Lexi Thompson Net Worth

The Lexi Thompson net worth of $5.04 million comes from the 21 year-old’s golf winnings and endorsement deals with companies like Puma and EA Sports. Thompson was the youngest woman ever to qualify for the LPGA U.S. Women’s Open at age 12. She has earned $5.9 million in golf winnings since she turned pro in 2010, plus another estimated $4.3 million in endorsement income. That’s a total of $10.2 million, handicapped by $4 million in taxes and $1.5 million in expenses for agent fees and other costs. Thompson’s Florida residence gives her a boost of 5% to 13% she doesn’t have to pay in state taxes each year, a boon enjoyed by golfers from Tiger Woods to Arnold Palmer. As of 8/18/16, Thompson is tied for seventh in the 2016 Olympics.

Lexi Thompson Net Worth Facts

Lexi Thompson Net Worth Facts
Lexi Thompson net worth$5,048,575
Lexi Thompson net worth vs Lydia Ko net worth40% smaller
Lexi Thompson net worth vs Jordan Spieth net worth16 times smaller
Lexi Thompson net worth vs Rory McIlroy net worth13 times smaller
Lexi Thompson net worth vs Tiger Woods net worth164 times smaller
Lexi Thompson net worth vs Usain Bolt net worth15 times smaller
Lexi Thompson net worth vs Neymar net worth24 times smaller
Lexi Thompson net worth vs Kevin Durant net worth24 times smaller
Lexi Thompson net worth vs Trump net worth1027 times smaller
Lexi Thompson net worth vs typical American family net worth75 times smaller

Until the golf gender gap closes, Lexi Thompson will likely continue to underperform male golfers when it comes to income. Even so, Thompson lags behind some female golfers like Lydia Ko. The Lexi Thompson net worth sum of $5.04 million is 40% smaller than Ko’s $8.2 million. It’s only about 1/16th the size of Jordan Speith’s $77.4 million. Rory McIlroy has 13 times more wealth than Thompson with $63.7 million, even after a major lawsuit chipped his wealth down considerably. Links legend Tiger Woods dwarfs Lexi’s net worth by 164 times with $825 million. What about Thompson’s fellow Olympians? Fastest human ever Usain Bolt speeds past Lexi Thompson’s net worth 15 times with $71.4 million. Brazilian soccer idol Neymar has 24 times Thompson’s wealth with $120 million. That’s about the same as basketball Olympian Kevin Durant with $120.7 million. Stepping into the world of politics and mega business, U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump has 1,027 times Lexi’s net worth with $5.18 billion.

Lexi Thompson Net Worth Timeline

Lexi Thompson Net Worth Timeline

Lexi Thompson Net Worth by Year
Lexi Thompson net worth 2010$281,403
Lexi Thompson net worth 2011$516,013
Lexi Thompson net worth 2012$1,004,207
Lexi Thompson net worth 2013$1,951,373
Lexi Thompson net worth 2014$2,815,122
Lexi Thompson net worth 2015$4,171,954
Lexi Thompson net worth 2016$5,048,575

Lexi Thompson Net WorthThe Lexi Thompson net worth story starts when she turned pro in 2010. She didn’t make it into the LPGA until two years later, but she managed to carve a niche professionally anyway with sponsor exemptions. Those exemptions allowed her to play unofficially in LPGA events like the U.S. Women’s Open and the Evian Masters. Unofficial earnings from those tournaments plus endorsement deals kicked off her career very early in life. At just 15 years old Thompson signed deals with Cobra-PUMA Golf and Red Bull. All those income sources ensured a net worth of $280,000 by the end of 2010 and over half a million by 2011. That gave Thompson seven times more personal wealth than most American families at the age of 17.

In 2012 Thompson was finally granted entry into the LPGA. In the years from 2012 through 2016 she has played in the Ladies European Tour, the LPGA of Japan Tour and the LPGA Tour. She won the LPGA ANA Inspiration tournament in 2014. Throughout this time, golf winnings added between $1 and $2 million a year to the Lexi Thompson net worth figures. The golfer also began to rack up other endorsement deals with companies like Rolex, Zurich Insurance, EA Sports and GolfPunk Magazine. While none of these were gigantic Tiger Woods sized deals, they still add up to an impressive career total of $4.3 million.

Lexi Thompson Net Worth from Golf, Endorsements
YearGolf EarningsEndorsement Income
Total Lexi Thompson Net Worth from Golf Winnings$5,912,897$4,350,000

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Thompson likely won’t earn anything for her stint in the 2016 Olympics unless she manages to swing first, second or third place. The U.S. pays athletes $25,000 for a gold medal, $15,000 for silver and $10,000 for a bronze. Anyone feeling sorry for Thompson about the low Olympics pay should take heart that any and all exposure and solid performance ratchets up a player’s endorsement cred. The more she plays and plays well, the more companies will take note and consider her as a potential spokesperson. The more that happens, the higher the Lexi Thompson net worth sum will climb. The Olympics, in short, is great advertising for Thompson’s brand.

Lexi Thompson Net Worth Calculations

Lexi Thompson net worth calculationsIf not for taxes and expenses the Lexi Thompson net worth calculations would stop at $10.2 million. Alas taxes and expenses don’t spare anyone. Thompson lives in Florida, which at least gives her a 0% state income tax rate. That’s not a bad break considering that Californians who earn as much as Thompson does pay 13.3% in state income taxes. The player doesn’t escape the top U.S. federal income tax rate of 39.6% though. That gives her a career tax bill of $4.06 million. Talent agent fees, training fees, cost of living and other expenses chop out another $1.5 million. Investments add back an estimated 6% per year for $389,000. All earnings are shown in column two below, with adjustments folded into column three. Net worth is shown by year in column four.

Lexi Thompson Net Worth Calculations
YearLexi Thompson Total EarningsAdjustments (Tax, Expense, Investment)Lexi Thompson Net Worth
Lexi Thompson Net Worth Totals$9,148,768-$4,616,205$5,048,575

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