Chris Pratt Net Worth: A Star Lord’s Riches

The Chris Pratt net worth total of $15.8 million comes from $47.8 million in pre-tax earnings. Almost all that money comes from acting in movies like Jurassic World, The Lego Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy. Taxes and expenses chop out nearly 67% of that money since Pratt’s acting career began back in 2000.

Pratt has done very little to earn money aside from acting. The 37 year old got his first acting job at the age of 21 and has stuck to that one pursuit ever since. Pratt and wife Anna Faris donated $1 million to charity in 2015, knocking the couple’s net worth down some. The actor has a very small amount of producing and endorsement income but has largely left those potential earnings streams alone. Pratt’s next big movie is Guardians of the Galaxy 2, due out on May 5th of 2017.

Chris Pratt Net Worth Facts

Chris Pratt Net Worth Facts
Chris Pratt net worth$15,872,794
Chris Pratt net worth vs Justin Bieber net worth16 times smaller
Chris Pratt net worth vs Kim Kardashian net worth10 times smaller
Chris Pratt net worth vs Kanye West net worth5 times smaller
Chris Pratt net worth vs Drake net worth7 times smaller
Chris Pratt net worth vs Dr. Dre net worth50 times smaller
Chris Pratt net worth vs Beyonce net worth26 times smaller
Chris Pratt net worth vs Jay Z net worth36 times smaller
Chris Pratt net worth vs Donald Trump net worth341 times smaller
Chris Pratt net worth vs typical American family net worth234 times bigger

chris-pratt-net-worthThe Chris Pratt net worth sum of $15.8 million is low in the world of big celebrities. That’s not surprising, since actors tend to be among the least wealthy of all superstars, with some notable exceptions. One such is Harrison Ford who’s been earning money in the acting scene for fifty years. Another is Robert Downey Jr. who stars in the most lucrative franchise ever to hit the silver screen. One problem with acting in terms of mega-riches is that it lacks the massive salaries seen by sports and music stars. Another is that it largely misses out on the huge money that comes through endorsements.

Comparing Chris Pratt’s Net Worth

Justin Bieber’s net worth of $244 million is 16 times bigger than Pratt’s. Kim Kardashian’s $150 million is 10 times bigger, while her husband Kanye West’s net worth of $68 million outpaces Chris Pratt’s by five orders of magnitude. Rapper Drake has $101 million, which is seven times more than Pratt, while businessman and rapper Dr. Dre has $784 million. That’s 50 times bigger than Chris Pratt’s net worth. Other heavy hitters in the fame and fortune game are Beyonce with $409 million, Jay Z with $556 million and Donald Trump with $5.4 billion. That’s 341 times more money than the Guardians of the Galaxy star.

Chris Pratt net worth timeline

Chris Pratt Net Worth Timeline

Chris Pratt Net Worth by Year
Chris Pratt net worth 2000$1,655
Chris Pratt net worth 2005$231,384
Chris Pratt net worth 2008$1,046,317
Chris Pratt net worth 2010$2,108,165
Chris Pratt net worth 2011$2,983,585
Chris Pratt net worth 2012$3,642,881
Chris Pratt net worth 2013$4,598,295
Chris Pratt net worth 2014$7,905,156
Chris Pratt net worth 2015$10,636,651
Chris Pratt net worth 2016$15,872,794

The Chris Pratt net worth story has a very slow start with a steep ramp in recent years. Pratt started out acting in short films and in bit parts in TV series. His first small role came in 2000, but it wasn’t until 2008 that he got first billing in a major film. That movie was Wanted, and even though it marked a big boost for Pratt it wasn’t an automatic catapult into fame and riches.

The actor kept his nose to the grindstone for the next six years, landing a series of solid but non-earthshaking roles. It was the TV show Parks and Recreation that really broke Pratt into the limelight. That said, it wasn’t until 2014’s surprise hit Guardians of the Galaxy that Pratt really caught the public attention. Since then Pratt has hit the bullseye in a parade of major films, causing the drastic upslope in the chart seen above.

Chris Pratt Net Worth Sources

The single source of the Chris Pratt net worth figure is acting. The star really doesn’t have any other income to speak of. He did dabble in producing briefly, donning the executive producer’s hat for the 2012 high school wrestling documentary On the Mat. Pratt took on the job because he’s a former student and wrestler at Lake Stevens High in Washington State where the documentary is set. Pratt has also earned a small amount of endorsement income, mostly from ads for the Kinect Star Wars video game he lent his voice to in 2012.

Why Make More?

Really, with an income of $50,000 to $100,000 a year in his early 20’s there was no need for Pratt to go looking elsewhere for money. By the time he’d reached the age of 30 he was already a millionaire, so again he didn’t exactly need extra money.

All together, Pratt has earned $47.6 million from acting since 2000, with most of that coming in more recent years. He has an average salary of $2.8 million and a 2016 salary of $14.8 million. Taxes and expenses take $39.6 million, while a big charitable donation takes another million and investments add back about a million.

Chris Pratt Net Worth Sources

Acting & Appearances $47,698,737
Producing $100,000
Endorsements $50,000
Total Chris Pratt Earnings $47,848,737
Chris Pratt Salary (average) $2,814,632
Chris Pratt Salary 2016 $14,891,750
Taxes -$24,833,495
Expenses -$7,177,311
Charity -$1,000,000
Investments $1,034,862
Chris Pratt Net Worth $15,872,794

Chris Pratt Net Worth from Acting: $47.6 Million Pre-Tax

Acting adds $47.6 million before taxes to the Chris Pratt net worth number. The full list of the star’s acting credits is below, with estimated earnings for each role in the final column.

Exact acting earnings aren’t usually disclosed to the public. To figure Pratt’s earnings by role, it was necessary to start with Screen Actor’s Guild pay scales and then add money based on Pratt’s level of fame and known studio pay practices. For instance it’s generally accepted that movie studios pay first-billed actors a small percentage of a film’s box office take. Based on half a percent of gross, Pratt would have earned $3.8 million in non-base-pay money for Guardians of the Galaxy and $9.3 million for Jurassic World. We gradually scaled Pratt’s base pay estimate up from $50,000 per movie in 2002 to $2 million in 2016, though it’s estimated he received a flat $12 million to appear in the space romance Passengers in 2016.

Jurassic Wealth

Pratt’s second most lucrative film to date is the 2015 dinosaur blockbuster Jurassic World. That movie grossed an astounding $1.67 billion worldwide. Even at just a half percent of the total gross, Pratt would have earned an $8.3 million bonus for appearing in the film. That’s on top of his estimated $1 million in base pay.

Chris Pratt Net Worth from Acting and Appearances
YearMovie / TVFilmographyChris Pratt Earnings
2000Cursed Part 3Short$5,000
2001The HuntressTV Series$5,000
2002-2006EverwoodTV Series$445,000
2003The Extreme TeamMovie$50,000
2005Path of DestructionTV Movie$30,000
2005Strangers with CandyMovie$50,000
2006-2007The O.C.TV Series$90,000
2007Walk the TalkMovie$100,000
2008The BatmanTV Series$10,000
2009Bride WarsMovie$673,317
2009Jennifer's BodyMovie$257,780
2009The Multi-HyphenateShort$10,000
2009Deep in the ValleyMovie$100,000
2009-2015Parks and RecreationTV Series$6,250,000
2010Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic DestructionVideo Game$10,000
2010-2011Ben 10: Ultimate AlienTV Series$20,000
201110 YearsMovie$181,017
2011Parks and Recreation: Road TripTV Series$40,000
2011Take Me Home TonightMovie$214,640
2011What's Your Number?Movie$332,130
2012Kinect Star Wars: DuelTV Movie$30,000
2012Parks and Recreation: Dammit Jerry!Video$10,000
2012The Five-Year EngagementMovie$449,549
2012Zero Dark ThirtyMovie$180,000
2013Delivery ManMovie$429,923
2013Movie 43Movie$500,000
2013Timms ValleyTV Movie$30,000
2013Mr. PaybackShort$10,000
2014Guardians of the GalaxyMovie$5,371,643
2014Parks and Recreation in EuropeVideo$10,000
2014The Lego MovieMovie$3,245,803
2015Jem and the HologramsMovie$250,000
2015Jurassic WorldMovie$9,352,003
2015Lego DimensionsVideo Game$10,000
2015Lego Jurassic WorldVideo Game$10,000
2016The Magnificent SevenMovie$2,801,931
2003-2016Other AppearancesTV Series$830,000
Total Chris Pratt Net Worth from Acting and Appearances$47,698,737

Charity and Chris Pratt Net Worth

Pratt and his wife Anna Faris gave $1 million to charity in 2015. The big donation was a gift to help provide eyeglasses to needy children. The couple’s son Jack was born with visual impairment. Pratt and his wife Anna apparently wanted to help other children like him who don’t have the means to buy proper eyeglasses. While the gift knocks Pratt’s net worth down some, there’s no doubt the money was well spent.

Chris Pratt Net Worth Calculations

Many online estimates place the Chris Pratt net worth total at $30 million. We believe those sites are adding up Pratt’s acting earnings faithfully but ignoring taxes, expenses and investments. As a resident of California, Pratt pays the highest tax rate of 12.3% per year. He also pays the top US tax rate of 39.6%. That means Pratt pays out more than half of every dollar he earns in taxes. He also unquestionably has expenses for cost of living, agent payments and other payouts. Those costs come to an estimated 15% per year. Investments are calculated at 6% of net worth each year and add a total of $1 million.

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