Hope Solo Net Worth: Domestic Abuse Charges Hurt Net Worth

The Hope Solo net worth of $3.3 million would almost certainly be at least three times bigger if not for her history of domestic violence charges. Solo has earned an impressive $5.1 million in her 14 year career, cut down by $2.2 million in taxes and expenses. Her earnings come mostly from meagre endorsement deals. Smaller income sources include a pedestrian-level soccer salary, income from her memoir and nearly $200,000 for appearances on talk shows and other TV shows.

Hope Solo Net Worth Facts

Hope Solo Net Worth Facts
Hope Solo net worth$3,287,991#REF!#REF!#REF!#REF!#REF!
Hope Solo net worth vs Simone Biles net worth64% bigger#REF!#REF!#REF!#REF!#REF!
Hope Solo net worth vs Michael Phelps net worth14 times smaller#REF!#REF!#REF!#REF!#REF!
Hope Solo net worth vs Ryan Lochte net worthHalf as big#REF!#REF!#REF!#REF!#REF!
Hope Solo net worth vs Neymar net worth37 times smaller#REF!#REF!#REF!#REF!#REF!
Hope Solo net worth vs Usain Bolt net worth23 times smaller#REF!#REF!#REF!#REF!#REF!
Hope Solo net worth vs Donald Trump net worth1576 times smaller#REF!#REF!#REF!#REF!#REF!
Hope Solo net worth vs Taylor Swift net worth94 times smaller#REF!#REF!#REF!#REF!#REF!
Hope Solo net worth vs Hillary Clinton net worth10 times smaller#REF!#REF!#REF!#REF!#REF!
Hope Solo net worth vs typical American family net worth49 times bigger#REF!#REF!#REF!#REF!#REF!

Hope Solo net worthThe Hope Solo net worth figure of $3.28 million is small for an Olympian who’s had such a relatively long career. A big part of that is the gender pay gap between men’s and women’s soccer salaries, currently the focus of a wage discrimination lawsuit by the Women’s National Soccer Team. However, a big part of Solo’s comparatively low net worth is her history of domestic abuse charges. Her net worth is 64% bigger than star gymnast Simone Biles’ net worth at $2 million. While that may seem impressive, Biles’ net worth was essentially built in one year. Michael Phelps has 14 times more net worth with $44.3 million while swimmer Ryan Lochte has twice as much with $6.2 million. Brazilian Olympic soccer star Neymar has 37 times more money than Solo with $120 million, while Usain Bolt has 23 times more with $74 million. Outside the Olympic arena, presidential hopeful Donald Trump has 1,576 times more net worth with $5.18 billion while Hillary Clinton has 10 times more with $32 million.

Hope Solo Net Worth Timeline

Hope Solo Net Worth Timeline

Hope Solo Net Worth by Year
Hope Solo net worth 2003$8,500
Hope Solo net worth 2004$17,275
Hope Solo net worth 2005$26,334
Hope Solo net worth 2006$44,185
Hope Solo net worth 2007$171,014
Hope Solo net worth 2008$301,945
Hope Solo net worth 2009$442,810
Hope Solo net worth 2010$588,230
Hope Solo net worth 2011$935,003
Hope Solo net worth 2012$1,344,291
Hope Solo net worth 2013$1,758,266
Hope Solo net worth 2014$2,236,928
Hope Solo net worth 2015$2,768,120
Hope Solo net worth 2016$3,287,991

The Hope Solo net worth chart and timeline above show a steady progression up to $3.28 million. That progression would have been a lot steeper and gone a lot higher but for her domestic violence court troubles. Even so, Solo’s small soccer salary and bigger but still small endorsement payouts have buoyed up her net worth to a level unseen by people in the more mundane working world. Solo’s net worth is unlikely to see a big jump forward despite her Olympic success unless the specter of her legal troubles evaporates. If that were to happen, footwear giant Nike would likely step back in with a deal, followed by several other big name companies. Knowing this, Solo’s battles on the field of play seem somewhat unimportant compared to her battles in court.

Hope Solo Net Worth from Soccer

Soccer forms the basis for Hope Solo’s fame, and therefore it’s the foundation of her net worth. Solo’s soccer income isn’t large compared to the salaries of male soccer players. In fact, the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team has filed a wage discrimination action against U.S. Soccer. The filing claims that women’s soccer generates more revenue than men’s soccer, gets better ratings and yet gets paid far less. This certainly seems to be the case for Solo. Her soccer salary from 2003 through 2005 is estimated at just $10,000 per year. That pay has only reached $50,000 a year by 2016, adding $430,000 to the Hope Solo net worth calculations in 14 years. That’s hardly adequate compensation in a sport that generates hundreds of millions in yearly revenue.

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Hope Solo Net Worth from Endorsements

We’ve said above that domestic violence has drained the juice from the Hope Solo net worth sum. The truth is that Solo has never been convicted of domestic violence. She has one alleged incident in her past that does not seem to want to go away. Charges filed in 2014 allege that Solo assaulted her 17 year old nephew and her sister. While those charges were dismissed by the judge, they were re-filed some time later and continue to linger. Solo has still managed to earn an impressive $4.3 million in endorsement pay since 2007. That said, much of that money came in prior to the 2014 filing. Things seem to be on a freeze since then, though she maintains weak deals with Gatorade, Nike and a few other companies. Domestic abuse is quite simply a death knell for endorsement income. The deals flee when the punches fly, as evidenced in the cases of boxing great Floyd Mayweather or pop star Chris Brown. It’s true that Solo’s nephew is 6’9″ and weighs nearly 300 lbs, but domestic charges are domestic charges and advertisers want nothing to do with them. If Solo can shake the charges, she should begin to see $5 to $7 million per year in endorsement deals, though her lost income will never reappear.

Hope Solo Net Worth from Other Sources

There are at least two other contributors to the Hope Solo net worth numbers. One is appearances on talk and other TV shows. Solo has earned an estimated $190,000 from those appearances. Her biggest TV payday was her 2011 stint on Dancing with the Stars, though she has also appeared on Chelsea Lately, Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports and The Daily Show. She also published a book after the 2012 Olympics titled Solo: A Memoir of Hope. That book was a New York Times best seller and earned her an estimated total of $220,000.

Hope Solo Net Worth Calculations

All earnings from soccer salary, endorsements, appearances and other sources are rolled into column two of the Hope Solo net worth calculations table below. Taxes, expenses and investment adjustments are totaled up by year in the next column. The final column shows Solo’s annual net worth.

Hope Solo Net Worth Calculations
YearHope Solo Total EarningsAdjustments (Tax, Expense, Investment)Hope Solo Net Worth
Hope Solo Net Worth Totals$5,140,000-$1,852,009$3,287,991

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