US Open Prize Money 2016 Tennis: $46.3 Million

US Open money of $46.3 million in 2016 gives a $3.5 million prize to the best men’s and women’s player in all of tennis. Runners up get $1.75 million each. If you’re confused by how tennis tournament money breaks down you’re not alone. The splits can be confusing but the table below shows how it all works out. Basically, except for the finals winners, tennis players in the US Open aren’t awarded money when they win. They’re awarded money when they lose. There will be 128 men and 128 women competing. 64 will lose the first round and make $43,300 each. 32 will lose the next round and make $77,200 each. That continues on up to the final round, when the winner makes $3.5 million. That’s a 3% jump over 2015 and the biggest US Open money purse in history.

2016 US Open Money by Stage

The table below shows how the US Open money breaks down. Understand, it can be confusing  because of how the money is awarded. Basically there is a total pot of $46.3 million in prize money. Most of that or $36.3 million goes to the men’s and women’s singles tournaments. $9.4 million goes to the men’s and women’s doubles and $627,000 to the mixed doubles. The Women’s Singles winner gets $3.5 million. The Men’s Singles winner also gets $3.5 million. Runners up of either sex get $1.75 million. The rest of the money gets broken down according to the table below.

2016 US Open Money
StagesSingles (money per player)Doubles (money per team)Mixed Doubles (money per team)
Finals Winners (1 Man, 1 Woman)$3.5 million$625,000$175,000
Finals Runners Up (1 Man, 1 Woman)$1.75 million$300,000$90,000
4 Semifinals Losers$875,000$150,000$45,000
8 Quarterfinals Losers$450,000$80,750$22,000
16 4th Round Losers$235,000$40,000$11,000
32 3rd Round Losers$140,000$20,063$6,000
64 2nd Round Losers$77,200$15,375
128 1st Round Losers$43,300
Totals (men and women)$36.3 million$5.3 million$627,000
Qualifying Rounds$1.93 million
Other and Per Diem$2.07 million
Total US Open Money$46.3 million

US Open Money Tennis

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Round of 128: A Fat Payday for the Losers

US Open MoneyWhat makes the US Open money confusing is the number of players that add up to the total. There are 128 men and 128 women. In the first round, or “Round of 128,” 64 men will win and 64 will lose. Likewise 64 women will win and 64 will lose. Those 64 losers from each sex will get $43,300 each, just for showing up. Incidentally, this is why so many older tennis players past their prime keep playing long after they have no hope of winning tournaments. With four “Grand Slam” tennis tournaments per year, a player who can stay in the top 128 can make about $160,000 a year for four days on the court. That’s nice work if you can get it.

US Open Money Past the Round of 128

For the men’s and women’s singles tournaments, the US Open money is divided up this way: After the first round, the 64 winners advance to round two. There, 32 of them will lose and make $77,200 each. 32 will win and advance to round three. 16 of those will lose round three and get $140,000 each. 16 will win and advance to round four. Eight of those will lose and make $235,000 each. Eight will win and advance to the Quarterfinals. The four losers from Quarterfinals will make $450,000 each. The four winners advance to the Semifinals. The two semifinalists who lose will get $875,000 each. The two remaining players advance to the final round. The loser of that round gets $1.75 million while the winner gets $3.5 million. This is true for both the women’s and men’s singles tournaments. Overall it adds up to $36 million.

US Open Prize Money by Year

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US Open Money Through Time

The table below shows how the US Open money has grown through time. Many sites are reporting that the prize money for 2016 has seen a 10% jump over 2015 but that just doesn’t seem to be the case. The table shows increases of 3% to 35% per year in the past ten years. That’s a wide swing, but the 2016 increase seems to be the smallest for the entire decade. The biggest was in 2013, when the prize money increased by 35% from $25.5 million to $34.3 million.

US Open Money by Year
US Open Money 2007$19,600,000
US Open Money 2008$20,800,0006% jump
US Open Money 2009$21,600,0004% jump
US Open Money 2010$22,600,0005% jump
US Open Money 2011$23,700,0005% jump
US Open Money 2012$25,500,0008% jump
US Open Money 2013$34,300,00035% jump
US Open Money 2014$38,251,76012% jump
US Open Money 2015$42,253,40010% jump
US Open Money 2016$43,600,0003% jump

US Open Money: Who Will Win It?

Who will win the most US Open money? Probably those players who’ve won the most money for the year so far will have the best chance. So far the top player is Serena Williams of the US with $6.8 million in earnings. Close behind is Germany’s Angelique Kerber with $5.1 million. Kerber beat Williams in the 2016 Olympics. One notable fact about the top ten players below is that Serena Williams’ sister Venus Williams is included in the list. The players below are shown by current money rank.

  1. Serena Williams
  2. Angelique Kerber
  3. Garbine Muguruza
  4. Simona Halep
  5. Victoria Azarenka
  6. Agnieszka Radawanska
  7. Carla Suarez Navarro
  8. Venus Williams
  9. Karolina Pliskova
  10. Elena Vesnina

For the men, the most likely winners of US Open money are from Serbia, Scotland, Canada and Japan. Scotland’s Andy Murray has a fair chance at taking America’s Grand Slam this year with $7.5 million in prize money earned so far. Canada’s Milos Raonic has a decent chance of winning too.

  1. Novak Djokovic
  2. Andy Murray
  3. Milos Raonic
  4. Kei Nishikori
  5. Rafael Nadal
  6. Dominic Thiem
  7. Tomas Berdych
  8. Stan Wawrinka
  9. Marin Cilic
  10. Gael Monfils

US Open Money Split

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Why Don’t the US Open Money Figures Add Up?

One frustrating thing about trying to understand the US Open money breakdown is trying to add up all the numbers. As the chart above shows, $18 million goes to the Men’s Singles players and $18 million to the women. Another $2.6 million goes to the Men’s Doubles and $2.6 million to the women’s. A further $627,000 goes to the Mixed Doubles. That’s a total of $42 million, yet the total purse is $46.3 million. Where does the extra $4 million go? That money gets distributed to players in the qualifying rounds before the first round, as per diem money and as bonus money. In the end, the numbers all add up, though it can be a difficult trip to find out how. As of 9/7/16 the players are warming up for Quarterfinals.

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