Angelique Kerber Net Worth: The 14 Year Overnight Success

The Angelique Kerber net worth total of $6.6 million happened almost overnight after 14 years of hard work that only recently paid off. The star German tennis player has just recently become famous after beating #1 ranked Serena Williams in the 2016 Australian Open. Her performance at the 2016 Olympics in Rio unseated Williams as the World #1. She has since lost and then recently regained that honor at the 2016 US Open. Kerber has earned $14.3 million from tennis winnings according to the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). She’s also earned $4 million from endorsement deals with companies like Adidas and Porsche for a total of $18.3 million. Germany’s top income tax rate of 45% plus a “solidarity surcharge” of 5.5% smack down $9.2 million, with expenses taking another $2.7 million. As of 9/9/16, Kerber currently holds the top spot at the US Open.

Angelique Kerber Net Worth Facts

Angelique Kerber Net Worth Facts
Angelique Kerber net worth$6,634,102
Angelique Kerber net worth vs Serena Williams net worth21 times smaller
Angelique Kerber net worth vs Venus Williams net worth4 times smaller
Angelique Kerber net worth vs Andy Murray net worth8 times smaller
Angelique Kerber net worth vs Jay Z net worth84 times smaller
Angelique Kerber net worth vs Taylor Swift net worth47 times smaller
Angelique Kerber net worth vs 50 Cent net worth3 times smaller
Angelique Kerber net worth vs Hillary Clinton net worth5 times smaller
Angelique Kerber salary vs MBA salary13 times bigger
Angelique Kerber net worth vs typical American family net worth98 times bigger

The Angelique Kerber net worth sum of $6.6 million is small in the world of professional sports but will almost certainly grow fast now that she’s a worldwide star. Serena Williams’ net worth of $135 million is 21 times bigger than Kerber’s net worth. Venus Williams has four times more money with $20 million and Andy Murray has eight times more with $47.8 million. Outside the world of pro tennis, rapper and businessman Jay Z has 84 times the net worth of Angelique Kerber with $554 million. Combine that with wife Beyonce and it’s actually just shy of $1 billion. Singer Taylor Swift has 47 times more wealth than Kerber with $310 million, though rapper 50 Cent only has three times more with $16 million thanks to a string of bad business deals. One thing all these people have in common is that they’ve all been famous for a lot longer than Kerber. If she can keep up the high ranking in the WTA, her fledgeling endorsement career should continue to ramp up in the years to come. Even presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has more money than Kerber with $32 million, based on a different kind of fame that brings not endorsements but high speaking fees. How does Kerber stack up to mere mortals? Her average salary of $1.3 million is 13 times more than the typical MBA salary of $100,000.

Angelique Kerber Net Worth Timeline

Angelique Kerber Net Worth Timeline

Angelique Kerber Net Worth by Year
Angelique Kerber net worth 2010$248,203
Angelique Kerber net worth 2011$470,692
Angelique Kerber net worth 2012$1,165,136
Angelique Kerber net worth 2013$1,937,819
Angelique Kerber net worth 2014$2,637,964
Angelique Kerber net worth 2015$3,716,138
Angelique Kerber net worth 2016$6,634,102

The Angelique Kerber net worth story may look like a tale of overnight success but nothing could be further from the truth. Kerber started her career back in 2003, winning a match in the German Open. Since then she has pushed through a slow and steady rise to the top of the tennis world. Her first big coup didn’t come until 2008 with a first round finish in the Women’s Doubles at the Australian Open. Since then she has shown dogged determination, coming back for first round rankings in the 2011 and 2012 Australian Open, plus finishing in the Quarter Finals in Women’s Singles in the 2012 French Open. These wins gave Kerber millions in prize money, accounting for the  sudden upslope in the graph above. 2016 has been her breakout year, with a finals finish at Wimbledon, her first Grand Slam singles win at the Australian Open and a current Finals position at the US Open. With her recent success has come a string of fat endorsement deals from companies like Porsche and Adidas.

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Angelique Kerber Net Worth Sources: Tennis, Endorsements

Tennis and endorsements form the total of the Angelique Kerber net worth figure. To date Kerber has made most of her money from tennis winnings. According to the WTA, the player has made $14.3 million from tennis winnings, most of that money in 2016. Another $4 million comes from endorsements for a total career take of $18.3 million. That gives Kerber an average salary of $1.3 million since the start of her career, though that average is somewhat meaningless since most of that money came in very recently. A more meaningful salary number is Kerber’s 2016 salary, which comes to $8.1 million and includes both tennis winnings and endorsement pay. The table below gives the full breakdown of the star’s finances.

Angelique Kerber Net Worth Sources
Tennis Winnings$14,313,376
Total Angelique Kerber Earnings$18,323,126
Angelique Kerber Salary (average)$1,308,795
Angelique Kerber Salary 2016$8,137,957
Angelique Kerber Net Worth$6,634,102

Angelique Kerber Net Worth

Angelique Kerber Net Worth from Tennis: $14 Million

The table below shows how tennis prize money contributes to the Angelique Kerber net worth numbers. The WTA doesn’t maintain exact winnings for each player for each year. That said, they do share Kerber’s exact prize money for 2016 of $5,128,207. From there, it’s possible to estimate Kerber’s winnings per year based on her standings at major tennis events in each year. All in all the star has earned a confirmed $14,313,376 from playing tennis since 2003. Her standout performances include:

  • Australian Open Women’s Doubles First Round 2008, 2011, 2012
  • French Open Women’s Doubles Second Round 2012
  • Wimbledon Doubles Third Round 2011
  • US Open Doubles Third Round 2012
  • Olympics Silver Medal Singles 2016
  • Australian Open Singles Win 2016
  • French Open Singles Quarterfinals 2012
  • Wimbledon Singles Finals 2016
  • US Open Singles Finals (current) 2016
Angelique Kerber Net Worth from Tennis Winnings
YearTotal Earnings
Total Angelique Kerber Net Worth from Tennis Winnings$14,313,376

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Angelique Kerber Net Worth from Endorsements: $4 Million

Endorsements add $4 million so far to the Angelique Kerber net worth total. That number will almost certainly grow now that Kerber has attained her very recent worldwide fame. Kerber already has deals with several major companies for an estimated total of $1 million in 2015 and $3 million in 2016. Those numbers will grow, especially if she can lock down a win in the US Open. Kerber has inked deals with the following companies so far:

  • Porsche
  • Adidas
  • Tennisflex
  • Yonex
  • Tennis Centre Angie

While some of those companies are less than well known, the first two are recognizable to almost anyone on the planet. Adidas has been known to forge multi-million dollar, multi-year deals with sports stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Andy Murray.

Angelique Kerber Net Worth Calculations

Subtracting from the Angelique Kerber net worth figure are the old bugbears of taxes and expenses. German income tax takes a total of 50.5% off the top of Kerber’s earnings for a total of $9.2 million. That number, plus $2.7 million in estimated expenses is shown in the adjustments column below. Expenses come from agent fees, cost of living, training and other payouts estimated at 15% of all income per year. Also in that column are investments calculated at 6% of net worth per year, though that positive number of $312,000 is overwhelmed by the negatives.

Angelique Kerber Net Worth Calculations
YearAngelique Kerber Total EarningsAdjustments (Tax, Expense, Investment)Angelique Kerber Net Worth
Angelique Kerber Net Worth Totals$17,010,309-$10,846,898$6,634,102

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