Russell Westbrook Net Worth: All Star Millions

The Russell Westbrook net worth sum of $58.8 million comes from $133 million in pre-tax earnings. Most of that or $103.7 million is from NBA contracts since 2008. An estimated $19.5 million comes from endorsement deals with companies like Nike, Subway and Pepsi. He’s made another $10.1 million from sales of merchandise and business ventures, like a car dealership and a line of high end clothing for Barneys New York. Westbrook earned more than $26.5 million from his NBA salary alone in 2016.

Russell Westbrook was born in Long Beach, California and excelled at basketball in high school. He attended UCLA on a full basketball scholarship and was the 2008 fourth overall draft pick for the then Seattle SuperSonics (now the Oklahoma City Thunder). The point guard is a five-time NBA All-Star and the 2015 NBA scoring champ.

Russell Westbrook Net Worth Facts

Russell Westbrook net worth $58,825,389
Russell Westbrook net worth vs Tom Brady net worth 4 times smaller
Russell Westbrook net worth vs Dak Prescott net worth 187 times bigger
Russell Westbrook net worth vs Jay Z net worth 10 times smaller
Russell Westbrook net worth vs Beyonce net worth 7 times smaller
Russell Westbrook net worth vs Dr. Dre net worth 13 times smaller
Russell Westbrook net worth vs Drake net worth 2 times smaller
Russell Westbrook net worth vs Kanye West net worth 23% smaller
Russell Westbrook net worth vs Donald Trump net worth 89 times smaller
Russell Westbrook net worth vs typical American family net worth 866 times bigger

The Russell Westbrook net worth total of $58.8 million is pretty high even for a major league sports star. Tom Brady’s net worth of $209 million is four times bigger, while NFL rookie Dak Prescott’s net worth of $315,915 is 166 times smaller. Rapper and businessman Jay Z has 11 times more money with $558 million. Jay Z’s wife Beyonce has 8 times more with $409 million and Dr. Dre has 15 times more with $758 million.

Hit musician Drake’s net worth of $101 million is twice as big as Westbrook’s, while Kanye West has 23% more money at $68 million. Finally, Donald Trump has 100 times more money at $5.4 billion.


Russell Westbrook Net Worth Timeline

Russell Westbrook Net Worth by Year

Russell Westbrook net worth 2008 $1,428,915
Russell Westbrook net worth 2009 $3,014,943
Russell Westbrook net worth 2010 $4,882,011
Russell Westbrook net worth 2011 $7,249,207
Russell Westbrook net worth 2012 $14,230,109
Russell Westbrook net worth 2013 $22,275,484
Russell Westbrook net worth 2014 $31,418,990
Russell Westbrook net worth 2015 $42,527,728
Russell Westbrook net worth 2016 $58,825,389

The Russell Westbrook net worth figure has grown exponentially since 2008. In that year the NBA star was signed to the Seattle SuperSonics at nearly $3.5 million per year. His salary for that team, now the Oklahoma City Thunder, rose gradually until 2012, when it more than doubled. That big salary spike came as a result of his first year as an NBA All-Star in 2011. Westbrook’s salary climbed gradually from then through 2015. In 2016 it nearly doubled again thanks to his status as NBA scoring champ the year before.

Salary is only part of the story though, since Westbrook began to sign lucrative endorsement deals as early as 2012. He also entered into a handful of profitable business ventures in that year, boosting his net worth still further.

Russell Westbrook Net Worth Sources: NBA Salary, Endorsements, Merchandise

Russell Westbrook net worth sourcesWhere does Russell Westbrook’s net worth come from? Mostly his NBA salary, which accounts for about 78% of his total earnings. Endorsements chip in another 15% while business ventures and sales of merchandise kick in another 8%. Finally, appearances on talk and other TV shows add less than one percent.

Westbrook has earned total NBA salary money of $103.7 million, endorsement income of $19.5 million and business income of $10.1 million. That gives him a lifetime earnings tally of $133.4 million, though taxes and expenses cut out over $84 million of that. Investments add back an estimated $3.5 million. Wilson’s NBA salary topped $26 million in 2016, though with all other income sources added in his earnings reached $36.3 million for that year. His average salary since 2008 from all sources is $14.8 million.

Russell Westbrook Net Worth Sources

NBA Salary $103,715,491
Endorsements $19,500,000
Merchandise and Business Ventures $10,100,000
Appearances $95,000
Total Russell Westbrook Earnings $133,410,491
Russell Westbrook Salary (average) $14,823,388
Russell Westbrook Salary 2016 $36,360,100
Taxes -$58,834,027
Expenses -$20,011,574
Investments $4,260,499
Russell Westbrook Net Worth $58,825,389

Russell Westbrook Net Worth from Salary: $103.7 Million Pre-Tax

NBA salary contributes $103.7 million pre-tax to the Russell Westbrook net worth figure. The player signed a four-year contract with the Seattle SuperSonics for $16.3 million in 2008. That gave him a starting salary of $3.4 million, rising to $5 million by 2011. In 2012 he renegotiated, signing a five-year deal for $78.5 million with the relocated and renamed Oklahoma City Thunder. That agreement saw Wilson starting at $13.6 million in 2012, with his salary reaching $16.7 million by 2015. A new contract in 2016 has the player making a much higher $85.5 million in three years. That deal gives Westbrook $26.5 million in 2016, growing to $30.5 million by 2018. Westbrook will be an unsigned free agent again in 2019.

Russell Westbrook Net Worth from NBA Salary

Year NBA Salary (pre-tax)
2008 $3,493,680
2009 $3,755,640
2010 $4,017,720
2011 $5,082,415
2012 $13,668,750
2013 $14,693,906
2014 $15,719,062
2015 $16,744,218
2016 $26,540,100
Total Russell Westbrook Net Worth from NBA Salary (pre-tax) $103,715,491

Russell Westbrook Net Worth from Endorsements: $19.5 Million Pre-Tax

Endorsements make up a relatively small but still significant portion of the Russell Wilson net worth total.Westbrook has signed deals with Nike, Pepsi, Subway and several other big brands and companies. The list below shows Westbrook’s known endorsement deals, plus earnings estimates for each.

The video below the list shows a compilation of Westbrook’s best moments from various commercials. The video was posted by the Cleveland Cavaliers, fueling rumors that the team is courting Westbrook in a possible upcoming trade.

  1. 2012 – Nike/Jordan: $1.5 million
  2. 2013 – Kings and Jaxs Boxer Briefs: $1 million
  3. 2014 – Zenith Watches: $500,000
  4. 2014 – Subway: $500,000
  5. 2015 – True Religion: $1 million
  6. 2015 – Pepsi: $1.5 million

Russell Westbrook Net Worth from Merchandise and Business: $10.1 Million Pre-Tax

Merchandise and business ventures add $10.1 million to the Russell Westbrook net worth sum. Westbrook gets a cut of every one of his NBA jerseys bought by a fan. He has also launched three known business ventures to date. The first was Westbrook Frames, a sunglasses and prescription frames business opened in 2012. The company sells an extensive line of designer eyewear, proclaiming on its website that its founder is an NBA champion and “frame fanatic.”

Westbrook also has a deal with high-end clothing retailer Barneys New York that put the point guard in the seat of “guest fashion designer.” Westbrook’s product line for the store included a cologne, a sweatshirt and a $659 leather bomber jacket made to look like a high school sports jacket.

Finally, Westbrook owns Russell Westbrook Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Van Nuys CA. From all sources the point guard has earned an average of $1.9 million a year since 2012.

Russell Westbrook Net Worth Calculations

Anyone who really wants to dig into the Russell Westbrook net worth data can click on the table below. The table shows all info on the star’s finances since 2008. The numbers in the table are exact where possible (as in the NBA salary column) and estimates where not. The player’s total earnings are adjusted by tax, expense and investment income calculations.

As a resident and “employee” in Oklahoma, Wilson pays a 4.5% state income tax rate on all money earned there. He also pays the nation’s top federal tax rate of 39.6%. Expenses for agent fees and other payouts are figured at 15% of all earnings per year. Investments add 6% per year back into the star’s net worth.

Russell Westbrook Net Worth Calculations

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