Eric Trump Net Worth: Fortunate Son

The Eric Trump net worth total of $77 million comes mostly from his 11 years of salary working for the Trump Organization. Like his sister Ivanka and brother Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump is an executive vice president in charge of development and acquisitions for the firm. The younger Trump son has worked for the family business since 2006. Since then, he has earned an estimated $147 million in salary, also earning some money from TV appearances and his Trump Winery. After taxes, expenses and investments that money is reduced by $70 million.

The Eric Trump Foundation raises money for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The foundation has raised nearly $10 million for cancer research. Most of that money came from private benefactors at golf events.

Eric Trump Net Worth Facts

Eric Trump Net Worth Facts
Eric Trump net worth$77,248,253
Eric Trump net worth vs Donald Trump net worth68 times smaller
Eric Trump net worth vs Donald Trump Jr. net worthHalf as big
Eric Trump net worth vs Ivanka Trump net worthHalf as big
Eric Trump net worth vs Jared Kushner net worth3 times smaller
Eric Trump net worth vs Kim Kardashian net worthHalf as big
Eric Trump net worth vs Kanye West net worth18% bigger
Eric Trump net worth vs Bill Gates net worth1036 times smaller
Eric Trump net worth vs Justin Bieber net worth4 times smaller
Eric Trump net worth vs typical American family net worth1137 times bigger

The Eric Trump net worth sum of $77 million is somewhat smaller than both brother Donald Trump Jr.’s net worth of $123 million and sister Ivanka Trump’s net worth of $121 million. This deficit arises from two factors: his relatively shorter career and his lack of successful outside businesses. Beginning in 1997, Ivanka Trump worked as a high fashion model. She also runs a worldwide luxury jewelry business and has worked for the Trump Organization since 2005. Donald Trump Jr. began working at the family firm back in 2000.

Trump vs Trump

Compared to his billionaire father, Eric Trump is considerably poorer. Donald Trump Sr.’s net worth of $5.18 billion is 68 times bigger than his son Eric’s. That said, as one of five heirs to his father’s fortune, Eric is very likely to be a billionaire himself sometime in the next 30 years. Outside the Trump family there are certainly celebrities wealthier than Eric Trump. Socialite and businesswoman Kim Kardashian has about twice as much money as Eric Trump with $150 million, though her husband Kanye West has 18% less with $68 million. Billionaire Bill Gates is the world’s richest person and has 1,036 times more money than Eric Trump. Musician Justin Bieber has a net worth of $241 million, which makes him four times richer than Trump.


Eric Trump Net Worth Timeline

Eric Trump Net Worth by Year
Eric Trump net worth 2006$5,289,327
Eric Trump net worth 2007$10,851,478
Eric Trump net worth 2008$16,700,525
Eric Trump net worth 2009$22,851,265
Eric Trump net worth 2010$29,364,777
Eric Trump net worth 2011$36,214,257
Eric Trump net worth 2012$43,614,933
Eric Trump net worth 2014$59,581,154
Eric Trump net worth 2015$68,214,800
Eric Trump net worth 2016$77,248,253

eric-trump-net-worthThe Eric Trump net worth timeline above doesn’t hide any surprises. Instead, the chart and table show a smooth, straight progression of a single salary from one job since graduating college. It’s true that the one job is one with an incredibly high salary, but its high rate of pay doesn’t make its progress any less predictable. Eric Trump’s earnings from his winery are estimated at about $500,000 per year and don’t move the needle on his net worth as compared to his executive VP salary. Likewise, while his pay for appearances on The Apprentice would be a fortune to most, they aren’t noticeable in the chart above because of his high Trump Organization pay.

Some Eric Trump Net Worth Data

The table below shows the top line Eric Trump net worth Data. Trump has earned an estimated $150 million total so far in his career. That gives him an average salary of about $13 million. Taxes slice out nearly $73 million while expenses take another $14 million. Investments add back $17.7 million.

Eric Trump pays the highest U.S. income tax rate of 39.6% plus New York State’s top rate of 8.82%. Expenses for the businessman are figured at 12% of all income per year, with investments calculated at a high 10% of net worth annually thanks to his elevated connections and opportunities.

Eric Trump Net Worth Sources
Total Eric Trump Earnings$150,330,000
Eric Trump Salary (average)$12,527,500
Eric Trump Salary 2016$13,933,636
Eric Trump Net Worth$77,248,253

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Eric Trump Net Worth from the Trump Organization

Salary as an executive VP at the Trump Organization has added about $147 million to the Eric Trump net worth figure since 2006. Eric Trump makes an estimated $13 million a year at the family business. Trump has earned another $3 to $4 million total from TV appearances and from his Trump Winery.

Eric Trump shares the title of Executive Vice President in Charge of Development and Acquisitions with his two siblings, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Junior. Trump’s specific areas of focus at the business are golf and real estate. Eric Trump has grown the Trump Golf Collection from three properties to over 17 in about ten years. Eric also helped to create the Trump Hotel Collection. He has also expanded Trump International Realty globally.

How Accurate Are Our Eric Trump Net Worth Figures?

It’s fairly difficult to get an accurate read on the exact Eric Trump net worth figure because his exact salary isn’t known. Eric Trump’s chief source of income is his annual pay from the Trump Organization. Since he’s a public figure, he doesn’t have to share exact salary amounts with the general public. While we can estimate his taxes, expenses and investment income with a fair degree of accuracy, his salary could be as low as $2 million a year or as high as $15 million. That means Eric Trump’s true net worth could be as low as $15 million or as high as $100 million.

The bottom line however is that figuring the dollars and cents details of Eric Trump’s net worth is somewhat academic. As an heir to his father’s fortune, Eric Trump’s real net worth will never be very far less than $1 billion.

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