Adam Levine Net Worth

Adam Levine’s net worth is $54 million. That’s $133 million in earnings from The Voice and Maroon 5, with taxes and other expenses taking $84 million.

The tables below break down the Adam Levine net worth story by year and category. For example album sales account for only about $3.5 million of Levine’s earnings. The TV show The Voice kicks in $41 million, with endorsements making the biggest contribution of $50 million. Concerts are another big Adam Levine moneymaker. Since 2007, Levine has pulled in almost $26 million for his share of the Maroon 5 concert take alone.

Adam Levine is a 37 year old singer and frontman for the hit band Maroon 5. He is also one of the judges on the TV show The Voice. Levine has tried his skill at acting also. As of 4/14/16, he’s in the news for reportedly feuding with new Voice judge Miley Cyrus.

Adam Levine Net Worth

Adam Levine Net Worth Facts

Adam Levine Net Worth Facts
Adam Levine net worth$54,630,469
Adam Levine net worth vs Blake Shelton net worth27% smaller
Adam Levine net worth vs Gwen Stefani net worth45% smaller
Adam Levine net worth vs Christina Aguilera net worthHalf as big
Adam Levine net worth vs Justin Bieber net worth1/4 as big
Adam Levine net worth vs Simon Cowell net worth1/10th as big
Adam Levine net worth vs Taylor Swift net worth1/5th as big
Adam Levine net worth vs Pharrell Williams net worth32% smaller
Adam Levine net worth vs Selena Gomez net worth21% bigger
Adam Levine net worth vs typical American family net worth802 times bigger

Our Adam Levine net worth estimate is $54 million. That’s 27% smaller than the Blake Shelton net worth sum of $75 million. Adam Levine’s net worth is 45% smaller than Gwen Stefani’s net worth of $100 million. That said, Levine will probably do some catching up now that Stefani no longer has her multi-million dollar The Voice salary. Christina Aguilera has more than twice the Adam Levine net worth number with $130 million. Justin Bieber beats Levine four times over with a net worth of $209 million. Simon Cowell is worth a sky-high $550 million. That’s ten times bigger than the Adam Levine net worth figure. Finally, Levine has 802 times the net worth of the run of the mill American family’s $68,000.

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Adam Levine Net Worth Timeline

Adam Levine Net Worth Through Time

Adam Levine Net Worth Over TimeThe Adam Levine net worth journey started off back in 2002. Levine kicked off his career as a hardworking singer in that year with the hit Maroon 5 album Songs About Jane. Though the band had been active since 1994, the 2002 album was its first studio album and its first big hit. The album was a critical success as well as a financial one, selling an estimated nine million copies worldwide. At $10.99 each, that generated revenue close to $100 million. Exactly how that’s split between the band members isn’t published. However, according to industry insiders, artists generally get about 11.1% of sales dollars, if they write their own music. Levine has been quoted as saying every song is a collaboration of the members. If they split the winnings up six ways, that would give Levine 1.85% of the $98.9 million Songs About Jane earned. That adds $1.8 million to the Adam Levine net worth sum.

Sales have dwindled since that first hit album was released. That might not be so much because of waning popularity as waning interest in buying albums in general. Consumers tend to stream music these days or seek it out on YouTube.

Adam Levine Net Worth Through Time
Adam Levine net worth 2004$852,908
Adam Levine net worth 2005$970,586
Adam Levine net worth 2006$1,091,590
Adam Levine net worth 2007$3,278,445
Adam Levine net worth 2008$5,319,669
Adam Levine net worth 2009$7,660,725
Adam Levine net worth 2010$10,082,963
Adam Levine net worth 2011$14,675,865
Adam Levine net worth 2012$22,204,375
Adam Levine net worth 2013$28,252,077
Adam Levine net worth 2014$37,106,785
Adam Levine net worth 2015$46,850,446
Adam Levine net worth 2016$54,630,469

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Adam Levine Net Worth Sources: Music, TV, Endorsements

Where does Levine’s money come from? Believe it or not, the biggest slice of the Adam Levine net worth pie comes from endorsement deals. That’s according to estimates that place those deals at $5 million per year since 2007. That’s $50 million total. The Voice comes in a close second with $41 million. Then there’s concert earnings of $25 million. Smaller income sources are YouTube earnings of $5 million and album sales of $3.5 million. A combination of soundtracks, appearances, merchandise sales and singles sales chip in another $7 million total.

Adam Levine Net Worth Sources
The Voice$41,200,000
Adam Levine Concerts$25,960,417
Adam Levine Albums$3,497,018
Adam Levine Appearances$1,050,000
Adam Levine Endorsements$50,000,000
Adam Levine Merchandise$3,894,063
Total Adam Levine Earnings$133,559,629
Adam Levine Salary 2016$23,436,720
Taxes (45.1%)-$70,653,044
Expenses (10%)-$13,355,963
Investments (6%)$5,079,846
Adam Levine Net Worth$54,630,469

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How Much Money Does Adam Levine Make for The Voice?

Adam Levine Net Worth from The VoiceThe one thing Adam Levine is best known for is The Voice. The show adds $41 million to the Adam Levine net worth calculations. When Levine first joined the show as a judge in 2011, reports indicated he made a very comfortable $100,000 per episode. With 229 total episodes to his name, that would be a tidy $22 million. But the story doesn’t stop there. According to media reports from 2016, Levine’s pay jumped to an even higher $10 million to $12 million per year. Plotting a graph between his $1.2 million for twelve shows at $100,000 each in 2011 and his $12 million in 2015 and 2016 gives us our $41 million total. The table below shows Adam Levine’s The Voice earnings estimates through time.

Adam Levine Net Worth from The Voice
Adam Levine The Voice Total$41,200,000

Concerts and Adam Levine Net Worth

Adam Levine net worth from ConcertsConcerts are the second biggest contributor to Adam Levine’s net worth with $41 million. Unfortunately, solid data on Maroon 5 concert box office earnings is a bit hard to find. We built our best-guess estimate based on the available data. For instance, Pollstar doesn’t list Maroon 5 as one of the top 50 concert tours of 2011. That may be a statistical glitch, since the band’s Hands All Over tour started in that year but finished up in 2012. Their Overexposed tour starting in 2012 averaged $1.25 million in box office money per show for 15 shows. With 68 shows total, that would give the tour revenue of $85 million total. Downgrading that a bit to bring it into line with existing estimates gives us our figure for the tour of $65 million. Bands keep a reported 85% of concert revenue. As 1/6th of Maroon 5, 14% of the total would wind up in the Adam Levine net worth column.

There’s also no clear estimate for how much money the 12th Annual Honda Civic Tour adds to Adam Levine’s net worth. However, with 34 shows at a probable $500,000 each, the tour likely took in $17 million. Levine most probably kept 10% of that or $1.7 million.

Concert Tours and Adam Levine Net Worth
Concert Tour NameBox OfficeAdam Levine %Adam Levine Pay
Hands All Over Tour$23,000,00014%$3,258,333
Overexposed Tour$65,000,00014%$9,208,333
12th Annual Honda Civic Tour$17,000,00010%$1,700,000
Maroon V Tour$83,250,00014%$11,793,750
Total Adam Levine Net Worth from Concert Tours$25,960,417

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Albums and Adam Levine Net Worth

Adam Levine Net Worth from AlbumsMaroon 5 has five studio albums and several EPs, compilations and live albums. Their live albums are Songs About Jane, It Won’t Be Soon Before Long, Hands All Over, Overexposed and V. Their biggest by far was 2002’s Songs About Jane with nine million in sales. At $10.99 per album, that figures out to $98.9 million. The band most likely split around 11.1% of that six ways. That would give Levine 1.85% or $1.8 million.

Levine’s 2002 album success started a long time earlier. Way back in 1997, Levine’s band was called Kara’s Flowers. At the time, the bandmates were all in high school and shared a crush on a girl of that name. Though young, the bandmembers actually landed a record deal with a major music producer. However, the record was a flop. Levine and his friends were failures at just 18 years old.

Album Sales and Adam Levine Net Worth
Adam Levine (Maroon 5) Album TitleAlbum SalesTotal Revenue at $10.99 EachAdam Levine Pay at 1.85%
Songs About Jane (2002)9,000,000$98,910,000$1,829,835
It Won't Be Soon Before Long (2007)2,750,000$30,222,500$559,116
Hands All Over (2011)1,500,000$16,485,000$304,973
Overexposed (2013)1,750,000$19,232,500$355,801
V (2014)1,300,000$14,287,000$264,310
Other Adam Levine Albums (Live, EP, etc. 2002-2014)900,000$9,891,000$182,984
Total Adam Levine Net Worth from Album Sales$3,497,018

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Singles and Adam Levine Net Worth

Adam Levine Net Worth from SinglesSales of singles never add much to any major artist’s wealth. The Adam Levine net worth situation isn’t an exception to that rule. It’s true that Levine’s band Maroon 5 has released 19 singles and that six of those went platinum. The platinum hits are listed in the table below. The biggest hit among them all is 2011’s Moves Like Jagger. The single featured Christina Aguilera and hit the #1 spot in the Billboard Hot 100 list. That song went 6x platinum and sold an estimated 8 million copies around the world. Even so, Levine only kept an estimated $130,000 from those sales after taxes and expenses. That money is figured as $1.99 per single sale for 8 million sales or $15.9 million total. Maroon 5 gets 11.1% of that and Adam Levine gets 1/6th of that.

The other 13 Maroon 5 singles to date have had lackluster sales at best. Estimates place their sales at just 5 million copies for the lot.

Singles Sales and Adam Levine Net Worth
Unit Sales
Total Revenue at $1.99 Each
Adam Levine Pay at 1.85%
She Will Be Loved (2004)1,500,000$2,985,000$55,223
Misery (2010)1,100,000$2,189,000$40,497
Moves Like Jagger (2011)8,000,000$15,920,000$294,520
Payphone (2012)5,500,000$10,945,000$202,483
One More Night (2012)4,500,000$8,955,000$165,668
Daylight (2012)1,200,000$2,388,000$44,178
Other Adam Levine Singles (2002-2015)5,000,000$9,950,000$184,075
Total Adam Levine Net Worth from Singles$986,642

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YouTube and Adam Levine Net Worth

Adam Levine net worth from youtubeMaroon 5’s YouTube channel pumps $652,000 per year into the Adam Levine net worth estimate. YouTube ad revenue sits at around $7.60 for 1,000 views by some estimates. With 4.9 billion views, that’s $37 million. We estimate the band keeps 85% of Vevo earnings or $32 million. Dividing that up by the six members of the band gives Levine’s cut of $5 million.

Maroon 5’s YouTube channel doesn’t just have music on it. In 2011 Levine posted a video there supporting the It Gets Better project, which aims to give hope to gay teens. In the video, Levine talks about gay suicide and bullying. He makes the case that every teen is amazing in their own way and that it’s a tragedy to let the gullies win. The video has over 400,000 views to date. It’s not “monetized,” which means there are no ads linked to the video. In that regard, the clip ads nothing to the Adam Levine net worth total.

YouTube and Adam Levine Net Worth
ChannelViews$ Per 1,000 ViewsAdam Levine Pay at 14%
Adam Levine YouTube Channel4,907,415,185$7.60$5,221,490

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Adam Levine Endorsements and Merchandise

Endorsements Adam LevineHow much do endorsements add to the Adam Levine net worth sum? Probably more than any other income stream. Levine is no dummy when it comes to earning sponsor dollars. The star has major deals with Proactiv, KMart and Khol’s. He also has deals with Nissan and Toyota. Exact figures aren’t made public, but we did some estimating based on other stars. Top stars like Taylor Swift can pull down around $20 million a year in endorsement deal money. Smaller stars like Meek Mill can wind up with around $1 million per year. The big players in the endorsement arena are companies like Nike and Pepsi. Smaller deals can come from companies like Puma. Levine’s contracts are somewhere in between. We figure endorsement deals have put about $5 million a year into the Adam Levine net worth tank since he first got mega famous back in 2007.

Adam Levine Net Worth Data

Adam Levine net worth DataThe table below shows how taxes, expenses and investments affect the Adam Levine net worth figures. In the earnings column, we’ve added up Levine’s earnings from every major source since 2004. Levine lives in Beverly Hills. Since he makes millions every year, he’s in California’s top tax bracket of $13.3%. He also pays the highest U.S. federal rate of 39.6%. Put those together and more than half of Levine’s earnings go to Uncle Sam. We figure on another 10% for expenses like agent fees, cost of living, staff and so on. Finally, investments no doubt play a hand. We’ve added 6% per year to the Adam Levine net worth sum for probable investments.

Adam Levine Net Worth Calculations
YearTotal Adam Levine EarningsTaxes at 52.9%Expenses at 10%Investments at 6% of Net WorthAdam Levine Net Worth
Adam Levine Net Worth Totals$133,559,629$70,653,044$13,355,963$5,079,846