Jimmy Garoppolo Net Worth: Off to a Great Start

The Jimmy Garoppolo net worth figure of $985,000 comes from his four year $3.48 million contract with the New England Patriots. The quarterback’s rookie year was in 2014. The second-round draft pick played in six games in 2014 and five in 2015. He completed 18 passes the first year and only one in the second. For that reason he hasn’t had time yet to rack up any endorsement deals to speak of and his merchandise sales are basically zero as of 9/12/16. That may change as he gets a chance to show what he’s made of in the first four games of the 2016 NFL regular season. Garoppolo nailed 24 of 33 passes and claimed 264 yards. If history is again repeating itself, yet another Patriots backup player could be set to be a star. That could mean a fatter contract for the QB in the future and endorsement deals adding up to millions.

Jimmy Garoppolo Net Worth Facts

Jimmy Garoppolo Net Worth Facts
Jimmy Garoppolo net worth$985,089
Jimmy Garoppolo net worth vs Tom Brady net worth175 times smaller
Jimmy Garoppolo net worth vs Peyton Manning net worth195 times smaller
Jimmy Garoppolo net worth vs Cam Newton net worth33 times smaller
Jimmy Garoppolo net worth vs Conor McGregor net worth9 times smaller
Jimmy Garoppolo net worth vs Jay Z net worth563 times smaller
Jimmy Garoppolo net worth vs Conor McGregor net worth315 times smaller
Jimmy Garoppolo net worth vs Hillary Clinton net worth33 times smaller
Jimmy Garoppolo salary vs MBA Salary8 times bigger
Jimmy Garoppolo net worth vs typical American family net worth15 times bigger

The Jimmy Garoppolo net worth total of $985 million is small compared to most NFL quarterbacks but not bad considering his very recent start. The player was only signed by the Patriots in 2014. He played in 11 games during his first two years. Tom Brady’s net worth of $172 million is 175 times bigger than Garoppolo’s. Peyton Manning’s total wealth of $192 million is 192 times bigger. Cam Newton has 33 times more money and UFC fighter Conor McGregor has nine times more. Stepping outside the sports world, businessman and rapper Jay Z has 563 times more money with $554 million and diva Taylor Swift has 315 times more with $310 million. Politicians are even outdoing Garoppolo. Hillary Clinton has a net worth of $32 million. That’s 33 times more money than Garoppolo. Compared to a typical professional the QB does quite a bit better. His average salary of $791,000 is eight times bigger than the typical MBA salary of $100,000.

Jimmy Garoppolo Net Worth Timeline

Jimmy Garoppolo Net Worth Timeline

Jimmy Garoppolo Net Worth by Year
Jimmy Garoppolo net worth 2014$255,275
Jimmy Garoppolo net worth 2015$582,838
Jimmy Garoppolo net worth 2016$985,089

The Jimmy Garoppolo net worth story is just getting started. The timeline above is very short because the player was only drafted in 2014. He was the 62nd overall NFL draft pick that year. He had a stellar first season, playing in six games and connecting with 19 of 27 passes for 182 yards. He also scored one touchdown. His second year didn’t go quite as well. In 2015 he played in five games but only completed one of four passes, advancing six yards and scoring no touchdowns. He earns below they typical salary for an NFL player at $791,000 per year. He’s had no endorsement deals and no merchandise earnings to date, putting him at a career total of $2.37 million earned so far. That could certainly change, since Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots have a habit of turning decent draft picks and backup players into shining NFL stars. In 2001, Tom Brady himself was the backup to Drew Bledsoe but distinguished himself in a 44-13 win against the Colts in his first game as starting QB. Only time will tell if Garoppolo has the makings of a Pats shining star, but as of his performance in the first game of the regular season, he certainly has a shot.

Jimmy Garoppolo Net Worth Sources: NFL Salary

Jimmy Garoppolo Net WorthA four year contract for $3.48 million makes up the entirety of the Jimmy Garoppolo net worth sum. Garoppolo will have earned $2.37 million of that money by the end of 2016, with another $1.1 million due in 2017. The table below shows the player’s salary by year, but the real story is what he will make in the future. Right now that future looks rosy with a starting win against the Arizona Cardinals on 9/11/16. The twittersphere is alive with pundits and sportscasters forecasting a big pay increase for the relative rookie, either from a new contract with the Pats or an offer from another team. Garoppolo does seem set to break out of the average NFL salary mold. If he can continue his performance for the next three games of Tom Brady’s suspension, he’ll likely see a renegotiated contract or a new deal, with a higher paycheck in 2017. How much higher? Right now he’s slated to make $1.1 million next year. Judging by contracts inked by other QBs who’ve distinguished themselves lately, that could easily jump by $5 or $10 million.

Jimmy Garoppolo Net Worth from NFL Salary
YearEstimated Earnings
Total Jimmy Garoppolo Net Worth from NFL Salary$2,375,385

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Jimmy Garoppolo Net Worth from Endorsements: $0 So Far

So far the Jimmy Garoppolo net worth train is just leaving the station and it hasn’t yet picked up any endorsement deal passengers. Typically an NFL player has to distinguish himself in some way before the big deals start rolling in. Garoppolo has done that in a big way so far, though his success is still tentative. As long as it stays that way, the big companies will probably hold back in signing him for big deals, though it wouldn’t be a shocker to seem some small sub-million level contracts pop up. Some stars like Tom Brady and LeBron James earn $10 to $20 million or even $30 million a year from endorsement deals. The best of the best like Tiger Woods can earn up to $50 million a year. If Garoppolo were to become the Pats #1 he could double his earnings from salary through endorsements. That’s a big if, since it would mean a Tom Brady retirement, but the Patriots’ go-to is 39. While that’s not exactly geriatric, it does make him one of the league’s oldest active players, with 43 being the current top end of the range.

Jimmy Garoppolo Net Worth Calculations

The table below shows how the Jimmy Garoppolo net worth calculations break down. So far they’re very simple, with just salary, taxes, expenses for cost of living and agent fees and so on, and investments. The taxes are easy, since Garoppolo pays the highest U.S. national income tax rate of 39.6% and the Massachusetts flat rate of 5.1%. Expenses are a little trickier but are figured at 15%. Investments so far are low at 6% of net worth per year.

Jimmy Garoppolo Net Worth Calculations
YearJimmy Garoppolo Total EarningsAdjustments (Tax, Expense, Investment)Jimmy Garoppolo Net Worth
Jimmy Garoppolo Net Worth Totals$2,375,385-$1,390,296$985,089

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