Eli Manning Net Worth: In the Shadow of his Brother

The Eli Manning net worth of $102.4 million comes almost entirely from salary and endorsements and is about half of big brother Peyton’s total wealth. Manning has earned total NFL salary of $174 million from three different contracts with the New York Giants since his rookie year in 2004. He has also connected with an estimated $69 million in endorsement pay for a total of $243 million. That’s a lot of financial yardage but taxes and expenses drop a red flag on $154 million of it, while investments add back a fat $14 million.

Eli Manning Net Worth Facts

Eli Manning Net Worth Facts
Eli Manning net worth$102,396,415
Eli Manning net worth vs Tom Brady net worthHalf as big
Eli Manning net worth vs Peyton Manning net worthHalf as big
Eli Manning net worth vs Cam Newton net worth4 times bigger
Eli Manning net worth vs LeBron James net worthHalf as big
Eli Manning net worth vs Beyonce net worth4 times smaller
Eli Manning net worth vs John Cena net worth5 times bigger
Eli Manning net worth vs Trump net worth51 times smaller
Eli Manning net worth vs Bill Gates net worth782 times smaller
Eli Manning net worth vs typical American family net worth1506 times smaller

Eli Manning Net WorthWhen it comes to money, Eli Manning doesn’t quite measure up to big bro Peyton yet. Eli is 35, which gives him another five years to catch his older sibling. That’s entirely doable, but right now the Eli Manning net worth total of $102.4 million is a little over half as big as Peyton’s $191 million. It’s also 40% smaller than rival Tom Brady’s net worth of $172 million. Compared to younger quarterbacks, the littlest Manning’s net worth soars at four times the size of Carolina Panthers star player Cam Newton with $32 million. Outside the NFL, Manning’s worth comes to less than half of LeBron James’ total wealth of $223 million. It’s also about a quarter the size of pop star Beyonce’s $336 million. Sidestepping into pro wrestling, Manning has five times more wealth than ring celeb John Cena at $24.3 million. If you think Eli is rich you’re absolutely right, but that doesn’t stop presidential hopeful and real estate king Donald Trump from having 51 times more wealth at $5.18 billion or the world’s greatest philanthropist Bill Gates from having 782 times more with just shy of $80 billion.

Eli Manning Net Worth Timeline

Eli Manning Net Worth Timeline

Eli Manning Net Worth by Year
Eli Manning net worth 2004$1,557,018
Eli Manning net worth 2005$3,293,595
Eli Manning net worth 2006$8,258,998
Eli Manning net worth 2007$14,250,365
Eli Manning net worth 2008$21,701,663
Eli Manning net worth 2009$29,437,539
Eli Manning net worth 2010$36,222,082
Eli Manning net worth 2011$45,037,482
Eli Manning net worth 2012$52,849,857
Eli Manning net worth 2013$65,001,682
Eli Manning net worth 2014$77,364,553
Eli Manning net worth 2015$87,941,332
Eli Manning net worth 2016$102,396,415

The Eli Manning net worth story starts in 2004 with his rookie year for the New York Giants. Back then Manning signed on with a base salary of $1.7 million and a signing bonus of $500,000 for total NFL money of $2.2 million. That’s high for a rookie player and it shows that Manning was either spotted as raw talent from his NCAA success or banked on the success of his older brother, or maybe both. From there his salary doubled every few years until it hit its present level of $24.2 million. Luckily for everyone who’s famous, the money doesn’t stop with salary but gets a big endorsement deal multiplier too. Manning’s endorsement contracts have given him a push, ensuring the nice steep slope in the net worth timeline above. See below for details on Manning’s endorsement deal income.

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Eli Manning Net Worth Sources: Salary, Endorsements

Where does the Eli Manning net worth total come from? Mostly salary, with a significant endorsement portion. The table below shows $174 million from salary and $69 million from endorsements. The star QB has also earned about $300,000 for showing up on TV shows, news shows, talk shows and hosting Saturday Night Live. His  average salary over the past decade is $18.7 from all earnings sources and his total earnings in 2016 come to $32.2 million. Manning is a two time Super Bowl champion who led his team to victory in the 2007 and 2011 seasons. He has played in four Pro Bowls and was named Super Bowl MVP twice. He also won the Maxwell Award in 2003 and the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award that same year.

Eli Manning Net Worth Sources
Total Eli Manning Earnings$243,560,000
Eli Manning Salary (average)$18,735,385
Eli Manning Salary 2016$32,230,000
Eli Manning Net Worth$102,396,415

Eli Manning Net Worth from Salary and Endorsements

Breaking down the data above, the table below shows by-year earnings from each source in the Eli Manning net worth story. Salary figures are exact since those are published. Manning has had three contracts so far in his NFL career. The first was a seven-year contract for $54 million from 2004 through 2010. The second was for $97.5 million for six years from 2010 through 2015. His most recent is a four year deal from 2015 through 2019 for $84 million. Endorsement deals are estimated from a combination of known contracts with large companies and published figures from deals with other celebrities. To date Manning has inked deals with Reebok, DirecTV, Kraft, Samsung, Toyota and Citizen.

Eli Manning Net Worth from Salary, Endorsements, Appearances
YearNFL SalaryEndorsement DealsTV Appearances
Total Eli Manning Net Worth Earnings$243,560,000

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Eli Manning Net Worth Calculations

Many who estimate the Eli Manning net worth figure make the mistake of stopping at total earnings. That flies in the face of the solid reality of the IRS, which takes 39.6% of all income from those who earn more than about half a million a year. Manning also pays the highest New Jersey state income tax rate of 8.97%. Taken together that’s a 48.57% tax rate and it means almost half of Manning’s income goes straight to the USA’s bottom line. Manning has paid taxes of $118 million plus $36 million for agent fees, cost of living and other expenses. Investments add back a nice chunk at $13.6 million. The table below shows how that all shakes out by year.

Eli Manning Net Worth Calculations
YearEli Manning Total EarningsAdjustments (Tax, Expense, Investment)Eli Manning Net Worth
Eli Manning Net Worth Totals$129,650,000-$72,291,067$102,396,415

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