Justin Gatlin Net Worth: How Doping Sunk It

The Justin Gatlin net worth total of $6.3 million would have been a much higher $32 million if not for his six years of doping bans and endorsement losses. Gatlin has won four Olympic medals and numerous World Championship medals. He’s earned $245,000 from competitions and $10 million from endorsement deals. Doping bans in 2001, 2002 and 2006 through 2011 have hobbled his net worth, mostly because of lucrative sponsor dollars that dried up and blew away. The 2016 Olympics gives Gatlin a shot at redemption and possible future earnings growth.

Justin Gatlin Net Worth Facts

Justin Gatlin Net Worth Facts
Justin Gatlin net worth$6,319,233
Justin Gatlin net worth vs Usain Bolt net worth13 times smaller
Justin Gatlin net worth vs Michael Phelps net worth8 times smaller
Justin Gatlin net worth vs Ryan Lochte net worthAbout the same
Justin Gatlin net worth vs Katie Ledecky net worth93 times bigger
Justin Gatlin net worth vs Neymar net worth19 times smaller
Justin Gatlin net worth vs Donald Trump net worth820 times smaller
Justin Gatlin net worth vs Taylor Swift net worth49 times smaller
Justin Gatlin net worth vs Floyd Mayweather net worth64 times smaller
Justin Gatlin net worth vs typical American family net worth93 times bigger

Justin Gatlin Net WorthThe Justin Gatlin net worth number of $6.3 million would satisfy almost anyone, but it could easily be five times higher if not for his years of doping bans. Gatlin’s net worth lags behind most other Olympians. World’s fastest human Usain Bolt has 13 times more money than Gatlin with $77.4 million. Most decorated Olympian ever Michael Phelps has eight times more with $44.3 million. Swimmer Ryan Lochte has about the same net worth with $6.2 million. Gatlin’s net worth probably wouldn’t be as big as Bolt’s no matter what, and Phelps is a lot more attractive to big companies as a potential endorser. But with another six years of running income and vastly bigger endorsement deals he should be blowing Ryan Lochte out of the water. That’s because runners tend to rake in more money than swimmers for one simple reason: everybody needs shoes and runners can endorse them. Of course Gatlin’s net worth smokes swimmer Katie Ledecky’s because she hasn’t turned pro yet, but Brazilian footballer Neymar absolutely destroys Gatlin with a net worth of $120 million. Presidential hopeful Donald Trump outclasses them all with a net worth of $5.18 billion.

Justin Gatlin Net Worth Timeline

Justin Gatlin Net Worth Timeline

Justin Gatlin Net Worth by Year
Justin Gatlin net worth 2003$465,350
Justin Gatlin net worth 2004$1,415,184
Justin Gatlin net worth 2005$2,399,441
Justin Gatlin net worth 2006$3,408,016
Justin Gatlin net worth 2007$3,531,523
Justin Gatlin net worth 2008$3,659,505
Justin Gatlin net worth 2009$3,792,126
Justin Gatlin net worth 2010$3,929,552
Justin Gatlin net worth 2011$4,083,309
Justin Gatlin net worth 2012$4,249,448
Justin Gatlin net worth 2013$4,417,068
Justin Gatlin net worth 2014$4,577,143
Justin Gatlin net worth 2015$5,221,989
Justin Gatlin net worth 2016$6,319,233

Justin Gatlin Net Worth OlympicsThe Justin Gatlin net worth story has several chapters left out of it, visible in the chart above as a relatively flat line smack in the middle of the growth curve. Any growth at all during that period comes largely from estimated investment earnings. The reason for the flat spot is doping. In 2001, Gatlin suffered a two year ban for using performance enhancing drugs. That ban was cut short when he appealed on the grounds that the drugs were amphetamines taken to combat his diagnosed ADHD. Another ban in 2006 was more serious. At that time Gatlin had just started to nail down some high dollar endorsement deals with big companies like Nike and Wheaties. When the four year ban was dropped on him, those deals got yanked out from under him like a rug. Not only was he prevented from competing but his sponsors all fled. For four years Gatlin’s income was effectively zero. After ten years in an endorsement-deal wasteland, Nike finally signed Gatlin again in 2015. Since then his net worth train has again started chugging along, but the hiatus was a costly one. Ten years of income for someone earning millions per year can be a fortune.

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Justin Gatlin Net Worth from Athletics and Endorsements

The table below shows the details of the Justin Gatlin net worth plane crash. The big chains of zeroes show the effect of the doping bans. The first ban in 2001 and 2002 was less serious since it was struck down in the end, but the second was devastating. That ban only spanned from 2006 through 2009 but look what it did to his earnings. It’s clear from the original endorsement deal progression that by now Gatlin could well have been pulling in $5 to $8 million per year from endorsements. Not only did that turn to zero for the four years of the ban, it also stayed at zero for a further four years. Even now Gatlin’s earnings are still reeling from the effect.

Justin Gatlin Net Worth from Track & Field Competitions
YearAthletics EarningsEndorsement Earnings
Total Justin Gatlin Net Worth from Golf Winnings$245,000$10,000,000

Justin Gatlin Net Worth Calculations

Adding to Gatlin’s doping woes is the stark reality of taxes and expenses. It’s true that Gatlin’s Florida residence spares him from paying state income tax, since Florida doesn’t have one. He doesn’t get away from the highest U.S. tax bracket of 39.6% however, nor does he escape cost of living, agent fees and other expenses. The silver lining is investments, which add back about $1.6 million over the course of Gatlin’s career. The Justin Gatlin net worth calculations below show his total earnings in column two and all adjustments in column three.

Justin Gatlin Net Worth Calculations
YearJustin Gatlin Total EarningsAdjustments (Tax, Expense, Investment)Justin Gatlin Net Worth
Justin Gatlin Net Worth Totals$10,315,000-$3,995,767$6,319,233

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