smaller
Alicia Keys net worth vs Kim Kardashian net worthHalf as big
Alicia Keys net worth vs Adele net worth23% bigger
Alicia Keys net worth vs Jay Z net worth8 times smaller
Alicia Keys net worth vs Hillary Clinton net worth3 times bigger
Alicia Keys net worth vs Donald Trump net worth66 times smaller
Alicia Keys net worth vs Bill Gates net worth1013 times smaller
Alicia Keys net worth vs typical American family net worth1163 times bigger

The Alicia Keys net worth sum of $78.9 million is a pile of incredible riches for most people, but against most pop divas it’s middle of the road. Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus all have net worths well into the hundreds of millions. That said, Keys has staying power, with a career that spans an incredible sixteen years. Keys’ net worth is seven times bigger than newcomer Tyga’s net worth of $12 million. It’s four times smaller than Justin Bieber’s net worth of $241 million and only half as big as professional socialite Kim Kardashian’s net worth of $150 million. Keys does have 23% more net worth than Adele, but that’s largely because of that singer’s refusal to accept endorsement deals on principle. Jay Z has eight times more money than Keys with $554 million. Keys’ net worth is three times bigger than Hillary Clinton’s net worth of $32 million but 66 times smaller than Donald Trump’s $5.18 billion. Richest person in the world Bill Gates has 1,014 times more money than Keys with $80 billion.


Alicia Keys Net Worth Timeline

Alicia Keys Net Worth by Year
Alicia Keys net worth 2001$4,483,688
Alicia Keys net worth 2004$10,861,611
Alicia Keys net worth 2007$17,487,923
Alicia Keys net worth 2008$28,702,115
Alicia Keys net worth 2009$30,775,420
Alicia Keys net worth 2010$41,971,275
Alicia Keys net worth 2013$63,791,386
Alicia Keys net worth 2014$67,276,641
Alicia Keys net worth 2015$70,946,576
Alicia Keys net worth 2016$79,021,813

The Alicia Keys net worth story is one of determination, long lasting talent and rebirth. Keys started her career way back in 2001 with the release of her hit album Songs in A Minor. That record sold nearly eight million copies, winning an astounding 7x Platinum certification and earning Keys nearly $8 million. While the musician never again saw quite that level of success, she released another four studio albums at a rate of one every two to four years. That gives her an incredibly long-running career. With every one of her albums certified as at least Gold and in some cases Platinum, triple Platinum or even 4x Platinum, Keys’ talent is both long-running and broad. On top of her album success the diva piled on 34 singles, six high-grossing concert tours, plus millions in YouTube ad revenue, endorsement deal money and acting income. The effect is of a long, robust career that just doesn’t seem to die out.

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Alicia Keys Net Worth Sources: Music, Merchandise, Endorsements, The Voice

The sources of the Alicia Keys net worth figure are vast. Music earnings add $134 million, including $19 million from albums, $1.6 million from singles, $105.8 million from concerts and $7 million from YouTube ad revenue. Keys has also earned $12.8 million from TV and film roles, though most of that comes from her recent stint on the hugely popular show The Voice. Another $17.7 million comes from endorsement deals, with $10.5 million from merchandise. All in all Keys has earned $175.8 million in her lifetime. That gives her an average salary of $10.9 million per year. Taxes cut out $85 million of that money and expenses take another $26 million, though investments do add back $14.5 million.

Alicia Keys Net Worth Sources
Merchandise and Other Business Ventures$10,582,000
Total Alicia Keys Earnings$176,106,050
Alicia Keys Salary (average)$11,006,628
Alicia Keys Salary 2016$16,073,215
Alicia Keys Net Worth$79,021,813

Alicia Keys Net Worth from Albums: $19.4 Million

alicia-keys-net-worthAlbums inject $19.4 million into the Alicia Keys net worth number. Keys has released five studio albums since 2001, starting with Songs in A Minor. That album sold nearly eight million copies. While successive Keys albums saw progressively smaller unit sales figures, even her most recent album, 2012’s Girl on Fire sold over 500,000 copies, scoring it an RIAA Gold certification. While that would be an impressive run for any musician, the fact that Keys sustained that level of musical excellence for sixteen years is a testament to her talent and staying power. Keys’ percentage of earnings in the table below comes from estimates by industry analysts.

Alicia Keys Net Worth from Albums
Alicia Keys AlbumsUnit SalesRevenue at $10.99 EachEarnings at 8.85%
Songs in A Minor (2001)7,980,000$87,700,200$7,761,468
The Diary of Alicia Keys (2003)4,560,000$50,114,400$4,435,124
As I Am (2007)3,420,000$37,585,800$3,326,343
The Element of Freedom (2009)1,140,000$12,528,600$1,108,781
Girl on Fire (2012)570,000$6,264,300$554,391
Other Albums (Live, Reissue, Box sets)2,340,000$25,716,600$2,275,919
Total Alicia Keys Net Worth from Albums$19,462,026

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Alicia Keys Net Worth from Singles: $1.6 Million

Singles pump $1.6 million into the Alicia Keys net worth total. Keys released an amazing 34 singles during the course of her career, with six of those RIAA certified. Her best-selling song was 2007’s No One, which won a 3x Platinum certification and sold an estimated 3.4 million copies. Other top hits include Like You’ll Never See Me Again, My Boo and Karma. According to SongFactsNo One was co-written by Keys’ boyfriend Krucial. Keys said the song was very easy to write since it was something she needed to say. She said her intention with the song was for people to feel her soul. The song is about cutting through the dozens of distractions that get in the way of a relationship.

Alicia Keys Earnings from Singles
Alicia Keys Single TitleUnits SoldRevenue at $1.99 eachEarnings at 8%
Fallin' (2001)570,000$1,134,300$90,744
If I Ain't Got You (2004)570,000$1,134,300$90,744
My Boo (2004)1,140,000$2,268,600$181,488
Karma (2004)570,000$1,134,300$90,744
No One (2007)3,420,000$6,805,800$544,464
Like You'll Never See Me Again (2007)1,140,000$2,268,600$181,488
Other singles (28 non-certified; 2002-2016)2,800,000$5,572,000$445,760
Total Alicia Keys Earnings from Singles$1,625,432

Alicia Keys Net Worth from Concerts: $105.8 Million

Concerts splice $105.8 million into the Alicia Keys net worth sum. Keys put on six major tours from 2001 through 2013. Industry insiders claim that major music performers pocket around 80% of the revenue from concert tours. The one exception in the table below is the Verizon Ladies First Tour, since Keys shared the stage with Beyonce and Missy Elliot. Keys’ top-earning tour was her Set the World on Fire tour in 2013. According to most online reports the tour took in $44 million in box office receipts. The tour encompassed 83 total shows, with the bulk of those split evenly across Europe and North America. Another 23 shows hit venues in Asia, Oceania and South America. Many of the tours venues sold out within hours.

Alicia Keys Net Worth from Concerts
Alicia Keys Concert Tour NameRevenues @ $50 per ticketAlicia Keys %Alicia Keys Earnings
Songs in A Minor Tour (2001-2002)$10,000,00080%$8,000,000
The Verizon Ladies First Tour (2004)$22,000,00025%$5,500,000
Diary Tour (2005)$10,000,00080%$8,000,000
As I Am Tour (2008)$32,000,00080%$25,600,000
Freedom Tour (2010)$29,400,00080%$23,520,000
Set The World On Fire Tour (2013)$44,000,00080%$35,200,000
Total Alicia Keys Net Worth from Concerts$105,820,000

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Alicia Keys Net Worth from YouTube: $7.3 Million

As of 10/8/16, YouTube ad revenue chips in $7.3 million to the Alicia Keys net worth figure. Keys’ YouTube channels boast over a billion views. Online marketing experts say high-engagement YouTube channels like Keys’ earn about $7.60 for every 1,000 views. That puts Keys’ YouTube earnings at $7.3 million from ad revenue.

Alicia Keys Net Worth from Youtube
Alicia Keys ChannelViewsEarnings at $7.60 per 1,000Earnings
Alicia Keys Vevo (85% share)1,131,189,537$8,597,040$7,307,484
Alicia Keys Own Channel36,273,758$275,681$275,681
Total Alicia Keys Net Worth from Youtube$7,583,165

Alicia Keys Net Worth from The Voice and Other Acting/TV: $12.8 Million

The Voice and other film and TV work adds $12.8 million to the Alicia Keys net worth numbers. Prior to 2016, Keys had appeared in several TV series and movies, plus hundreds of talk and news shows. These works include an episode of Charmed in 2001 and a role in 2015’s Jem and the Holograms. Her biggest TV gig so far though is her 2016 stint on the hugely popular show The Voice. That show attracts over ten million viewers per episode, making it one of the most watched non-NFL TV events every week. Judges on the show earn a reported $12 million per year each. Famously, Keys doesn’t wear makeup on the show, citing a decision not to hide her face, her thoughts or her soul.

Alicia Keys Net Worth from Acting and Appearances
2001CharmedTV Series$5,000
2003American DreamsTV Series$5,000
2006The BackyardigansTV Series$5,000
2006Smokin' AcesMovie$100,000
2007The Nanny DiariesMovie$338,690
2008The Secret Life of BeesMovie$299,737
2012The X FactorTV Series$10,000
2013Alicia Keys: New DayVideo$5,000
2015Jem and the HologramsMovie$100,000
2015EmpireTV Series$10,000
2016Let Me InShort$5,000
2016The VoiceTV Series$12,000,000
2004-2014Live! with KellyTV Series$140,000
2005-2014The ViewTV Series$80,000
2009-2013American IdolTV Series$400,000
2001-2016Other Appearances (225 credits)TV Series$1,125,000
Total Alicia Keys Net Worth from Acting and Appearances$14,628,427

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Alicia Keys Net Worth from Endorsements, Producing, Merchandise: $28 Million

Other income sources like producing, merchandise sales and endorsement deals bring an additional $28 million to the Alicia Keys net worth table. Keys’ small movie producing side-career has earned her an estimated $400,000 for four small movies, TV movies and shorts. Merchandise sales are another matter, bringing Keys $10.5 million from sales of everything from concert tees to cell phone cases. Endorsements though make up an even bigger chunk of change, with $17.7 million in estimated earnings from a string of huge companies listed below.

  • Levi’s
  • Reebok
  • Proactiv
  • Bento Box Entertainment
  • BlackBerry
  • HP
  • Target
  • Samsung
  • Givenchy

Alicia Keys Net Worth Calculations

Taxes, expenses and investments all have their say in the Alicia Keys net worth calculations. Keys pays a total tax rate of 48.42%. That comes from the highest U.S. federal income tax bracket of 39.6%, plus New York State’s highest rate of 8.82%. She also shells out an estimated 15% for agent fees, concert production, staff and other expenses. Investments add back a conservatively figured 6% per year.

Alicia Keys Net Worth Calculations
YearAlicia Keys Total EarningsAdjustments (Tax, Expense, Investment)Alicia Keys Net Worth
Alicia Keys Net Worth Totals$70,295,727-$35,506,455$79,021,813

If you liked reading about Alicia Keys’ net worth, try this post about Taylor Swift’s net worth or this one about Beyonce’s net worth. All Alicia Keys net worth data in this article are based on our analysis of income streams, tax, expense and investment calculations, estimates and media reports and are provided here for entertainment purposes only.